Clark convences her to talk a little befor anything happens

by Jazze
Storyline Random Romance
Characters Clark Kent Mary Jane Watson
Previous Chapter As above but Mary Jane is in a very revealing bikini. Clark is a gentleman and MJ is both insulted and pleased.

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Clark had to admit he was tempted as hell to take the sexiest woman he had ever seen to his hotel room and make her moan and scream like she had never before but he wants to know who she is.

"Who are you, miss?" Clark asks.

"Mary Jane Watson." She smiles seductively. "And you?"

"Clark Kent, so the main question is why me?"

"One, you seem to be lonely like me, two, you seem to be a good guy, three, you are attractive as hell, and four, is that I want hot sex to forget my cheating ex."

"A man cheated on you?" Clark asked with shock in his voice. Mary Jane knew that Clark found her to be very sexy and it seemed like he wanted to talk a little before nature happened to make sure he wasn't taking advantage of her.

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