Sexually Promiscuous Super-Villainess (using her force fields to fake flight and super strength.)

by CJ
Storyline Susan Storm's Secret Life
Characters Invisible Woman
Category Corruption Marvel Change of clothes Transformation
Previous Chapter Susan is alone in the Baxter Building

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The woman who stepped forth was nearly the complete opposite of Susan Richards.  Dark wavy hair the color of midnight cascading down her back to a plump ass.  Dark eyes over a thin aristocratic nose and high cheekbones leading down to a pair of bee stung rose colored lips currently set in a smirk offset by clawless olive skin.  The woman wore a tight leather catsuit with a zipper in front that was unzipped all the way to her navel showing off the olive toned DD cup breasts to excellent effect.  The suit also appeared to have some form of corsetting judging by the thinness of the waist before ballooning out into wide hips atop long legs currently shod in knee high six inch stilleto heeled boots.

As Susan looked in the mirror to check her appearance for flaws she idly thought of what had lead to the creation of her new persona.  An overheard conversation between heroes at a party about the Invisible woman being the weakest of the FF4 and how the FF4 never got their hands dirty handling street level criminals.  Susan had been upset by the comments and even more so that she couldn't refute them very well.  While it wasn't true that she was the weakest member (in many ways she had the most powerful gift) she didn't really do much with it offensively, mostly letting the 'boys' handle things.  It was also true that the FF4 were usually too busy with cosmic level threats or research projects to handle street level crimes, though she knew Ben would help out if he was nearby.
Sue decided that she would show everyone that she was a true hero.  She'd gotten a lead on a street level drug dealer and gone after him.  Unfortunately things hadn't gone to plan.  When Sue arrived she'd found him standing nude over a teenage prostitute he'd apparently snuffed during sex smoking a cigarette.  The girl couldn't have been more than 15.  Sue had snapped and her invisible forcefield around his neck had snapped his neck like a twig before she knew it.  When she came to her senses she was panicking.  She'd carefully staged things to look like a robbbery, since the dealer did have quite a bit of cash lying around.  She took everything with her and left calling an anonymous tip in from several blocks away.
Once she was home and had calmed down and thought things over and seen a news report on the dead dealer and his victim she was startled to find she didn't regret what she had done.  Slowly over the next few days the idea of setting up an alternate identity as a supervillainess or anti-heroine developed.  She didn't want anyone to recognize her, she didn't think her family would understand or accept what she was doing, so she used her husbands perception filter to craft a new persona.  She intentionally made the new form as opposite her as possible.  She even began crafting new behavours for her new self.  Her new self was flirty and seductive.  She had no problem teasing men or women with her looks.  Over time that behavour had blossomed into even going so far as to seducing targets.  She still remembered the first time she gave a target a blowjob only to hit him with a taser strike at the moment of orgasm.  Probably the most intense orgasm he had ever experienced, pity that combined with the drug she had slipped in his drink earlier it lead to his heart failing.  Ah well at least he died happy.  She'd escalated from there into sometimes having full on sex with her targets, she rationalized it to her Susan side that it wasn't adultery since she killed them soon afterwards.

In order to disguise her powers Sue had dug out an old project that Reed had once worked on.  The leather like catsuit she now wore had once been an experiment in channeling her powers better.  The suit channeled her powers into a sort of invisible exo-skeleton around her.  This provided her with full time armor that made it seem she was invulnerable.  It also had the benefit of making it appear she was super strong when in reality the exo-skeleton was doing the lifting.  She'd even figured out a basic form of flight by manipulating the exo-skeleton to moving and it taking her body along for the ride.  The disadvantage and reason the project had been abandoned was that with it on she couldn't project force fields nor could she turn invisible.  At the time since she had been mostly interested in avoiding fighting and using her force fields to capture enemies and defend allies they had dropped the project and forgotten about it.  Now she could use it to disguise her powers as something they weren't, throwing off attempts to track her down.  She really thought they had ended that research too soon, she was still discovering new things about the exo-skeletons capabilities.  Such as how she used it to even walk in the heels she was wearing.  The invisible exo-skeleton reinforced the thin heel and gave her support allowing her to walk, run, or even fight in the ridiculously tall heels.  She'd also discovered purely by accident that her exo-skeleton could channel certain types of energy through it such as electricity.  She'd found this out when one thug tried to get her with a tazer and shocked himself.  She'd since outfitted her suit with a high powered tazer in the belt that she could activate and channel to any part of her body.  She'd surprised quite a few targets with tazered kicks, not to mention the ones who recieved killer blowjobs from her.

She'd even set up a civilian id for her new persona and had an apartment, job (which she conveniently traveled a lot for), and evil lair where she stored equipment she used and proceeds she stole from her targets.  Her name was Xuxa Tempest as a play on her real bith name of Susan Storm.  She hadn't yet gotten a villain monniker as she never left her targets alive and the few witnesses that had seen her were taken care of with a nifty stun gun that Tony Stark had developed and hadn't marketed because of a side effect of clearing short term memory.  eletronic traces were handled by another toy her husband developed that scrambled her image and voice slightly on recording devices.  They could tell she was female and dark haired and that was about it.
Having checked her appreance and satisfied at her usual perfection Xuxa made ready to go, she had a date with a target tonight.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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