Laura wakes up with a pride surounding her bed

by Gorel
Storyline X-Men; Blue Flu
Characters X-Men
Category Marvel M/F Transformation Muscle Growth
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Laura huffed in annoyance, sitting cross-legged on her bed she was sharing space with Wolfsbane, Shadow Lioness and Hope as they kept going on and on about their new condition. X-23 had woken up early from knocking on her door and finding these three asking for a moment to chat, the whole affair annoyed her, it annoyed her that they chose HER room to have this chat, it annoyed her that they chose this early to talk, it annoyed her that they thought she cared. Mostly though she was annoyed that they took up so MUCH space she was pinned at the corner of her bed sitting on her pillow.

"This sucks! I was going to have a promising career as the school nurse, now I look like some chick in a furry costume." Pouted Hope, after she got sick and grew blue furry and... Well big she desperately tried to find something that could fit after growing 6'5 and sporting a figure that would make the She-Hulk jealous. Sitting with the others the only thing she could find to wear was a pair of sweat pants that clung to her muscular thighs and legs and a sweater that still showed some of her midriff and drew attention to the curves of her new G cup rack. Triangular ears flickered over her head, while her new tail snapped back and forth like an angry cat.

"Pff... Come ON Hope, don't tell me your not liking the new additions." Purred Kitty as she felt up her own bust, still wearing only a pair of panties and a stretched out bra Shadow Lioness was just loving her new figure and the confidence it gave her. "And don't tell me you didn't like it when Logan picked you and me up, even through the blue I could see a blush on you."

"SHUT UP!" Crossing her arms under her bust Hope looked away in embarrassment, even though a smirk showed through her frown.

"You know what really sucks? You three coming to my room to have this little group meeting." Grumbled Laura as the trio looked to her. "Seriously you take up more room than a car, and how the hell did you find THAT Wolfsbane?!" Looking to the only quite member of the 'blue brigade' on Laura's bed Wolfsbane was laying on her stomach with her feet and tail in the air, Rahne was gnawing on a cow bone like a dog given a treat with her tail wagging constantly with glee, like Kitty she too was reduced to just wearing her underwear as her new taller, stronger, curvier figure was too much for her wardrobe. Unlike the other two she looked more lupine then feline, her fur more shaggy with narrower ears and a round black nose. "Yeah where did you get that?"

"Kitchen... 'Nom nom nom'... Sniffed it out in the freezer." Daintily bringing a clawed finger to touch the thing Hope recoiled her paw when Rahne growled at her.

"THAT'S IT, GET OFF MY BED!" Demanded X-23 shoving the trio of beast girls off with a collective yelp as she forced them out of her room. "You want girl time then spend it somewhere else, I don't want shed hair and drool on my sheets ANYMORE!" The three girls were about to protest when they caught sight of Laura's adamantium claws brandished out of her knuckles.

With their ears back and tails down they ran as Laura slammed her door, kicking one of her bed posts and seeing blue hairs fall from her sheets. An eye twitch started to form as she tried reigning in on her temper. "I hope Pops is having a better time than I am."


Wolverine was having trouble trying to sleep in, he felt pinned down, heavy, like something was crushing him, he couldn't move. Slowly opening his eyes he looked around and was shocked to find he wasn't alone in bed. Rogue, Storm and Psylocke had somehow snuck in when he wasn't aware and took up space around him on his bed. Rogue held onto his right side nuzzling her head into his chest and shoulder, his arm practically disappeared in the abyss of her cleavage. Psylocke had done the same with his left, the blue furred Asian telepath nipping on his arm as she purred in her sleep. Storm was right on top of him, her fluffy tail idly waging back and forth as she nuzzled her head into his chest, the weight of her bust making it hard for the small man to breath. Even more shocking was all three of them were naked!

"Uhm... Ladies? Can I get up?" Squirming as best he could to escape his actions woke Ororoe as she eyed him with heavy eyelids. "Mmm... Nya." Grimacing as Storm's claws dug into his shoulders Logan tried to escape as Storm started licking his face with her rough tongue, the giant beast woman giggling and purring as she wasn't fully awake yet. Pretty soon Rogue and Psylocke started doing the same thing, making Wolverine yelp as three sand-paper rough tongues licked at his face and hair.



Getting out of bed and breathing more clearly from yesterday Hank McCoy sighed in relief and got dressed to check up on the school. The flu had finally left his system, which was good news because it meant that the same would be true for the others in a day or so. Stepping out in a pair of dress pants and button shirt custom made for his build he stepped out to find... Well beasts.

Even after administering the cure the entire campus had been turned into blue furry versions of themselves, some coughing and wheezing while others sat around with a pail by their feet and a mug of hot tea in their hands. Almost all of them were in their underwear or wearing the most ridiculous oversized cloths that were in their closet that would fit, he even spotted Marrow wearing a giant sweater she swore she'd never wear, today it fit her like a t-shirt.

"Ah that takes me back..."

Making his way to the kitchen to get some coffee he found Colossus on the floor (after breaking a chair) sitting at the table with a drink of his own, the giant bear man wearing a ruined pair of shorts had his attention on the stove as Emma worked away making breakfast while Scott sat and waited with an empty plate in front of him. Much to Hank's shock Emma wore next to nothing except for a cooking apron that barely contained her massive bust, her blue fur pretty much the only thing covering her up as she turned and smirked at the man at the door.

"Morning Hank, breakfast?"

"Uhm... No I'm good thank you." Caught between pouring himself a mug of coffee and staring down Emma's bust Beast had a difficult time as he sat with the two teachers. Night crawler teleported in with a puff of sulphur as he grabbed some toast and perched himself upside down from the ceiling.

"Ah Kurt, are we feeling better?"

Rolling his yellow eyes Kurt bit into his toast as the others looked on. "I was never sick, why do people keep asking me?"

"He's just curious Kurt, he cares about you." Gushed the White Queen mockingly as she filled Scott's plate with bacon and scrambled eggs. "There you go Scott, eat up, we need you to keep your energy up." Leaning in to peck him on the cheek Emma kept going and practically made out with Cyclops in front of everyone, for 5 minutes before she pulled away.

"What did you two do yesterday, you didn't show up for the vaccine until 11 at night?"

Looking to each other as Emma still had a smirk on her blackened lips Scott turned to Hank and shrugged his shoulders. "Stayed... Warm?"

Shaking his head Beast finished his coffee and left the kitchen, more than willing to flee to the lab and block out what he'd just pictured.

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