He uses it to change Lois

by heisonso1234
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He thought," Wow, I can make my girlfriend even sexier. I would choose my enemy, Poison Ivy, to merge with her, while I will be immune to her toxicity." After thinking for a while, he decided the merge. Just then, Lois came back and stood behind Superman. "Hey what are you doing?" she asked. Superman typed in a few more commands to make his lover even more attractive by making her breasts larger, her ass rounder, her waist slimmer, having super strength and superpowers and at last, a higher sex urge. She asked," What are you doing?" Superman said," It will start now." He pressed the button, and now Lois was starting to change. She immediately fell down to her knees, and finding out her breasts were swelling, and her waist becoming skinnier, her ass became larger. She felt her body becoming... greener. Leaves starting to pop out from her body, and she found herself trying to rip off her clothes. She writhed in pain, as her body was trying to adapt to the toxin inside her and the changes of her body. After a while, she stood back up. "Ahhhh, fuck me! FUCK ME SUPERMAN!"

Superman couldn't resist anymore. He levitated onto Lois and fucked her hard. But having super strength, she could survive the fucking with Superman. They both enjoyed a whole sex session, and they both felt very good. 

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