Beast and Hope hit it in the Black Bird's bathroom

by Gorel
Storyline X-Men; Blue Flu
Characters X-Men
Category Marvel M/F F/F Transformation
Previous Chapter Xavier snaps everyone out of their drug-induced lust.

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"And... There." Typing in the tracker for the Blackbird as it now followed the exhaust trail left behind by the helicopter that attacked the mansion, Storm leaned back in her chair looking over at the others assigned to join her. Rogue and Gambit sat at the far end of the plan, shoulder to shoulder as the southern belle made out with him, after being snapped at out their rut back at the mansion there wasn't too much that could fit them, instead they took the blinds from one of the windows and made make-shift clothing, with Remy wearing a kind of toga and Rogue with a two piece tribal bikini.

smirking at the couple Storm looked over to Kitty and Colossus, the two no different as Shadowcat nipped playfully on the blue bear's massive shoulder, their apparel was no different especially for Piotr since he was pretty much the biggest thing on the plane! A blanket was wrapped around his waist to cover up the blue log hanging between his legs. Kitty wore the same as Rogue, wrapping a pair of small sheets around her wide hips and melons to keep herself covered.

Squirming in her chair Storm bit her fanged lips as her paws kneaded her large bust, she was denied the chance to enjoy Wolverine after he escaped his room, oh sure the last dozen men she screwed while under the effects of the gas were fun, but they were just boys, not REAL men like Logan. Purring the alpha female arched her back imagining ways she could claim Logan, all the scenarios that came up were more or less a giant blue cat pouncing on a poor suspecting hamster with sideburns.

"Mmm... Death by snoo snoo."

What was that Ororoe?"

Snapping out of her day dream and pulling her claw away from her panties and tits Storm looked over to the others as they stared at her from behind her chair. "I said... What are Hank and Hope... Up to?"

Beast and Hope were in fact locked in the washroom, their cloths on the floor at their feet as Hank plowed into her from behind, pressed forward the power mimic smirked as her large breasts mashed against the mirror, grateful that the door was sound proof as the two growled and roared out in passion. "This is great! Kitty was right, I should have been enjoying this from the get go." Roaring like a tigress as the two came again, the rest of the X-men on the Black bird looked at the bathroom door hearing muffled grunts and moans.

"Huh... Maybe he ate something that didn't agree with him... Poor guy."


"Well looks like the campus is good, no one got out." Declared Scott as his team came back from expecting the school grounds, blinking as he looked at the others Cyclops smiled as there was at least one aspect of the flu that he like. After becoming a blue furred yeti man Scott and the others found that their powers had diminished somewhat, Scott was enjoying looking at his team WITHOUT his red sunglasses, his red eyes looking at Psylocke, Ice Man and Nightcrawler as they met with him in the tennis court. "No one got out Scott, we're good ya?" Asked Kurt, crouched on top of a fence post looking down at his team.

"Good thing your powers are still working eh Nightcrawler?"

Frowning and glaring at his teammates that was the final straw that broke the camel's back. "I KEEP TELLING YOU ALL, I'M NOT SICK!!! If I WERE sick I'd be sneezing mien brains out and be the size of a damn water buffalo like the rest of... of... ACHOO!"

Exploding out of his costume, Kurt fell of the fence post and landed on his back as he grew two feet taller and doubled in body weight, with gold team surrounding him as he got up rubbing his head Nightcrawler wiped his sniffling nose as he looked down at his burley arm and snot stained fur. "Oh mien Gott!" Collapsing on his back and coughing at his misfortune Psylocke looked up looking around the campus.

"Hey where's Emma?"


"GIRLS!... Mmm, cut it out!"

Pinned against a tree and her top pried off her pumpkin sized tits the White Queen found herself at the mercy of her clone daughters the Cuckoos as they tried nursing from her breasts like kittens. Fighting for space to nip at her chest the three blue haired Emma clones had taken to the Blue Flu just as bad as the other girls, now as big and curvaceous as their mother the four could have been mistaken as quadruplets. Although not a word was spoken a telepathic argument was being held by the four blue beast women.

"Mother has been lax in her duties." "Instead of maintaining order in the school she's been fornicating with Cyclops." "Indeed, with a crisis on hand she should be trying to help... And let me have a go at him." "WHAT?! Certainly not, I want to be with him." "No way sister I'm the oldest I should have first dibs." "Pff, your only 2.34 seconds older, I am the mature one." "Behaving like a harlot is not mature, he wants me, I've seen how he looks at me." "He was looking at me!" "ME!"

"Mmm, such horny kittens you are..." Husked the White Queen, hugging her daughters close. "So you want a go with my Scott hmm?" Seeing her triplets nod in her arms a smirk formed on Emma's fanged lips. "Then I have just the plan."

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