Kitty converts Psylocke when she comes in to shower after a sparring match.

by lolherbert
Storyline She Venom
Category Muscle Growth Symbiosis Transformation Corruption
Previous Chapter The Venom targets members of the X-Men

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Kitty, now consumed by the symbiote, observed herself in the mirror. She stuck out her foot-long tongue playfully as she caressed and felt her breasts, and ran her fingers over her newly formed, veiny biceps. She let out a sensual moan.

"Are you liking your new look?" MJ communicated telepathically.

"More than I could ever imagine my queen. This new gift you have given me, I need more..." Kitty answered out loud.

"In time my spawn. But you know what you must do first" MJ answered following it up with a small cackle of laughter.

Kitty grinned with her monstrous teeth as she heard someone approaching the locker room. Quickly she used her mutant powers to sink through the floor. As Kitty observed the locker room, she saw Psylocke enter the room, placing both her katanas on the bench and beginning to undress. Kitty knew she had to serve her Queens well and take advantage of this new opportunity. As Psylocke stepped into the shower and closed the curtain, Kitty moved back onto the floor. She slowly strutted toward the shower as Psylocke turned on the faucet. When Kitty was only five feet away, she stopped and stood still. Suddenly she threw her head back, looking to the ceiling and closed her eyes. In her chest a small bulge began to appear between her breasts and swam upwards toward her throat. The bulge moved through her throat and, through her symbiotic maw, out squirmed a symbiotic parasite. Kitty smirked as the parasite crawled down her shoulder and latched itself onto her wrist.

Using her symbiotic powers of disguise, she transformed her suit back to bikini form, with the white symbiotic spider covering each cup. Meanwhile, Psylocke, completely unaware of what was going on just outside, continued to cleanse herself.

"Mmmmm, unleash it my pet..." MJ cooed, her eyes completely blacked out as Felicia groped her tits.

Kitty gave a small nod and called out loud "Psylocke?"

Completely taken off-guard and shocked, Psylocke summoned her powers and ripped the curtain open. She was greeted by the sight of Kitty, who wore a sinister gaze on her face. In an instant, Kitty stretched her arm outward, as if to shoot webbing, but instead to summon the symbiotic parasite. On cue, the parasite shot out and attached itself to Psylocke's face. Psylocke, fearing for her life, tried to viciously rip off the symbiote, but to no avail. Telepathically, MJ and Felicia began to laugh manically as they pleasured one another, while the symbiote began to spread itself over Kitty.

It was then that the parasite began to make its move. The parasite unleashed two small tendrils which attached themselves to Psylocke's breasts, and began pleasuring that part of her. Psylocke, struggling not to give into the pleasure, continued to try to rip away the symbiote.

Back in the hive, MJ separated herself from Felicia's grasp and, with authority in her double voice and a smile forming between her lips, muttered "Now."

On command the symbiote began pumping symbiotic spores through Psylocke. One by one the eggs swam through her throat and into her insides. Completely consumed by pleasure, Psylocke gave into the symbiote. The symbiote continued pumping out spores, while it began to spread across the rest of her body. It reached her clit and began stimulating that part of her body as-well. She let out a muffled orgasmic moan while Kitty slipped her fingers inside herself as she watched. Once the symbiote covered the last part of her exposed skin, she began to transform. Her abs became more defined, and her tits expanded further. But as the symbiote continued pumping through her, bulges began to form on her shoulderblade. Soon, her head was almost becoming swallowed by the symbiote spores which were building up and collecting on top of one another. Finally the parasite went dead and dropped to the floor. Psylocke stood shivering in ecstacy as the monstrous mass of symbiotic spores had finally settled on her shoulder muscles, waiting to be freed so they could be spread to infect others. Kitty approached her and ran her fingers across them, while thrusting her tongue into Psylocke's mouth, which Psylocke met eagerly, twisting her own newly formed tongue around hers.

Sensing the feelings from the transformation, Felicia retracted herself from MJ's crotch. "My sister, I just loooove the way you think," as she leaned back in and met MJ with a kiss.

"Mmm thank you. With Psylocke under our control as a symbiotic time bomb waiting to be unleashed, we are becoming even closer to total conquest." Felicia thrust her tongue down MJs throat, while MJ went numb, letting Felicia pleasure her as much as she pleased.

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