Wolverine is captured...only to be rescued by his one true love.

by mercury01
Storyline Wedding of the century
Characters Jean Gray Moondragon Wolverine Invisible Woman
Category Marvel Body Modification Gender Switch Humiliation Masturbation
Previous Chapter Fun with the cute boys

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("Weird" is our stock in trade, Burke.)

Wolverine struggled futilely against the shackles. It was no use. Those two hulking green shemales had just laughed when he'd ambushed them. His claws were as effective as sharpened pencils against their skin, only succeeding in slicing open their purple garments. They'd clamped a collar on him that suppressed his mutant powers and shackled him in a holding cell, then lumbered off, discussing what they were going to do to "that sissy Jonni." Without his healing factor, Wolverine would probably bleed to death if he popped his claws.

He heard the door unlatch and slide open, but instead of the muscular emerald twins back for more, he saw a petite bespectacled figure timidly peeking in. At first he took it for a girl, but then he realized it was actually just a very effeminate boy wearing a pair of spectacles and a pair of too-perfect fake breasts in a crop-top. The head of a six-inch cock poked out from under the boy's skirt.

"L-logan," the boy whispered. Wolverine was shocked to realize that this was, or had been, Jean Grey! "I'm gonna get you out of here," the redhead said, approaching him.


Jean Grey glared at the two bald women. She stood frozen before them, sealed in one of Malice's forcefields with Moondragon's mental powers dampening her own. "You won't get me into your transformation device," she vowed defiantly as she watched the now-male Storm, Frost and Psy offer themselves to guests like party favours.

"Perhaps not," Malice said. "But perhaps we won't need to."

"Hello, Jean," a voice behind her greeted. It was so much like her own that she felt a chill. The owner came into view and she saw it was Madelyne Pryor, the Goblin Queen! "You took away my husband and my life, so I thought a little 'sauce for the goose' was in order."

Jean's mind was suddenly assaulted from three sides by a telepathic onslaught. It battered at her sense of self, creeping into cracks of self-doubt and prying them open.

"Everyone thought I was a fraud, a forgery of Jean Grey," Madelyne's voice echoed in her head. "But that's not right, is it Jean? YOU are the fake! Look at you. Made in MY image! Trying to be a real hero? You're not even a real woman!"

Jean gasped as the new truths took root in her mind, and reality warped around her, fueled by whatever connection to the Phoenix Force she had left. She realized she was looking up at Madelyne. Her body had shrunk, biological clock dialing back to the turmoil of pubescence. Her already unbalanced psyche became awash in the sudden rush of teenage hormones.

She whimpered as she realized Madelyne was right. She wasn't a real woman.

Real women didn't need falsies hanging in a bra. Jean felt humiliated at the sensation of the spongy fake breasts hanging on her flat chest. Oh, but she did love the feel of silky women's underwear. Fantasy-fueled memories blossomed in the teenager's mind, of sneaking older ladies' panties, stockings, and garters from the laundry, guiltily sniffing the worn treasures and... jerking off her cock in them...

Jean looked down to see the erection tenting the skirt out. She reached out and touched it, gasping at the warm, familiar sensation of a fist gripping it. She began to pump her hand up and down the shaft with practiced ease, the way she'd done a thousand times.

"There, you see, Gene? You're a boy," Madelyne pronounced. "A panty-snatching pervert. But don't worry, I'm not mad. I know boys your age have trouble controlling their urges. That's why I gave you your own lingerie, remember? So you wouldn't get spunk stains in mommy's."

Gene looked up at Madelyne, his face red. She was right. She was ALWAYS right. After all, mother knows best, wasn't that the saying? His physiology and new genetics asserted themselves, locking Gene in as the biological son of Madelyne Pryor and Scott Summers. A pair of glasses appeared on his nose, a legacy of his father. "I'm sorry I caused so much trouble, mommy. Please don't spank me," he mumbled, unable to stop fapping.

"I'd say you were doing all the spanking youself, boy," Malice laughed. Gene moaned as his cock jerked in his hand and shot a rope of cum on the floor. He fell to his knees as his dick squirted a pulsing torrent of semen on the floor before the two bald brides.

"Boys are all the same," Moondragon sighed, breathing a plume of smoke from her cigarette. "Always thinking with the brains between their legs."

"Look at this mess," Madelyne scolded, relishing her power over the teen telepath. "Do you know what your father would do if he caught you masturbating at a wedding? Go find a mop or towel right now or I'll make you LICK that up!"

Gene scrambled to his feet and rushed down the hall in a panic. He wanted to please his mommy, but sometimes he couldn't help but give in to pleasure! It wasn't his fault. He was just so horny all the time!

He halted before a door and saw Wolverine struggling behind the one-way glass. He bit his lip. He'd always loved Logan, but looking at him now, he couldn't stand the thought of that hirsute, stocky body. Gene wanted someone soft and sweet. His cock stirred back to life as he broke Wolverine free. Gene Pryor would find a way for them to be together!

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