Dr. Animo's Win

by Fanfic Fetishist
Storyline The Superstories Adventures of Ben 10
Characters Ben "Ben 10" Tennyson
Category Gender Switch
Previous Chapter Ben 10 Begins

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    If you asked Dr. Animo, mad scientist, master geneticist, and all around unpleasant person, what were the ten things he hated most in this world, the answer he would give for all of them would be 'Ben Tennyson.'  

    The young hero, possessing an alien device called the Omnitrix on his wrist that allowed him to turn into any one of ten different alien species (although over the past few years he'd been using more than ten, having gained full access to the Omnitrix's vast database of alien races stored inside it), giving him tremendous superhuman abilities that he used to thwart him every time.  What's worse, he wasn't even amongst the top tier of Tennyson's enemies anymore.  All of these new alien threats menacing the Earth had dropped him several tiers down the villain scale.  And he had almost conquered the world several times!  If it wasn't for that blasted brat Tennyson, his hyperevolved animals and mutant monsters would rule this world by now!!

    But all that was about to change.  He just knew it!  With this new invention, Ben Tennyson would be taken out of play PERMANENTLY!  

    "Give it up, Dr. Animo!" came the familiar cry.  

    "Speak of the devil, and he shall appear," Dr. Animo said, the greenish-skinned, pale-haired scientist turning to glare at Ben Tennyson.  To his dismay, the eighteen-year-old hero's friends were there as well, his partner, the alien Rook Blonko, the thuggish Kevin Levin, and his cousin Gwen Tennyson, who was in her powerful Anodite form.  

    No matter, the plan proceeds apace.  "You won't stop me this time, Ben Tennyson!  My grand scheme will come to fruition!"  

    The brown-haired young man rolled his eyes.  Dr. Animo scowled.  "You..." he started.

    "...shall now witness the glorious power of my latest brilliant invention!" Ben finished for him.  Rook gave Ben an annoyed look, frowning, but said nothing.  

    Dr. Animo faltered.  "With this..." he started to continue.

    "...you shall finally be defeated, and the world shall know the power of the great DOCTOR ANIMO!" Ben said, laughing dramatically for effect.

    "...I wasn't going to say that," Dr. Animo pouted.

    Rook rolled his eyes.  "While normally I would frown on Benjamin's antics," he said, "I must admit you have said that exact phrase in our past twelve encounters."  

    Dr. Animo growled.  "Yes, well... I'm still going to have my revenge!" he said.

    Kevin shook his head.  He put his hand on a nearby girder, his flesh, hair and clothing turning to steel as he absorbed the properties of the metal.  "Dude, seriously, just give it up now.  We've got better things to do than to stop whatever lamebrain scheme you've come up with this time."

    "Speaking of," Gwen said, "thanks for ditching the 'exposed brain in a glass dome' look.  That was just creepy and made you look silly."  

    Dr. Animo reflexively touched the back of his head, ruffling the hair that had grown back in after his rather foolish attempt to look more intimidating by letting his brain be exposed in a glass dome.  He glared at Ben as he and his friends casually walked towards him, and folded his arms, leaning back against his computer.

    Ben was a little surprised by this.  "Well?  I'm waiting for your new invention," he said.  "I've been thinking about using Spidermonkey again, haven't turned into him for a while.  Gimmie something to dodge."  

    Dr. Animo, to everyone's surprise, grinned.  "If you insist," he said, tapping a button on his console.  

    A very loud sound at a certain frequency played.  Higher than what humans and Rook's species could hear.  But for an Anodite...

    "AAIIIIGH!!!" Gwen screamed, clutching her ears and collapsing, reverting to human form.  Kevin immediately ran to help her, while Rook took aim with his bow.  Ben growled.  

    "Oh you're gonna pay for that one!" he snapped, triggering his Omnitrix and transforming.  His body bulged out, growing bright orange fur, his face gaining a feline appearance as he became the powerhouse known as Rath.


    "Perhaps another time," Dr. Animo snarled, pressing another button.  Before either Rook or Rath could react, a beam of light shot out of the monitor and struck Rath in the chest, his body radiating energy as it flew out of the room.  Rook growled and prepared to fire, but to his surprise, Dr. Animo was kneeling down and placing his hands behind his head.  

    "I surrender," he said.  "I've won, and do not wish to fight anymore."  

    Rook stared at him suspiciously, but decided to accept his surrender, pulling out some power-dampening cuffs and clapping them on Dr. Animo's wrists.  Kevin and Gwen, the latter having recovered from the hypersonic attack, came back in.  Rook gestured to the direction Ben flew out, shouting, "Animo struck Benjamin with some sort of energy beam!  He flew in that direction!"

    Kevin and Gwen immediately ran in the direction Rook pointed.  They heard the familiar sound of the Omnitrix powering down, and followed the flash of light.  They both ran to the source of the flash... and gasped.  

    "Holy crap..." Kevin said, looking down at the busty young woman wearing Ben Tennyson's clothing.

    "It's Ben..." Gwen said softly, her powers confirming it.  "But he's... a girl now!"  

    Rook, carting a Null Void containment device in his hand with Dr. Animo locked safely inside, ran into the room as Kevin and Gwen came out, Kevin carting Ben's unconscious form in his arms.  The Revonnahgander warrior blinked, confused.    "I do not understand.  Who is that woman?" Rook asked.

    "It's Ben..." Gwen said.  "Somehow, Dr. Animo turned Ben into a girl!"

    Rook blinked.  "How is that possible?"  

    "I dunno," Kevin said, "But we're going to take him to Azmuth and find out." 

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