Strange calls in the Scarlet Witch

by exidor455
Storyline Susan Storm's Secret Life
Characters Invisible Woman Dr. Strange Scarlet Witch Hellcat Human Torch
Category Corruption
Previous Chapter There's still one member of the FF for Sue to corrupt - The Thing!

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Dr Strange was meditating in his inner sanctum when Wong entered and bowed reverently. “Master, your guest has answered your summons.” He stepped aside and into the room strode the voluptuous form of the Scarlet Witch. Strange rose as she approached.

“Wanda, thank you for coming. As you know, there are dark mystic forces converging on New York.The barriers between dimensions are weakening and reality itself is in danger of collapsing, unless we can restore the balance. I know it has something to do with Susan Storm-Richards and her recent visit to Mephisto’s realm, but something mists my vision and I’ve been unable to pinpoint the exact source of all this chaos. Perhaps if we combine our forces, we can find the answer.”

She nodded. “Very well Steven. I’ll do what I can. Where do we begin?”


In his dark dimension, Mephisto slumped in his throne and clutched his throbbing head with both taloned hands. “Ach, a thousand curses on Hellstrom! What has he done to me?!!” As he struggled with the pervading goodness that was creeping into him like some spiritual virus, he didn’t notice the cracks that were beginning to form on the arcane mirror where Sue Storm’s good soul was trapped...


After her epic foursome with Ben, Alicia and Reed, Sue had returned to Fisk Towers, and went back to her new career as a porn star. To further mock and belittle her previous status as heroic icon, Fisk had decided that his new porn production company would make a series of parodies featuring some of the FF’s most iconic villains, who were only too eager to lend their “acting” talents. They would get to do all manner of depraved things to one of their greatest enemies while the world watched, and get paid for it by Fisk too!

Today, the porn company had used state of the art digital technology to recreate a facsimile of the Mole Man’s subterranean kingdom. Sue was wearing a tattered version of her classic FF uniform, and was in the midst of a group of Moloids, who were taking turns to ravage her beautiful body. In the script, the Invisible Woman had been separated from the rest of the team while exploring the Mole Man’s cavernous world, captured by a party of Moloids and fitted with a power nullifying collar.

Acting her heart out, Sue appeared to be horrified and humiliated as one of the stunted little dwarf creatures took her golden hair in two yellowish hands and rammed its hard cock deep into her mouth. Another stood behind her,pumping its cock in and out through a hole it had torn in her uniform. A group of others were gathered round, jerking their stiff cocks and running their hands over her glorious curves.

As the cameras recorded it all, Sue pretended that her body was giving in to the attentions of the creatures and she stopped acting reluctance and become an eager participant. She shook her head free from the grasp of the Moloid in front of her and he gasped as she willingly engulfed his cock, deep-throating it to the root. Then she pulled it from her mouth and looked back over her shoulder at the one behind her. She grinned wickedly at him and growled, "Alright then you ugly little bastard. If you're going to fuck me then FUCK ME!!"

After a frenzied gang bang during which she howled obscenities and urged the little humanoids to fuck her in each of her holes, she knelt in the center of a circle of them as they jerked their cocks and sprayed her with a torrent of hot spunk. Sue was laughing and smiling as she smeared the thick goo over her breasts, which were straining under the "4" logo of her skin-tight uniform.

Stepping into the scene appeared the Mole Man himself. He grinned evilly and raised a hand. “Now have her cleaned and taken to my chambers!” He was a lousy actor, but what did that matter? He was having the time of his life and couldn’t wait to have the once proud Invisible Woman on her knees before him, willingly sucking his stubby little dick while cameras filmed it all.


Back in New York, Johnny was up against the wall of the alley as Patsy Walker leaned in close, running her hands over his chest, down his abdomen and then to his crotch. “Is this what you want your sister to do, hmm? Does the thought of it excite you? I can tell that it does.” Her hand came to rest on the growing bulge in his jeans, and she rubbed it slowly as she felt his cock grow and stiffen. At that point, Lustae used her demonic magic to alter Johnny’s perceptions, Patsy shimmered and was replaced by Sue. Smiling,she slowly pulled down the zipper of his jeans and slipped her hand inside. “Let big sis see what you’ve got for her, baby brother,” she whispered in his ear, before sliding her tongue inside.

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