SHIELD shows up at MJ & Felicia's hive

by lolherbert
Storyline She Venom
Characters Mary Jane Watson Black Cat Black Widow Symbiote
Category Muscle Growth Symbiosis Mind Control
Previous Chapter Psylocke prepares to release her spores upon the X-men and the public.

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Back near the symbiote hive in the subway tunnels, MJ and Felicia to spread symbiote to more uncovered areas of the tunnels.

"When will we finally unleash our powers upon this city and spread our kingdom across the rest of this planet?" asked Felicia.

"Soon, my lover. It won't be much longer. I have a plan that will make us reign as true rulers of this world, and we'll have all the power we could possibly imagine" MJ answered seductively, starting to wrap her arms around her partner once again. Their symbiotes began to retract over their faces for another kiss, when both suddenly broke off and froze.

"Someone is coming" hissed Felicia "I can sense it". She summoned her newly harvested powers as fire began to dance on her fingertips. "And it's not our new spawn."

MJ knelt down and put her hand to the symbiote covered floor. Her hand instantly dissolved in the coating of the symbiote as she threw her head up towards the ceiling, attempting to sense who the intruder could possibly be. A wicked smile began to appear on MJ's face, as a sharp, toothy grin began to take hold on her. She separated herself from the floor and stood back up.

Felicia was still panicked. "Your plan, whoever this is could completely ruin us!"

"Relax." MJ consoled Felicia. "There's a change in plans. In fact, it's going to be a change for the better." She summoned her symbiote back to cover her head. "For all of us" she deviously cooed. She grabbed Felicia and began whispering in her ear.

MEANWHILE: A group of SHIELD agents led by Black Widow began to slowly make their way through the dark tunnel system, searching with flashlights attached to their weapons.

"Man, is there really no quicker way of getting through here? My dogs are barking!" complained one of the agents.

"That's enough." spat Black Widow. "We're here to track down the Fantastic Four. They've been reported missing for a few days now and the last signal we heard from here leads to somewhere in this tunnel system. It's important that we search every square foot of this place."

"I thought SHIELD work was supposed to be exciting" sighed another agent.

"Uh, guys?" spoke one of the female agents.

Widow and the rest of the agents turn around. "Stop trailing behind!" yelled Widow "We have a lot of ground we need to cover and we can't afford to waste time!"

"Well, I would..." answered the female "but I'm kind of stuck here."

She motioned to her foot. Black Widow shined the light of her pistol on her foot. Sure enough her foot was stuck in some mysterious black goop.

"Oh come on" spoke one of the male agents. "It's probably just some subway tar or something. Just give it a good yank and you'll be fine."

The agent struggled to free herself. Reluctantly, Widow made her way over to her. "I knew I shouldn't have bothered with this field job" she scoffed.


The startled agents immediately pointed their lights and guns in the direction of the cry, on the wall nearby.

"Who is that?" Barked Black Widow. "Identify yourself or we will be forced to use further action."

Slowly the agents inched their way closer to the wall where the sound came from.

"Guys?" croaked the stuck female agent, as the other agents ignored her and continued to approach the wall. As they stepped closer they too began stepping in a black substance.

"Ugh! What is this stuff" complained a grossed out agent. "I just cleaned these boots today too!"

"I can barely move" exclaimed another female agent.

Natasha disregarded their comments as she persevered through the goop covered floor. She too, began to feel nervous about what was going on.

"I said identify yourself!" she yelled again. Suddenly she heard a whimper from a higher section of the wall. She pointed her gun to the area and immediately her jaw dropped. Attached to the wall in symbiote was a blonde female, cocooned in tendrils of black symbiote. "Please, help me" she cried. Black Widow was appalled at what she was witnessing. "Felicia...Hardy?" She asked.

"Holy shit." squeaked one of the agents.

Widow and the agents looked at him. The symbiote was slowly crawling up his leg. "I can't move man! This thing is crawling on me and I can't move!" he proclaimed as he struggled to free himself.

A wave of past memories suddenly came over Black Widow. SHIELD papers and research documented the arrival of a strange alien species that arrived from out space. She immediately realized what the black goop really was. "No..." she whispered. "We have to get out! Abort the mission now!" she screamed. In her haste to run away she discovered to her own horror that she too was now latched to the floor.

A gurgling sound came from the stuck female agent they had begun to walk away from. Natasha shined her light in her direction. Her face went pale with fear at what she saw. The symbiote has covered her entire body except her head, which was forced upward, as a tendril of symbiote extended from the ceiling and into her open mouth, pumping spores of symbiote into her stomach. The other agents around her began screaming as they were becoming consumed by the symbiote crawling on them from the floor.

"HELP ME!" shrieked one of the male agents as the symbiote began to approach his neck. The other agents were also fixed in place as the symbiote held them down.

"Use your sonic grenades!" Natasha yelled as she grabbed an emergency one which she had carried with her as part of SHIELD's protocal. As the symbiote reached her waist she extended out the grenade and grabbed the pin with her other hand. Then, out of nowhere, a strand of symbiote attached to it, and yanked it out of her hands before she could pull the pin. Surprised, Black Widow looked in the direction of the tendril, but could see nothing but darkness.

The tunnel went completely silent then. Black Widow was shaking nervously, fearing for her life.

"Private Connor? Tracy? Sanders?" she spoke out, desperately hoping one of them would answer. But the tunnels went completely silent.

And then Natasha her a growling behind her. She tried to run, but was held to the ground. She twisted her head back as much as she could to see what monstrosity was making the noise. Her own fears were realized when two white patches appeared from the darkness, and another pair, and 3 more following it, as they began to close in on her. Black Widow tried to rip off the symbiote wrapped around her legs. Suddenly, what felt like a talon grabbed onto her skull and forced her head back. Wide-eyed, she looked at the arm holding her back. It was the face of a toothy-mawed symbiote, with acid dropping from its mouth. Other symbiotes, who were once her fellow comrades, surrounded her. Three of them male figured, two of them female; one of which had symbiotic eggs embedded on her chest and on her shoulders. Natasha knew this was her end. Then a seldom chuckle came from the trapped woman she was examining just a minute ago. Natasha looked at Felicia. She was no longer held against the wall, but was gently being lifted to the ground by tendrils of symbiote extending from the tunnel walls and ceiling.

She landed on the ground in front of Black Widow and the tendrils receded. Felicia maintained her human form for the time being, nonetheless her chest and arms were significantly more toned and muscular than even the strongest woman.

"What have you done?" Snarled Natasha, shooting daggers from her eyes at Felicia.

"Nice of you to come into our home, 'Black Widow'" Felicia mocked, as she tapped the hand of the symbiote digging into Natasha's scalp. The hand let go, and Natasha begin jerking her head back and forth to try and free herself.

"Wow, you are a feisty one" exclaimed Felicia as she grabbed Natasha by the sides of her head and held them in place. Black Widow looked at Felicia and spit in her face. "You always were a petty criminal" she sneered "only someone as pathetic as you could have succumb to using the symbiote."

Felicia smiled as she opened her mouth and stuck her long, monstrous tongue out, and licked Widow's saliva off her own face. "Mmm. You do taste good. Let me let you in on a little secret." said Felicia, as she separated herself from Black Widow. She backed up a step, threw her arms out to the side and her head to the ceiling. Natasha looked on in horror as Felicia began transforming as the symbiote poured out of her skin, as her muscles in her arms and legs swelled to massive proportions while her abs began to reform, and her shoulder muscles became much more broad. She grew more than a foot in height until the symbiote covered her face, revealing her black eyes over her white eye patches and her toothy grin.

"What you see here is only the beginning" said Felicia in her monstrous double-toned voice. Soon, this whole world as he know it will be bonded to us and our other, and we will be the supreme rulers. One way or another, humanity will fall to its knees to serve us, and we will bask in the power which the symbiote has bestowed upon us.

"And you have the honor of starting our revolution" spoke another symbiotic voice from the blackness. Black Widow looked on in horror as an even larger, more muscular symbiotic woman appeared out of the darkness from behind Felicia. She paused briefly to exchange a kiss with Felicia before advancing onto Natasha, where she stood in front of her. Natasha looked on in horror as the symbiote's mask retreated on the woman, revealing the sinister grin of MJ as she gazed at Natasha.

Black Widow couldn't believe her eyes. "No.....Mary Jane what have you done?"

"Shhh" MJ answered. "This will be pleasant for both you and I" she responded. Then MJ wrapped her arms around Natasha in a bear hug. Natasha struggled to break free of her grasp. Suddenly, tendrils of symbiote began bursting from MJ's body and wrapping themselves around both her and Black Widow.

"Here, I'll make this even better for you" cooed MJ as she planted a kiss onto Black Widow and stuck her symbiotic tongue down her throat. Natasha was helpless as the symbiote began to take its held on her. She tried to resist one last moment before the pleasure overtook her and she began kissing MJ back, all while more of the symbiote began to form a cocoon around the two of them. Felicia smiled as the two caressed in a kiss, the symbiote beginning to wrap the last remaining sections of their body still pleasant. Finally, the symbiotic cocoon sealed up. For a few minutes Felicia and the other symbiotes waited eagerly for it to hatch. She began to approach it, fearing that something had gone wrong.

Then, a monstrously clawed hand burst out from it. Followed by another. Until the remnants of the cocoon where shattered and burst out by tendrils in MJs body.

Felicia stared in awe as Mary Jane had grown to spectacularly new large proportions. She was now a full 10 feet tall, 3 feet higher than Felicia, and her muscles met these new proportions. Her abs were now a full 12 pack, and seemed to begin to stretch across her whole midsection. He arms had swelled to near basketball proportions, and her biceps and triceps almost appeared as if they had muscles of they own. Veins were crafted across the muscles of her body, some of which even squirmed with the symbiote inside her. Her breasts had grown into fit but ginormous proportions, even leaking symbiote from the tits. But what was also most striking about her was the emblem on her chest. The white spider mark has now blended with strains of red and black, as borrowed from Black Widow's traits which she had absorbed, and her symbiotic skin was tainted a very dark red and black. MJs eyes remained shut as she moaned in pleasure as she felt every carved muscle on her new form.

Then, as Felicia had done earlier, she too stretched her arms out to her sides. Suddenly, she began screaming and moaning in orgasmic pleasure as her hips and her chest began to rock back and forth. Felicia looked on in amazement at her new leader as two bulges began to grow out of the sides of her chest.

Soon, hands began to appear, and they began to extend from her body, attached to arms just as muscular and veiny as her other two. At last the growth has stopped. MJ has now become the supreme Queen of her and Felicia's kingdom. Her four arms feeling every section of her body as she began to cry in delight at what she had become. She walked over to Felicia, who was still staring in amazement at MJ. "How do I look, lover?" asked MJ.

"Like you're ready to rule my Queen." answered Felicia as she jumped onto MJ and began pleasuring her, forcing her tongue into her mouth, while MJ fingered Felicia and pleasured her breasts with the newest additions to her body. "This world will be ours" MJ said between kisses and moans "and now that I have Black Widow's memories added to my own, and then some, we're ready to finally begin our takeover."

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