[Sleazy Reporter] Blackmailing Susan for sex.

by exidor455
Storyline Susan Storm's Secret Life
Characters Invisible Woman
Category Corruption drug Change of clothes
Previous Chapter A sleazy reporter

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As soon as Collins realised what power he could have over the superpowered slut, he put his plan into operation. He got a note to her at the strip club, which read:

“Howdy “Suzanne”. I’m afraid you’re not quite as INVISIBLE as you think you are. I know your little secret, and if you don’t want me to spread it around, you’ll meet me at my apartment this evening after you finish at the club. I don’t have to tell you to dress sexy!”

His put his address at the bottom of the note, paid one of the bouncers at the club to pass it along to "Suzanne", and then went home to wait.

As soon as he opened the door for her, Suzanne stormed inside, her face showing that she was not happy to see him. “OK you little creep, what do you want from me?”

“Now let’s not rush things, my dear Mrs Richards. Would you like a drink?” He handed her a glass half filled with bourbon. She glowered at him but took a sip. He stepped back and sat down on a couch. “Hang your coat up on the back of the door. I want to see that lovely outfit of yours.”

“Stop wasting time and tell me what you want, you little pig!”

“Now, now. There’s no need for insults. I’m just a guy who knows an opportunity when he sees one. I’m also a freelance journalist and I know several sources who would pay a pretty penny for this scoop on the oh-so respectable Invisible Woman. If you want your secret to stay secret, you’ll have to be nice to me. We can start with a private dance.”

She sneered at him. “If that’s what it’ll take to get you off my back, then fine.” She took off the black raincoat she was wearing and revealed the shiny, tight latex dress beneath. The dark haired babe was undeniably sexy as hell, but Collins wanted to the real Sue Storm to embrace the role of the fetish slut. “That disguise of yours. Is there any way you can turn it off. I really want a lap-dance from the Invisible Woman, not Suzanne.”

Glaring at the sleazy rat who was ogling her, Sue hit the hidden control for the perception filter and her appearance shimmered then returned to normal. There was the beautiful, proud and respectable Susan Storm-Richards, but still wearing the skin-tight rubber dress, stockings and opera gloves. God, she looked hot.

“That’s nice. Now, dance for me. Make it good. And while you do, tell me about how and why you started this little charade.”

He pointed a remote at his sound system and low thumping music began to play. After a moment’s hesitation, Sue realised that she had no choice, and so she might as well go along with this for now. If she gave him her best dance, he might be satisfied and let her go. So she began to move her body in time with the beat, using all the skills she’d learned in her secret life as a stripper. And as she did, she smiled at the sleazy little vermin and began to speak.

“Oh, I think I’ve always had a kinky side that I kept buried, but my time as Malice made me realise I had a few little fetishes. I love wearing latex. The look and feel of it on my body turns me on like nothing else. Do you think it suits me?”
She turned her back to him and swayed her perfect ass back and forth invitingly for the leering scuzz-ball. She noticed the bulge in his crotch and felt a mixture of hate and revulsion, but also the flutter of excitement she always felt when stripping and using her beautiful body to turn men on.

“I’m an exhibitionist too. It excites me to dance for men and have them admire my body. Even rotten little specimens like you.”

Ralph grinned at her and then made her gasp as he lowered his zipper, tugged his cock out of his pants and began jerking off slowly while leering at the fetish sex fantasy who was dancing erotically before him.

Sue paused briefly in her dance, then regained control of herself and felt an undeniable tingle of dark excitement as she watched the blackmailer jerk his hard cock while watching her. God, this was so wrong, but she was so turned on. She had always dreamed of seeing the club patrons jerking their hard dicks as she danced, and now her fantasy was coming true. She hated the horrible little journalist who was jerking off at her, but oh how she loved seeing how hard she’d made his cock.

Slowly she lowered the zipper of the latex dress, pulling it open to reveal the tiny black bra and thong she wore beneath. She reached behind her back and unfastened the bra, then slipped the straps off her shoulders and let it fall, revealing her perfect tits, with nipples standing proud and erect. Then she bent down and slipped the thong down her legs, leaving her naked except for the black stilettos, latex stockings, opera gloves and studded leather collar. She dropped to her knees in front of him, running her hands through her beautiful golden hair.

“Enough dancing,” he grunted “Come over here and suck on this, baby. Suck my cock or I’ll tell the whole world your dirty little secret.”

This almost snapped Sue out of the dreamy erotic state that was washing over her. “No, never! I’d rather have Reed know the truth than cheat on him with you, you little worm!”

Ralph just grinned and continued to jerk his hard cock. “I thought you might feel that way, so I slipped a little something in your drink to make you more…agreeable.”

“You…you what? You’ve drugged me???”

“Yeah. Just a little something to help you relax and enjoy yourself. You do feel relaxed, don’t you? C’mon, admit that you want nothing more than to wrap those lovely lips around this bad boy.”

Biting her lip and furrowing her brow, she stared down at the hard cock that was just a few feet away from her.

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