Felicia declines untill MJ strips too

by Kirayoshi
Storyline One More Way with One More Day
Characters Spider-Man Mary Jane Watson Black Cat
Category F/F M/F
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"Uh, guys," Felicia stammered slightly, slowly inching toward the door, "I'm flattered, but really, you two should get in some quality couple time together. I'm glad May's okay, but I should be going now..."  All the while, she fought her growing arousal as her eyes traveled along Peter's body as he stood before her, naked and clearly not embarrassed, his body looking more perfectly proportioned than she ever remembered seeing it, his penis erect and perfectly fitting to his new form--not grotesquely huge, but definitely larger than most men his age.  Every detail of Peter's stunning body screamed 'perfection'.  

Felicia thought, her arousal making the space between her thighs damper by the second, I'm gonna need at least an hour with my 'Kitty Toys' when I get home!  Why am I still here?  I always loved Peter but I can't get between him and MJ...except they want me between them, literally!  Peter and MJ's eyes gleamed with unadorned lust as they regarded Felicia.  They want me to be the meat in a Black Cat sandwich!  She knew she had to leave, but somehow that message got lost somewhere between her brain and her legs.  She found herself transfixed, unable to move, and increasingly not wanting to.

"What's your hurry, Felicia?" Mary Jane cooed sweetly as she untied the sash around her waist, allowing her robe to drop from her shoulders and poll around her feet.  Felicia stared hard at the naked redhead before her felt her resistance crumbling even further.  Her body had undergone a transformation similar to Peters; her face and body, which were already more stunning than 95% of the female population of the planet, were now...for want of a better word...absolutely perfect.  Her face was porcelain perfection, completely without blemish, and the green in her eyes was almost incandescent  Her breasts were firm and perfectly proportioned, and at least one cup size larger than Felicia remembered.  Her body was sublime, no wasted fat, firm but not granite hard.  The reddish thatch between her thighs framed her pussy perfectly.  

Felicia could not remember the last time she was so turned on by the sight of a naked woman.  For most of her adult life, she always identified herself as straight, with just a little bi-curiosity.  Now, the vision of absolute beauty before her caused her to question her preferences.  The voice in the back of Felicia's head warning her that this was wrong grew more and more quiet.

MJ strode up to Felicia in two steps and placed her hand behind the former thief's head.  "Peter and I want you here.  We want to share our love with you tonight."  She pulled Felicia's head forward and met her in another searing kiss.  The voice in Felicia's head fell silent, the last of her resistance crumbled.  Backing away from the kiss but her lips remaining a breath away from Felicia's, MJ purred, "You don't want to leave, do you?"

"...No..." Felicia whispered faintly.

"A little louder?" Peter teased knowingly as he approached his wife and his former 'friend with benefits'.  He began to gently nip her earlobe, before leaving a trail of kisses down her cheek, causing her to shudder with each touch of his lips.

"No," Felicia affirmed, her voice growing thick with arousal, her former timidity forgotten.  "I don't want to leave. I want to stay...with you.  Please, will you..."

"Say the secret word..." Peter prompted, his mouth sucking slightly at the nape of her neck.

"I want you to make love to me," Felicia declared.  "Take me to your bedroom and fuck my brains out!"

Peter and MJ shared a triumphant smile.  "I thought you'd never ask," 


They left the leather jacket by the front door and tossed the shoes and turtleneck on the couch.  By the time the three made it to the bedroom, Felicia was down to a white silk bra and panties.  Peter's nimble fingers made short work of the bra, while MJ hooked her thumbs under Felicia's panties and slid them down her shapely legs with one smooth motion.

"Now that you're appropriately dressed," MJ growled in Felicia's ear as her hands cupped her ample breasts and played expertly with her nipples, "let's have some fun."  Pushing her down on the bed, MJ proceeded to crawl over Felicia's body, their mouths greedily devouring each other, her hand stroking Felicia's right breast.  She turned toward Peter briefly as he stood beside the bed.  "Take your hand off Li'l Peter, Peter, and join us, won't you?"  Peter didn't need to be asked twice; in a second he and MJ were lying on opposite sides of the platinum blonde stunner.  "Look, MJ," Peter growled slightly as he pointed to Felicia's breasts, "one for you, one for me."  He lowered his head toward her left breast, flicking at the nipple with his tongue before sucking it into his mouth, smiling as Felicia hissed with pleasure.  

"Don't mind if I do," MJ grinned wickedly as she applied her mouth to the other breast, sucking at the stiff nipple.  Meanwhile, they trailed their hands down the planes of Felicia's belly, slowly moving down until they reached the juncture between her legs.  They both stroked against her nubbin, bringing it erect, before they each stuck a forefinger into her vagina.  Maintaining a steady rhythm, with Peter removing his finger as MJ inserted hers and vice versa, they were able to draw out even more intense sensations from their shared lover.

"Oh wow," Felicia groaned as the Parkers continued their dual attack on her body.  She tried to sit up but Peter and MJ pressed her gently onto the bed.  "Please," she begged, "let me return the favor."

"Later, we promise," Peter assured her, before returning his attention to her breast, while MJ's lips strayed below the breast line, down to her belly button.  

"You're our guest," MJ announced.  "So it's our duty to make you cum first."  Crawling further down, she lowered her head between Felicia's legs and began to apply long strokes of her tongue to Felicia's pussy.  Within five minutes the dual assault had the effect Peter and MJ desired, and Felicia let loose a cry of sheer joy, her back arching as Peter and MJ's mouths took her over the edge into the most intense orgasm she ever experienced.

"I hope she doesn't take too long to recover," Peter mused as MJ lifted herself from Felicia's pussy and moved forward to kiss her husband.  They both savored the essence of their friend on MJ's lips.

"Not a chance, Spider," Felicia growled as she pounced on Peter, straddling his legs and guiding his erect member into her waiting wetness.  "MJ," she grunted as Peter thrusted inside her, "you plant yourself over his mouth."

"I like the way you think," purred MJ as she knelt over Peter's head with one knee on either side of him.  "Going down, Tiger," she grinned as she lowered her pussy over her husband's waiting lips.  Peter wasted no time devouring his wife's pussy, while MJ leaned forward and embraced Felicia, her mouth latching onto Felicia's, their tongues sliding against each other as they both rode Peter.  It wasn't long before their actions triggered simultaneous climaxes in all three partners.


"I think we broke her," Peter quipped as he glanced at the sleeping nude form of Felicia Hardy as the three lied on the bed, MJ snuggling against his lap, his arms wrapped firmly around her waist.

MJ snickered at the thought.  "She'll be up soon, Tiger," she answered dreamily, burrowing further into Peter's embrace, "and we can go for round 2."

Peter thought for a second, "I think it's round 5 by now.  Maybe, I lost count."

"Yeah, you were pretty incredible," MJ nodded, smiling lasciviously.  "I'm just glad that she agreed to join us."

"Me too," Peter admitted.  "I'm just surprised she was into you as much as she was into me.  I mean, watching you two go at it was hot as Hell, but from my past experiences with her I never thought she was bi."

"There is a reason, my children."  Peter and MJ sat silently, as the voice of Mistress Love echoed into their minds...

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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