Natasha can´t take the Thought that Stark would fuck other Woman. Maybe even that Pepper Pots. Time to Invite Tony for a Night in a Disco.

by colleem
Storyline The Masterplan Codename Marvel
Characters Black Widow Iron Man
Category drug
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In Peaceful Times Tony was always busy to make some new Inventions or improve his Armour with some new Toys. But this Time Pepper had forced him to do some Work in the Company. There were few things he hated more than a Meeting with some Bankers or stupid People. Bored as hell he sat in his Chair and listened to some Statistics and Cash-Flows and other important Facts, but not important for him. Then his Phone rang and after a quick look he was happy as he read Natasha’s Name on the Screen. It had been only an SMS but he used it as an excuse to throw the Men out of his Office and a very angry looking Pepper stared at him. Ignoring her he read the Message. He knew that Natasha had been on a SHIELD Mission in Middle East and was happy to read that she was back and unharmed. She invited him into a Local Disco this afternoon to celebrate the Mission. She asked if he could be alone because she wanted not the whole Team around her. He assumed that she wanted to talk about the Mission or something that happened while she was away only with him.

He channelled every other Meetings this day and informed Pepper that he had to take care of Natasha this evening. Giving him a knowing look he made sure that he meant to talk to her and not to seduce her.
Later this day he drove to the Club Natasha had mentioned. It was a high Class Disco for the upper Society but he hadn’t been here before. Since his Life as Iron Man he didn’t find much time to celebrate the old Life he had lived as a Playboy. Of course the Guards at the Door knew who he was and let him inside. Even the Manager moved to him and asked if he had a Wish. It was a cool thing to be a famous World saving Superhero and Multi Billionaire Tony thought but said that he didn’t need anything. He had spotted Natasha in a corner VIP Lounge. She was dressed in a Black Leather Pant and a matching Red tight Shirt. As ever she looked more than Stunning with her red lips and the Perfect Makeup. She smiled at him her one Million Dollar Smile and waved with a bottle of Champagne into his direction.

“Hey Natasha. How are you?” she smiled as he sat down and took a bottle. Much to her surprise he scanned the Bottle and the Champagne for hidden drugs.

“Do you think I would be so stupid if I would try to kill you?” she sounded amused.

“Sorry Natasha. But you and me in a Disco? Come on! Show me your true face Skrull. No. Wait! A Doom Bot!” he pointed at her but didn’t sound very stern. It was clear that he was making some of his jokes to distract his true Emotions. Natasha was skilled in judging a Person within Seconds and find Weaknesses she could Use. And she had worked with Tony for a long time now. She had even had flirted with him for some time but nothing important had come to life. But now she was sure that he would be the Right one for her. The only possible Mate for her. And she had to have him for herself even if that meant that she had to force him. She knew that he would never accept a real serious Relationship. He was a Playboy in his Heart and would never feel like she felt. She had to open his Mind. 

Both of them talked the whole night and she told him about her Mission and that she had to kill someone again. She played the Role of the Woman that needed someone to talk about such Matters perfect. His Pride blinded him and his Mind. Never before Natasha had problems after a Job no matter how hard it had been or how morally questionable it had been. But now she fuelled his Pride and his Ego with the Fact that he was the only one she wanted to talk about it. 

Then she suddenly put out some white Dust and put it on the Table and used a 10 Dollar Note to get it into a straight line. Tony´s Eyes widened in shock as he saw it and asked her almost too loud.

“Natasha?! What are you doing? Drugs!? Are you mad?”

She started to laugh and smiled at him.
“Don’t panic Stark. This isn’t cocaine. Okay. Yes it is. But I have made some changes on it. As you maybe know I am a skilled Alchemist and know even more about Drugs and Poisons than you. I have found a way to supress the negative Effects of Cocaine and only left the interesting effects. I do it after every mission where I had to kill someone. You cannot understand it Tony. I am a killer. Not like you. I am no hero. I kill People. I have killed many People. Your conscience may be at peace but mine isn’t. It is telling me that this isn’t what I should do. So I searched for a way to calm it. This here helps me. I won’t get an addicted by this special creation and it helps me to get over the Mission. I take it only after Missions and you are the only one who knows about it. Before you ask. I know that this Creation could help to get Drugs of the Street. But do you really want that Drug Cartels get my knowledge? Never.” She said and gave everything she had to make it a good show.

Tony looked down on the Floor. He had never thought about her Position. He knew she had done some terrible Things in her Past and that the work for Fury wasn’t easy he could easily believe. He knew also that she was right. She was very skilled with Poisons and Drugs every kind. Even more skilled than he was, at least until he spend some time learning it. But he didn’t find this field very interesting. He was sure that she was able to manipulate Cocaine to a Level where it wouldn’t be addictive. He had to agree that it wasn’t a good idea to make Cocaine legal. That would give the Drug Cartels great Power and would chance the Balance greatly. 

“Okay. But before I trust you about this I want a brain Scan. Jarvis will be able to tell me if you’re lying or not. If you are Drug addicted I will see it.”

Sure Thing. Do it Tony. I hope you will trust me like I trust you.” She said smiling at him. 
Tony took out a little Scanner and scanned her body. It took only seconds for Jarvis to get the results. It was proven that there were no traces of Cocaine in her bloodstream and that her Brain Chemistry wasn’t showing any Signs of any strange Effects. Jarvis couldn’t distinguish between Natasha´s Brain Waves with and without the Sowjet Programming because these had been part of her since childhood. 

“No Traces of Addiction track able” Jarvis informed Tony and he was visible calmer now.

“Sorry Natasha. But I wanted to be sure that you don’t do anything stupid.”

“No Problem Tony. “ She said and laid her hand onto his one. “I can be happy to have a friend like you.” She said and felt his soft hand on hers. Then she started the Plan to get him under. She took out a little Pipe and started to inhale the Cocaine. She hasn’t lied to him. This Cocaine had been manipulated by here but the effects would be the same. She would get high and loose some of her inhibitions. She would be able to act on her plan but wanted to show him how flirty she could be. Then she would have a good excuse if this part of the Plan wouldn’t work for him. But if he would respond to the Flirty behaviour she would bring him into situations where he would try to get her to some more cocaine so he could flirt again with her. Then it wouldn’t take long before he would try it out and then he would get her special Cocaine. If he wouldn’t like her drugged and flirty she could blame the Cocaine for it and their relationship wouldn’t be harmed. Then she would find another way to seduce him to take the drug. The Problem of the Cocaine was that he had to sniff it and that there was no other way for her to bring it into his bloodstream.

She made it very erotic and laid back in her Seat. Her red Lips were opened lightly and her Eyes closed. She felt the rush of the Drug in her bloodstream. Everything seemed so intense right now. She felt the cool Air of the Cooler and the Music seemed so much more intensive right now. As she opened her eyes she had to blink a few times. The Colours were so beautiful and Tony looked so damn hot suddenly. She felt her nipples harden under her Top and a light wetness between her Legs. Her Mind started to race under the influence of the drug and she had to giggle suddenly. Something the DJ said sounded so damn funny that she couldn’t help herself.

Tony sat in front of her and observed everything she did. It had been strange to see her taking Drugs even after he knew that this wasn’t a drug anymore. But on the other side it had been somehow erotic. He had a lot of lesser friends in the high Society who had taken drugs to get some Kick. Some of them even used it as an Aphrodisiac but Tony had never felt the urge to take it. He knew that it was only a short time Boost and that the final Effect was almost every time death. But this Drug like thing that Natasha had created was a fun Maker without any responsibility. He could see the effect on her only minutes after she had taken the Drug. She had problems to focus her Eyes on anything and her giggle sounded like she had a lot of fun. The always so tough and Serious Woman was gone and he saw a giggling Woman. He was used to notice even smallest Details and so he had noticed the Changes in her Behaviour. She seemed unfocused and started to laugh suddenly. He was sure that he had never seen her before like that. The fact that her Nipples were hardening he had noticed too but tried to ignore it.

She felt like she had gotten an Energy Boost. She couldn’t keep her Body still. She rose from the Seat and moved to the Dance Floor. She wanted to feel the Music even more and the Drug made everything more intense for her. She danced like a Bitch in Heat and soon she attracted the Attention of most Men in the Club. She didn’t care. All she wanted was to move her Body through an Ocean of colours. She danced very hot with many of the Visitors and the feeling of some of their Hands on her Body were intoxicating. Suddenly she felt some strong hands on her shoulder and turned around. She saw Tony standing there, guiding her back to the Lounge. She wanted to Protest but then her body started to feel exhausted and tired. She felt the Drug losing the effect and she looked at Tony who was looked at her with a smile.

“It seems like the drug wears off Natasha. How do you feel?” He asked she and she breathed heavy and her face was covered with Sweat from the Dancing. 

“Great Tony. But why did you take me from the Dance Floor? I had so much Fun there!” she said to him and he answered her.

“Because some of the guys were abusing your condition.” 

“Oh Tony. They didn’t abuse my Condition. They tried to make me horny to they could fuck me! And some of them did really a great Work on doing it!” she laughed at him and smiled him. „Don’t Worry. I let not everyone fuck me! I have a very high Taste in choosing a Men!” then she used her great atheistic Skills to jump over the Table and to land right on his Lap. Then she smiled at him seductive.

“Come on Tony. Why don’t you celebrate a bit with me? We could have a lot of fun together!” she smiled and started to move her lower body over his Lap. She could feel his cock react to him but he smiled at her and his hand moved through her hair. 

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