Everything goes off without a hitch. Let's just jump to the lesbian orgy.

by Blue_Man
Storyline Telepath Triple Threat - Mummudrai Edition
Characters Emma Frost Psylocke Jean Gray Magik
Category Female Dom Harem Marvel
Previous Chapter They go after the teen version from the past.

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There were certain things in the Universe that spoke of a Creator. Wonders of beauty and grace so finely sculpted that could be only explained as the masterwork of an unseen, benevolent God who fine-tuned the whole of Creation to awe and delight His children.

Such as dat ass.

Encased in thigh black jeans, it wiggled hypnotically in front of her, left and right and left again, as its owner rummaged through the shelf just ahead, seemingly oblivious to the effect she was causing of her colleague.


She did it on purpose,of course. No one was that HOT and didn't know it. The bitch did it intentionally, bending over in front of her all the time, with the flimsy excuse of arranging the books or picking up the boxes, sticking that marvelous, mouth watering rump in her face. Begging for attention.


She sighed. That was unfair. Even if she was a bit flighty, sometimes, her workmate was a very sweet person at heart. She'd been very gentle when turning her down, explaining she just didn't like women (Girls, she said. She saw her as a girl) that way. And since then, had been careful to avoid feeding any hopes, halting the hugs and dirty talks she used to love altogether. In a way, she was being charitable, knowing that kind of intimacy would just remind the other of what she didn't have.

She still flaunted dat ass around, tough. Just there, dangling out of reach, begging to be spanked.


The girl bit her lip. Oh, she'd spank it alright. Throw that glamour model body over her knees and then turn dat ass a bright red. Then she'd fuck her. Hard. Make the bitch moan and scream and swear off all men forever afterwards. Stick her nail's in her skin, marking her, forever, then lick her all over, then...

Another sigh. It's no use. Before, at least she had those fantasies, but now even they became useless. She's be gone before midnight. Gone forever.



The girl started, turning around on the counted to see the worried face of her boss.

“Oh, hm, sorry Mrs. Dalley, I didn't notice...”

“Yes,yes, I noticed you didn't notice. What wrong with you dear? You've been all mopey and longing all day.” She looked across the store.“It's not that you're still heartbroken over Jane, is it? It's been so long now, child. I thought...”

“No,no, no, Mrs. Dalley, it's nothing of the sort. I swear. I'm over her,honest. It's just... Well, I've been a little depressed lately, and I... I'm sorry, I promise I'll pay attention.”

It was true. She was over Jane, mostly. It stung because of what it meant, another one of along list of rejections, and fantasizing a bit about potential partners didn't mean she was still head over heels for them (did it?). She had bigger problems, now.

The old woman clicked her tongue.

“Depressed,huh? It was that batch of occultism books I asked you to sort over last week, wasn't it? I know. Frightened the hell out of me too. Some of those things were nasty... You know what, dear? Why don't you the rest of the day off? Breath a little, have fun. Then you come back to work on Monday, all nice and refreshed, huh?”

“I...Thank you, Mrs. Dalley. I promise I will, and I'm sorry for today.”

“Oh,don't mention it, dear. You know I like you. Off you go now... And forget about those things you read, huh? I bet not even half of those are real. And anyway, we have the Avengers to take care of them for us.”

The slender girl managed a weak smile. As she took off the store, a sudden wave of emotion overpowered her, and she found herself turning back to the old lady.

“Mrs. Dalley? Um, I just wanted to say... Thank you for all you've been tome over these years. I know I wasn't always the perfect employee and everything but... I appreciate you concern, and all your advice and... Well, just... Thank you.”

Mrs. Dalley looked at her, bewildered, for a moment.

“Of course, dear. As I said, I like you. I know what's like to be young and confused. Relax.” She broke into a smile. “And stop talking as if you're going to die. It's just a case of the blues. Next week you're going to come back whole again. Then we can go out, you, me,Jane and the rest. Girls' Night Out again, huh?”

Alice smiled back. “Sure. Thank you. Bye.”

** * * * * *

Walking back towards her apartment, Alice felt the gloom worming its way back into her mind. Mrs. Dalley had tried to cheer her up, but, how can you relax when you're bound to Hell? And it wasn't like she could talk about it to anyone.

It had always been a long shot. No, who was she kidding. It had been impossible, from the beginning. All she wanted to was to have a little fun with women who looked exactly like her most cherished fantasies and that could, as a bonus, satisfy her depraved need for dominating others.She was even going to dismiss them afterwards (She thought. It would be hard after seeing those three killer bodies kneeling so readily for her). But the revelation it was all a trap dashed all her hopes.Come to think of it, it had been too easy from the very start.Obtaining the supposedly exceedingly rare ingredients, stealing the books, drawing the circles. She fooled herself, thinking it was a surge of luck, like the universe trying to compensate for what had been a relatively shitty life until then.

As if.

18 hours and 40 minutes (And 29 seconds, but who's counting?) had passed since then. In theory, she had still a good five hours to go, but it was all lost anyway. Her Mummudrai hadn't talked to her since then,and she hadn't seen or heard any news about a sudden attack on the X-Men (Because, let's get real, they'd need to fight). She was lost

It was kinda surprising how well she was taking everything, to be honest.She expected herself to down in tears and despair before 12 hours,but until then, all she felt was an acute sadness, of a life squandered. Her only consolation was that she was going to take the Mummudrai with her. No one would have to suffer. No one else, at least. She hoped Magik would be okay. She'd taken very good care of her if she had the chance. A blonde Russian pet, all for herself, now that was a dream. But that was lost, too.

Walking up the stairs, Alice briefly wondered about what would people think had happened to her. Mrs. Dalley sure would be worried, but would they ever discover... Maybe, Magik could tell them. Or they'd discover from the book. Maybe she'd become a cautionary tale, or a movie – The poor, misguided girl who went too far. A tragic tale of love spurned and hash decision.

A snort. Ha, that's right. No matter what she told herself, the newspapers would tell about what she really was – a stupid girl who had dabbled with forces beyond her control and summoned evil beings from outer dark just because she was to useless to get laid.

Dejected, she opened the door to her apartment, and was hit with a wave of psychic worship.

Three women were inside. All her furniture had been moved out of the way,making enough space so the three porn-star-like women could freely pose on her floor, lewdly displaying their bodies to whomever entered the house.

The novice sorceress felt incredulousness, relief and euphoria bubble up inside her unbound, her head going light. A wave of arousal soon followed, as the telepaths languorously changed poses, exposing their holes and curves submissively for her approval.

“Mistress.”That was Jean, uttering the word that surmised their world.

“Your plan worked to perfection.” Emma, sycophantic.

“We found ourselves. We took our bodies back.” Psylocke was curt and direct. Like a well trained, unquestioning soldier.

“We took your bodies back, Goddess.” Emma.

“Now your thralls shall crawl, and beg, and serve... Forever.” Jean was ecstasic.

“Your slave was fundamental to success. We came and took and went through Limbo, unperceived, but absolute, like your yoke upon our beings.” Betsy.

Magik. Alice had almost forgot about her, but as the Mummudrai recounted their success, the mutant crept forward from where she was hidden tohug her legs from behind, placing kisses all over her cotton covered buttocks.

“We thought to surprise you. To delight you.” Jean was now crawling forward, towards her.

“Did we please, Goddess? Does our debasement amuse you?” Emma followed close behind

“Shall we be punished for our presumption?” Psylocke was eager

That was too much. Bending down, the girl seized the Jean Grey double by the hair on the back of her neck, pulling the much taller woman's face to her own. After a brief moment's hesitation, she pressed her body against Jean's own curvy form, sticking her tongue into the willing slave's mouth as her other hand moved to grope Jean's firm round tits. The redhead just let herself be womanhandled, moaning happily and yielding to her Mistress's eager hands as they molested her whole body.

By now, Magik was practically frenching her behind, and some forgotten part of Alice's mind took notice that her clothes had vanished into thin air, the door locked behind her, and that the remaining Mummudrai were at her heels, Psylocke placing dainty kisses on her toes as Emma licked the other foot.

Drawing back from the kiss, she looked at Jean Grey, her own Jean Grey, panting, needy, her skin starting to turn red at the places where her hands had been harder. And she felt the way she did a scant few hours before. Powerful. Irresistible. In charge.

And that was good.

She felt a wicked smile coming to her face, exhilaration clouding the rest of the world from her mind.

My bitches. All mine.”

Emma took a moment from her foot worship to wag her ass. “woof, Mistress.”

** * * * * *

P.S.: So, backstory. Of sorts. An intimacy-starved lesbian sorceress wannabe finally breaks (in a sense) and, almost by accident, begins to turn the Marvel Universe into her slutty lesbian love slave harem.

Yeah, sucks, I know. But I just came up with it, so...

P.P.S.: There's something criminal in fethishizing Lesbian BDSM to this level, but I can't resist. I blame the Harley threads. And Tumblr.

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