Peter and MJ stop halfway to Avengers Tower for a quickie.

by Kirayoshi
Storyline One More Way with One More Day
Characters Spider-Man Mary Jane Watson
Category Marvel
Previous Chapter "The SHRA was defeated in congress two months ago after Captain America made a speech before Congress."

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Normally Peter would swing in longer arcs and wider jumps as he bridged the distances from one point to another across the expanse of Manhattan Island.  But with MJ Watson's arms wrapped around his shoulders, he gaged his swings more cautiously.  Even with the makeshift web sling he crafted to keep MJ secure as they navigated the towers of New York, he swung and bounded more slowly than normal, making the trip to Avengers Tower take twice as long as normal.

The sensation of MJ's breasts rubbing his chest  through the sheer fabric of his uniform did not help matters, especially the rock-hard nubs of her nipples pressing against him with each upward arc they took together.  He always regarded MJ as the most attractive woman he ever knew and certainly the sexiest, but after their bodies were enhanced by Mistress Love, she became perfection in his eyes, just as he knew he had become the ideal male form in hers.  And having her embracing him as he continued to swing their way through the city was definitely having an arousing effect.

And judging from the lascivious grin on MJ's face, she knew it too.  "How soon before we get to Avengers Tower, Tiger?" she whispered in his ear.

"About ten to fifteen minutes," Peter answered.  "Why, you in a hurry?"

"You could say that," MJ purred.  "I wanna have sex with you so bad right now."

"I guess we'd better do something about that," Peter smirked beneath his mask as he steered himself and MJ toward a nearby office building.  "Here we are," he announced as he lighted gently onto the roof, "relatively free from prying eyes, and my spider-sense should warn us of any voyeurs.  Although at this point," he added as he removed his mask, "I honestly don't care who sees us.  You're not the only one who's unbearalby horny, Mrs. Parker."

"Trust me, Tiger," MJ smirked, a sultry glow reddening her cheeks, "I've got a feeling that from now on, horny's our new normal, and I for one am not going to apologize for it.  Now that I've admitted my bisexuality to myself, I plan to enjoy it to the fullest."  Wrapping her arms around Peter's waist she planted a searing kiss on Peter's lips, which only served to heighten their arousal.  "But I want you to know something.  No matter how many people we bring into our circle, no matter how many sexual partners you and I have from now on, I will always come back to you.  I love you, Peter Parker, more than anyone or anything in this world."

"I know, MJ," Peter responded, love and warmth and desire radiating in his eyes.  "And you have my word as well, no matter where our new lives take us, you are the love of my life, now and forever.  What Mistress Love showed us is that the love we have is too special to simply keep to ourselves."

"You're right," MJ answered, leaning closer into her husband's embrace.  "So we'll share our love with others together."

"And no matter how many lovers we take, our love for each other will always be as strong as ever," Peter concluded.

"I like that," MJ smiled.   They held each other for a few seconds in happy silence.

"So," MJ broke the silence.  "I'm glad we had this talk."

"Yeah, good talk."

"Now shut up and fuck me."

"Yes, ma'am!" Peter growled as he kissed her again, this time with a fervent hunger.  Quickly, MJ hooked her thumbs under Spider-Man's waistband and pulled down sharply.  "Well well well," she smiled wantonly at the sight of her husband's erection.  "Is that a radioactive spider bite, or are you just happy to see me?"

"A little of--ooh, both," Peter moaned as his wife began to kiss the tip of his erect penis.  

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