She is taken to meet the warden.

by kyletarte
Storyline super heroine crimes
Characters Wonder Woman
Category Bimboization Bondage Body Modification Humiliation drug
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4 guards led her down the hall and into the awaiting elevator. Even with the restraints and the power suppression collar, the guards were taking no chances. Once the elevator reached the third floor, They led her into an office.

There, standing by a rather large oak desk, was Adam Moore, perhaps the most feared and hated prison official. he had gained a reputation as one of the most sadistic and evil wardens in the entire prison system. His methods of gaining a prisoner's compliance through torture and humiliation were legendary.
"I'd like to take this oppurtunity to welcome you to your new home, Wonder Woman." said Adam "Please, please I didn't do anything....." pleaded Wonder Woman. "Shut up! Apparently you need to learn the rules. Rule number 1 is a prisoner must never speak unless spoken to." and to emphasize his point, he slapped her hard across the face. "Rule number 2: Prisoners have no rights, they have no dignity and will do as they are told, regardless of humiliating and degrading that task may be. If you can learn your place, than perhaps you just MIGHT survive your sentence."
Wonder Woman began to sob uncontrollably as she started to realize there was no way out of this. "But Wonder Woman, I'm not a completely heartless man. I'm actually going to give you the chance to, shall we say, choose your own fate." Wonder Woman began to feel sick just thinking of what he had in store for her.
"Choice #1. You will be led to the prison court yard. Once there you will be stripped naked and then placed in a stockade. Your head and your hands will be secured to the stock while your feet will be secured no less than 5 feet apart to the ground. And you know I understand that a large percentage of our population are scumbags that you put here! Wouldn't they love to see you in that position! Needless to say you would be beaten and you can expect to have all your fucking holes filled on a daily basis. Choice #2: You will be taken to a lab and subjected to a total mental and physical transformation. Your intelligence will be significantly lowered while your libido will go through the roof! Your hips and ass will also be altered, giving you a perfect, slutty hour glass figure. You will become my obedient little cock craving slut! Choice #3 You will be trained to be a perfect, obedient little doggy slave! you will be given drugs that will alter your personality and make your mind highly susceptible to suggestion. You will be kept naked and caged in a kennel and treated like worthless dog that you are."
"I will give you a chance to consider your options, but while you thinking about it, get your fucking ass over here and suck my cock!" "NO!" cried Wonder Woman "YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME!!!' But her cries were quickly stifled as the guards dragged her and then forced to her knees and in front of Adams's waiting 10 inch cock "Suck it like the whore that you are!" Wonder Woman knew she had no choice and reluctantly opened her mouth and accepted her fate as Adam began furiously fucking her face. "That's it cunt! Swallow my dick! Gawd your mouth feels so fucking good!!" he couldn't take it any longer and soon emptied his balls down Wonder Woman's throat and forced her to swallow his seed.
Exhausted but exuberant, Adam fell back into his chair. " Well Wonder Slut, what is your choice?"

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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