A Slight, but significant, change in premise...

by CJ
Storyline Susan Storm's Secret Life
Characters Invisible Woman
Category Change of clothes Marvel
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The woman who stepped out of the perception filter was very different than the one that went in.  She was a inch or two shorter and more voluptous.  Her hair was dark and her skin had a slight tan complexion.  Taken all together the woman appeared to have some latina blood.

She briskly strode over to the mirror to confirm she was once more in her birth appearance.  For while many might assume that the woman was Sue Richards in disguise, the truth was that for the past year Susan Richards had been her disguise.

Her name was Maria ******, and she had been hired as a lab assistant for Dr. Richards several years ago.  Maria had almost instantly recognized that he truly was the brilliant genius many lauded him to be.  She quickly became infatuated with Reed.

She'd tried to seduce him several times.  She was forced to back off after being caught by the privileged princess in one of her attempts.  She couldn't afford to lose her job and her access to her beloved Reed.

Then the stroke of luck landed the failed infiltration project that was a collaboration between Reed and Shield in her lap.  The project had been intended to allow Shield agents to capture a target and then using a perception filter to take the place of the target and infiltrate the enemy organization.  They'd asked Reed if he could come up with a way to allow the agent access to the mind of the target.  Reed's genius had come through for them.  He'd developed a stasis pod to keep the target in and while they were inside it their mind was scanned by a nueral probe that allowed the agent in the perception filter to access the memories.  It wasn't perfect, there was no emotional content to the memories and memories became increasingly vague the older they got.  Anything beyond a handful of years wasn't very detailed.

Shield eventually cut the project when some issues developed.  For one the new nueral probe that Reed had developed used vibranium.  Which made it hideously expensive and impractical for Shield to build more than one or two.  Then they discovered that to retain the memories the agent had to update the percetion filter disguise once a week and the agent would either have to return to base regularly or they had to take a hideously expensive system into the field and risk its potential loss.  When there were signs that the nueral probe may also cause some mental issues with long term use and then to top everything off the agent who was testing the system by infiltrating an AIM base got caught and killed and the decision was made to shelve the project.

For Maria this was a gift from Heaven, she plotted to replace the priveleged princess with this system.  It was suprisingly easy to ambush Sue and take her place.  The hard parts were subverting the building computer systems so that they would recognize her as Sue when she was using the perception filter and figuring out a way to mimic her powers.  she'd come up with a excellent work around in hooking Sue up to a shunt channeled Sue's invisibility powers to a set of bracers she could wear under the perception filter disguise.  the system allowed her to use all of Sue's powers as if they were hers.  After all that tasering Sue and dumping her in the stasis pod was childs play.

It was coming up on the one year anniversery of her replacing Sue and no one had noticed.  Well that wasn't strictly true, several people had noticed changes in Sue, they just didn't suspect it was because she wasn't Sue.  In fact as the changes were positive they were rather happy for 'Sue'. 

Over the last year she had taken the image of Susan homemaker and redefined it.  She'd started a training program and developed new uses for Sue's powers in combat.  She'd been instrumental in several engagements against villains and earned respect as a power.

She'd used the increased fitness routines and the changes they made to her 'body' to justify accepting several offers to model.  Sue recieved plenty of offers in the past but her conservative nature made her refuse.  Not so with Maria, she accepted and did a fantastic job modeling.  Over several months going from Sue's image of trophy housewife to powerhouse sex symbol.

She'd submitted several academic papers and made presentations at conferences.  Actually putting to use the academic credentials Susan Storm abandoned to be a house wife.  Sure she couldn't match up to Reed, but that was no reason to quit.  Maria had started earning praise from the biology community for her use of some of Reed's equipment to quickly analyze large volumes of samples allowing her to do studies that would usually take a team months in a week or so.

She'd also made changes to Fantastic Enterprises.  Both in the organization and diversifying them into other things than selling Reeds inventions.  The returns had been tremendous and gained accolades from many business magazines.

Sue's private life had improvements as well.  Speanding time with Ben and Jonny, whom Maria made a point of not berating all the time like Sue and even supporting some of his off the wall ideas and offering suggestions to make them work.  Actually with her help Jonny had managed to get a part in a movie and recieved some nice reviews and was considering doing some more acting.

One of the biggest changes to Sue's life and the one that really got a smile from Maria was the increases in the Richards' sex life.  Through a combination of supplements to Reeds diet and pointing out scientific studies showing the positives of a healthy sex life she'd managed to get Reed and her sex life to well above the average in both frequency and duration.

For Maria, life was perfect.  And the cherry on top was that while she was living this perfect life, the priveleged princess was in a stasis tube experiencing a virtual reality of her own programming.  By this point in the program Sue should be living far from her own ideal life.  In fact her life should be quite hellish by now.  She thought maybe in a few years if she came up with a way to have her own powers and no longer needed Sue she might release her from the virtual world after making her think she had been thrown into an alternate reality.  Let the stupid bitch see everything she used to take for granted.

Maria quickly checked her appearance in the mirror one more time.  Though she lived as Susan Richards, she still had to make occasional appearances as herself.  If for no other reason than to not be declared dead.  Her birth Id was also useful for doing things she'd rather not be seen doing as Susan.  Maria quickly walked out the secret exit about her business.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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