by Danknoodle420
Storyline Master PC 2.9
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"Maybe this will do" Peter brought up a profile of Carnage, he scan the history section and something caught his eye.

Cletus was a psychotic murderer who had many attempts killing spiderman. However there had been many occasion where the Symbiote had stopped him.
Peter was curious to see what that means so he looked further into the Symbiote instead of Cletus himself. 
This Carnage Symbiote was a spawn of Venom. Some of Venom's trait had been transferred over to Carnage like:
-Shape shifting
-Blood Stream Connected to Spiderman
-Take on a host
"Wait, if Carnage is connected to me... Then he isn't evil? So it's Cletus all along. Carnage is just taking the blame for him! Damn it, only if Carnage bonded to someone else." Peter slammed his fist on his table causing it to shake. As if the PC had heard Peter, it opens up many choices of people that could be merge with the Carnage Symbiote. 
Mary Jane
Gwen Stacy 
Felicia Hardy
May Parker
April Parker
Peter Parker

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