Invisible boi

by ruleradvent
Storyline Susan Storm's Secret Life
Previous Chapter Susan is alone in the Baxter Building

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The changes were fairly simple...her hair became shorter...her features remained soft and feminine but...firmer...giving a more boyish look....her hair became darker...Susan....Su Storm the invisible Boi was here again....

It had come to her one day she had never been totally one thing...true she had had no Sapphic experiences since she left the Campus but she always....always thought back to those sweet nights...and more than once she was jealous of Johnnys conquests...That luscious Skrull woman....That stunning Crystal...She couldn't help thinking "You wold be SOOOOOOOOO much happier with me..." She had even had dreams about that staggering Thundra....Or even that Captivating Janet Van Dyne....it was no use hiding it...she was going to admit her other side...A boi seemed the perfect role...she could quickly turn femme to please a butch or turn dominant to satisfy some butch hungry Femme...

Well there was one place to go now...and one woman to see...

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