Jubilee "talks" with some fellow students

by aspiringactor
Storyline The Return of the Black Queen
Characters Jubilee
Previous Chapter The Ex-Cuckoos are in over their head

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 “She's just so....creepy, you know?”Nori Ashida, also known as Surge, said to her friends, Cessily Kincaid, known as Mercury, and Xi'an Manh, known as Karma. They where all talking about possibly the most dangerous mutant at the school,Jubilation Lee, the vampire.

“I know!” Mercury replied as they walked around the corner. “She just sulks around all day.....with those bloodshot eyes. I wish Ms Frost had just locked her up in the dungeon like she should be!”

“I think professor Logan might have vetoed her,” Karma shrugged as the three of them continued to walk down the hall. “They go back, from what I hear. Way back. But,”she sighed as the three of them entered an empty room. “There's nothing any of us can do. Just make sure she doesn't corner you on a full moon or anything.”

“That would be Werewolves,” a cold-sounding voice said as the door slammed shut from behind,locking them in. All three girls turned around and looked up in horror, as the form of the very individual they had been gossiping about glared down on them from where she was perched on one of the bookshelves. “Me? I'm dangerous twenty-four-seven. Unless you happen to have a window which some sun can shine through,” she growled as she leaped down, to the ground. “Which I notice you don't have.”

“Get back!” Surge shouted as she dropped her books and charged her fists with electrical energy, ready to defend herself if she had to. Beside her, Mercury and Karma assumed fighting positions. “I'm warning you! You can't-”

“Take you all at once?” Jubilee said with a wicked, toothed grin, which showed of her sharpened fangs perfectly. “I can, actually. Oh,”she said as her eyes glowed a dull shade of red. “Karma, don't even bother trying to get into my head. The Black Queen made sure that no one, not even herself, can get in unless I let them.”

“The black queen?” Mercury asked with contempt, “who's that?”

“Wouldn't you like to know that?” Jubilee grinned as she took a single step forward. Out of fear, the three girls stepped back. “Unfortunately,she gave me specific orders. No witnesses. Everyone must be converted, or disposed of,” she took another step forward and shed her trademark yellow coat, revealing a black leather uniform that hugged her skin perfectly. “It's to bad that you had to say some of those things this morning. I might have converted you, not killed you.”

“Kill me?” Mercury spat, “how? Ms Frost will-”

“Isn't it so fortuitous that Ms Frost is occupied with the return of two of her dead daughters?” Jubilee continued as she continued to saunter forward, and the three girls stepped back even further. “Xavier and Scott are busy out of town right now, dealing with some financial issues. And Logan's earlier rampage forced Hope, Kitty and Rachel to take him to a bar. So.....” her grin turned into a sadistic scowled as she pounced forward, and the three girls scattered. Surge and Karma rolled to the left and right, while Mercury was not so lucky,as she had been the intended target. Jubilee had her by the neck, and for some reason was unable to defend herself with her powers.

“Let me-” Mercury gurgled as Jubilee tightened her grip, using her superior strength, courtesy of her vampire powers, to snap the girl's neck.

“A shame,” Jubilee sighed as she let Mercury's body drop to the floor.“I would have loved to know what she tasted like. But,” she said as she turned around, as Karma rushed for the door. Xi'an got about halfway there before Jubilee caught her in the shoulder. Nori took the opportunity to shake off her stupor and fired off a blast of energy at the Vampire. However, she missed her first shot. And her second, as Jubilee darted out of the way in the blink of an eye. The third shot, however, caught her dead in the chest, but did nothing to phase her in the slightest.

“Back off!” Nori roared as she fired off a fifth, more powerful blast of energy, as Karma got back on her feet, and tried the door again.

“Help us!” Karma screamed. “Help us! She's going to kill us!”

“I'll hold her off!” Nori bellowed as she continued her attack. “G-”

“It won't work!” Jubilee grinned as Nori felt herself being tossed aside. “The Queen has made sure no one can hear you. Even Wolverine wouldn't be able to hear you. And Frost wouldn't be able to sense you. Not even if she used Cerebro,” she finished as she resumed herattack against Karma, by slamming her head into the door, knocking her out, leaving Nori to deal with the crazed Vampire alone.

“Please....”Nori said weakly.

“The Queen's orders,” Jubilee smiled wickedly, as her eye colour changed from red to black, and all resistance washed out of Nori's mind. All she wanted to do now, was serve her Queen, and she didn't even know who that was yet. All she knew was that pleasing her queen would bring her the ultimate pleasure. 

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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