Natasha gets some new Orders

by colleem
Storyline The Masterplan Codename Marvel
Characters Black Widow
Category drug
Previous Chapter The Mastermind starts his Plan.

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Natasha was happy to be at home again. She had just returned from a trip to Tokyo where she was ordered to infiltrate a Cocaine Ring. What had looked like an easy Job had been almost an International Disaster. The Sub-Organisation of the Yakuza had been ordered new Drugs by A.I.M. and they had combined Cocaine with other Chemicals. Luckily she was there to stop this madness before they could bring one of the new Designer Drugs on the Street. Now she was back in New York and wanted to take a Shower before she would deliver the Drugs to Fury. It would be great to have some days free after this Job but as she knew her Luck that wouldn’t happen. If SHIELD didn’t send her on Missions then the Avengers had to save the World or something else happened. She couldn’t even remember when she had the last weekend for herself. 

She looked at her Computer as it went online. Windows informed her that she got a new Mail and she lifted an Eye-brow higher. There weren’t many who knew this E-Mail and she could count the Emails on one hand. She opened the Explorer and looked into her Email Box and saw an E-Mail from Clint. That was strange but even if they both had Avengers Cards she knew that he often mistrusted Stark and was paranoid enough to think that he would spy him out. 

She smiled as she read the Text. Clint had made some Pictures from the last fight where Starks Armour was destroyed and he had to run home using a Taxi only in his Pants. Stark had worked hard that no Pictures from this one were found in the Web. She hadn’t been there but wanted to see them too and so she opened the Attachment. 

As she did the VLC Player started and there was a Mix of Lights and fast changing Patterns in all possible Colours. Her eyes were transfixed on the 4 seconds lasting Video and as it was over she sat down on the Chair and entered a Website that she had never heard of before. Like in a trance she moved the Mouse on a Window and started the Video that was streaming. It was a Rap Video where only the Rapper was visible. Behind him there were similar graphical Pictures as in the E-Mail. This time she watched the Video more than 5 Minutes and closed the Window then. Nobody would have been affected by this Video but she was a former KGB Agent and the KGB had modified her Body and implanted new Ideas in her Mind and a new Set of Memories so that she would be a loyal Spy. After her Entry into Shield all of these False Memories had been Removed and also all of the Control Codes. But what they couldn’t remove were the Post-Hypnotic Command Triggers. The KGB had always used a quick set of specific Lights and Paragons to cause the Brain to shut down. Then the next set of lights would implant a specific Thought into the Sleeper.

This Method made sure that the Spy would not even knew that he was a Spy and would act as if nothing happened until a certain trigger would appear and then they would act like ordered. Only that this time the Commando wasn’t from the former KGB. This Code was long forgotten and Shield had done a great work to destroy all the remaining Sources for the Code of the Black Widow. But the Mastermind had been able to get hold of one long before Shield had taken her under their Protection and had always waited for a case where he needed Black Widow as tool. 

As the Video ended Natasha felt for a moment a little bit weak as if she had been fighting something mentally but it faded away very quickly and so she didn’t thought of it again. She had work to do. She looked at the Box with the experimental Drugs and smiled. They could get handy for her mission. She took from every drug a sample for her own for later research. But it would be very suspicious if she wouldn’t deliver them to the Helicarrier. 

She smiled as she took the Samples and then moved to the Meeting with Fury. Afterwards she would work on the Drugs so she could create more of them. The Basic design was build up on Cocaine but A.I.M. had changed the substance with various Effects. Some of them were less deadly and were meant as a love drug, increasing the sexual Stimulus while Sexual encounters. Other were meant to make the victim with the first dose helplessly addictive. Some of them were meant to lower the willpower of the User while others were meant to lower the inhibition for a short period of time. She was a skilled Alchemist and was sure to be able to create her own Drugs after she had analysed these Samples. But she would need some Cocaine for her research. But luckily she knew enough Places and Methods to get some. 

Then she would be able to archive her greatest Goal in Life. 

Seduce and marry Tony Stark!

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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