Scott 0, The Blue Queens 1

by Gorel
Storyline X-Men; Blue Flu
Characters X-Men
Category Marvel Transformation M/F F/F Muscle Growth
Previous Chapter Storm and her team find the High Evolutionary.

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Walking with a sense of being tailed Cyclops made his way to the professor's office, the rest of the student body fleeing to their rooms as the large blue beast man walked by, coming up to the door he knocked and opened the door once he was told to come in.

"Good news Professor, the campus is still secure and nothing went- uh...."

He originally expected the professor in a hazmat suit sitting in a wheelchair behind a desk. Instead he was paralysed with shock staring at the blue furred gorilla creature trying to wrap a curtain around his waist. The room was in tatters, covered in claw marks and stinking of shame and cat love as the blue bald simian man looked up and smiled before the confused Scott Summers.

"Ah Cyclops that's wonderful news." Smiled the man still trying to bundle the ragged cloth around his waist.


Looking down on the ground he saw Boom Boom wrapped around Xavier's leg nuzzling his hip as the Professor finished making himself presentable. "It seems Beast forgot to vaccinate Tabitha during our little pandemic and in a bout of hormones and some... Parental issues she tried to have her way with me."


"Fortunately for me the flu has restored my legs to proper function AND given me more than viagra could ever promise after four hours of use." Looking down at the satisfied young cat woman Xavier smiled down at her. "Never try to screw a person with over 25 years worth of blue balls my dear, you should be grateful your pelvis is still intact."


"Now that I'm thinking straight again I think I shall take Miss Smith to the infirmary to get her vaccination, we don't want you spreading this little plague to anyone else now do we?" Scratching at the blue furred woman's chin as he lifted her up she gave a soft sneeze before the two exited the room. Closing the door and wincing as he brought his hands up to rub his red eyes Scott tried VERY hard to get the image of Xavier 'getting it on' out of his head before there was a knock at the door again.


Exploding through the double doors Scott barely had time to react when the White Queen and her daughters barged their way in and body tackled Cyclops to the ground. Pinned on his back looking up the X-men leader found Emma, Phoebe, Mindee and Celeste leering down at him like a prized catch as Emma's tail closed the door behind her.

"Alone at last my darling." "Can I have him first? I can't wait any longer" "Ooh dirty thoughts already and we haven't even started." "Now girls don't fight over him, he still has to survive the first round."

Looking up through the fur and cleavage of four blue amazon beast women Scott blinked before his mind fogged over with lust... And Emma's psychic influence.

Down in the hallway Charles chuckled carrying Boom Boom as he heard Scott being 'eaten' alive in his office. "Ah to be young again, well my dear Dr. McCoy and I are going to have a heated talk when he returns, one involving some long complicated words and a rolled up newspaper in my hands."



"Well there's the entrance, so how do we get in?" Asked Shadow Lioness as she and the others looked at the metal vault doors being guarded by two manimals, the team had landed a good distance away so as not to be seen and were hiding behind boxes of cargo just outside of the entrance. "We could punch our way in." Slamming his fists together Colossus got waved off by the others. "Yeah and have tweedle derp and tweedle dumbass over there pull the alarm? Let's try something else."

Thinking long and hard the X-Men were stumped for an idea until Rogue beamed a smile and got up. "Watch and learn y'all."


"So what s the plan our master has this time? First we kidnap some doper from town, then a bag of weapons grade weed to keep him toasted until the second coming, now we got Wolverine and his kid hauled up in here too, what gives?" Asked the one guard to the other, a cigarette in his mouth as he puffed out a breath of smoke.

The hyena man looked up from his game consul to answer the wolf man he worked with as a guard and wondered. "Maybe he's testing if weed can make us run away faster from Wolverine."

Scratching his chin the other thought about that before shaking his head. "Nah... 'Death by Wolverine' is motivation enough to run for your... Helloooooo look at what we've got here!"

Standing up to see what got his partner's attention the hyena man dropped his game when he spotted the statuesque blue furred skunk woman saunter up to the two guards in nothing but a string bikini, the two gawking like love struck teenagers as Rogue walked up to them. "Hi y'all, ah was just driving down the free way when my car broke down, y'all wouldn't happen to have some food and cloths would you? Ah'm getting mighty chilly out here." Wrapping her arms under her bust to seal the deal Rogue smirked as the added show made the two men turn around and talk.

"Dude there's a beast chick in a bikini up here."

"How'd she get up here? And why is she blue?"

"Who the hell cares, she's hot as hell and there's barely any tail in this place, not after the soccer match."

"HEY! That game was rigged, besides don't you think its weird she's even here?"


"... OK, good point."

Turning back around they went to approach Rogue and offer her what she wanted.

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