While appearing innocent the party had a more sinister purpose.

by CJ
Storyline Susan Storm's Secret Life
Characters Invisible Woman
Category Corruption Marvel
Previous Chapter Using this as leverage to ask for a favor.

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Susan Richards looked at herself in the mirror of the elevator as it took her down after the bachelor party. Aside from some sweat caused by her dancing she looked the same as when she rode up in the elevator, though she knew that one difference not shown is that she wasn't wearing panties on the way down having left them with the groom as a souvenir. She had surprised herself with how much she had enjoyed the party. While it wasn't much different from what she did at the club, there was a more...intimate atmosphere to the small bachelor party that she hadn't anticipated. Or maybe it was the thrill of knowing that someone in the audience actually knew who she really was that produced that thrill. Either way tonight had been very enjoyable for her.

She had in fact been so flushed with pleasure that she agreed to Ralph's request, while she had been getting redressed, for her to perform at other parties in the future without really considering the possible consequences. But she reminded herself that nothing sinister had happened at this party. No drugs, or cameras, and no one but Ralph knew who she was and he had been careful to call her Suzanne when he had to refer to her. Hell they hadn't even offered her a drink aside from bottled water with the top sealed. Except for the groom whom she encouraged to touch her the boys hadn't even made much of an attempt to grope her either.

Yes, she would definitely have to do this again in the future, it had really been fun and was harmless.


The next day Ralph was masturbating while looking at his monitor on which was playing a video of Suzanne's stripping routine filmed by the hidden spy cameras he had setup before party. He had two windows open showing different views, one window showed what he and the other guests remembered from the party while the other filtered out the perception field and showed Susan Storm-Richards in all her blonde glory stripping and grinding up against the groom. It had been both a lot of work and quite risky to set up this party. He'd had to call his friend who was getting married and convince his 'real' bestman to hold the bachelor party here and allow him to arrange the entertainment. He'd also had to get his tech buddy to modify a pair of spy cameras he pickep up from a spyshop to penetrate the perception filter that Susan used to disguide herself. He'd been worried that she would have changed devises or somehow fixed whatever flaw allowed him to take pictures of her real form before, but apparently she hadn't thought of it yet.

Many people would wonder why he hadn't taken greater advantage of having the Invisible Woman over the barrel with proof of her scandolous activities. He wasn't that crazy, he knew perfectly well that if she had been more ruthless and experienced handling her double life that she could have denied his 'wild allegations' and it basically would have been his word against hers. Add in resources such as Life Model Decoys to arrange a few appearance as both women at the same time and he would have looked like a crazy fool.

No, he would use her own dark side against her. Carefully lure her into a trap of her own making. He would arrange a few harmless parties that she could enjoy induling her forbidden desires in and then carefully apply pressure and guide her to indulging his desires. After the first few parties he would crank things up and try to subtly drug her, nothing heavy just something to enhance the experience. Make her enjoy it even more, make it addictive. A few parties like that and then he would allow the guests to bring out some drugs, oh he would claim to have no idea they brought them and offer to let her leave but he was confident that at that point the high she got from performing would make her stay regardless of the criminal activity. From their it was all down the slippery slope of corruption. If all went to plan then in just a little over a year he would get a taste of the Invisible Woman and a year after that she would be his personal whore, fucking whoever he told her too. The best part is that he wasn't going to force her to do anything, she would decide to do this of her own free will. No evil mind control needed. Of course the fact the choices were rigged by him working behind the scenes so that she didn't have any option but what he wanted her to do didn't take away from her free will at all.

The thought of Susan Richards on her knees before him sent him over the edge and he sprayed his load into the tissue he was holding.

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