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by CorruptionCentral
Storyline Susan Storm's Secret Life
Previous Chapter The Fantastic Four and Spiderman are not sitting idly by but can they avoid Mephisto's traps?

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Mephisto smiled evilly as his spies and mystic guard spells informed him of the former Sorcerer Supreme's involvement with the Fantastic Four.  He had fought this mystic more than once, but without the backing the Vishanti reserve for their Earth avatar, he would need significant help.  No matter, this was all planned for.  The Lord of Lies had hoped for Dr Doom, but Strange would do as well.  The women had already lost an appreciable part of their purity and would lose far more by the time Strange gathered his forces, but the Hell Lord had forces of his own already at play.


Sue cooed "This is sweet!" as she gleefully checked the contents of her new apartment.  She was quite happy with the clothes selection as she modeled the bright red and gold skin tight PVC catsuit before the mirror. It fit like a second skin and had a a two way zipper so she could expose her ass and pussy without taking the delightfully clingy material off.  As it was she had it zipped down past her naval from the top anyway so that only the clinginess of the material kept her boobs from popping free. The thigh high 6" stiletto boots really made the outfit pop as well as making her glorious ass and big round tits stick out even further.  There was no doubt about it; Wilson Fisk's taste in stripper clothes and fetish-ware was impeccable! On top of that there was every makeup and beauty treatment a slutty whore could ever want.  She was excited to see what she could do with all Kingpin provided to put put on her stage face and that wasn't all.  There was S&M gear, sex toys, a extra large hot tub and enough rubbers to service the entire US Navy... Twice!

It never occurred to the heroine that the statements and assessments that crossed her mind were so very, very wrong.  The fact of the matter is the Seed of Sin was devouring her purity at an alarming rate already. Her previous 'guilty pleasures' were now an open source of pride for her.  She *was* a stripper and damn tired of hiding it from the public. After all, there wasn't a damn thing wrong with it for a hot piece of ass like her!  She felt there was nothing wrong with pornos, prostitution, or the occasional use of coke and other recreational drugs either.  It wasn't that her dark side was in charge; it was her good side had lost more than a quarter of her purity and it was dropping fast.

Sue sat on her bed and turned up the volume as she watched the large TV. By now, she was rather enjoying the constantly replaying video of her gang bang from last night.  She was glad that she could openly be a stripper now, but she had no idea how Fisk talked her into prostitution and pornography.  As a married woman, she would never do that... But suddenly it occurred to she was legally separated now so that made it all alright!  Why shouldn't a hot whore like her fuck around *and* make a fortune while she did it? Inside her head a little voice said 'You go girl! You're so damn fine and now you get to do it all!  All you had to do was shred the heart of the man you love, humiliate your baby brother so he can't show his face in public, and scar your children for life. Yay you!"

That thought cut through her like a knife.  She was separated because she signed the papers to end her marriage even though she still loved her husband.  She cut off those nearest to her with restraining orders.  She would never see her children again.  Even if she tried to, what judge in their right mind would allow a stripper, pornstar, and suspected hooker any where near kids as young as hers.  She had caused so much pain and horror and it was *all her fault*.  The Seed of Sin took another deep draft of goodness from the woman's soul as her eyes teared up and shock set in.  At this rate, her purity would be spent in a couple days, but the evil curse savored every drop it wrung from her.   

As the Invisible Woman sat in shock, she heard someone enter her bedroom.  She turned to see two of Kingpin's goons standing near her door.  She knew the taller man as Gene, one of her porno partners from last night.  As she turned toward them, he smiled and said "Hey, babe.  I told my pal Ryan that the Invisible Woman was open for business."  Both men threw a couple $100 bills on her bed and the thug continued "What do ya say, sweet cheeks?"

Sue smiled wickedly as she unzipped her catsuit the rest of the way.  She was already a stripper before Kingpin came into the picture.  Now that she was legally separated and both her ho and porn cherries were popped there was no denying she was a full fledged whore in every way. There wasn't a single reason to put on airs about it.  As Sue grabbed Gene's belt she cooed "That's right babe.  I'm open for business, 24/7/365."


In the Baxter Building, Reed moved into his lab.  If Stephen needed power to free the woman, he had something that would amp up the sorcerer's might exponentially.  After keying in some complex equations, a secret tesseract he had created opened up to show the Infinity Gem he guarded.  With the Power Gem, Dr. Strange should be more than a match for Mephisto!


Johnny had returned to his room and paced in frustration.  Ever since S.H.I.L.D. had informed the team of the video going viral, he had been restless.  It wasn't bad enough that inaction was like sitting on a bed of nails to the impulsive youth; he had also spent all night out partying with a group of fine honeys.  He had no sleep and was going out of his mind with worry for his sister but was helpless to act.  Finally he snarled "Oh, hell.  At least I can spend some energy gaming."

Johnny had to snicker when he logged in to play his favorite online game 'Call of Marvels'.  No one who knew him through the game could beat him.  Of course they didn't know he was a real superhero and his real world experience actually helped his playing ability. The hero gloated "Come and get it, chumps!" As he 'plugged in', he found that instead of being sent into a superhero/villain hot zone, his avatar was standing on a porn set. As he looked around the couple dozen dudes cavorting with the two slutty whores in the center, Johnny gasped "Aw man! You've got to be kidding me!  Some dirtbag hacked my favorite game with this crap."

Despite his effort to look away, he couldn't help but stare at the babes.  Some part of him knew what was coming but he had to see.  He could clearly see the red head joyfully servicing the men and couldn't help but get a hardon.  In fact the longer he looked, the hornier he got.  He found he could maneuver his avatar for a better look without the current players taking notice of him, so he tried harder for a better look.

This babe really had it going on.  She had world class tits and an ass to make you die for it! She sure knew how to use that bod too!  She had big guys working her ass and pussy like piledrivers and a guy mauling each tit with their mouths but she never lost a beat with the dude she was blowing or the ones she was giving handjobs. 

Johnny was really getting hot and bothered now. Instinctively he reached down to his crotch and gasped "What the hell?"  He quickly looked down and saw that he was buck naked.  His raging hardon was proudly standing at full attention and pointed at the siren that earned it.  When he looked up, he wasn't looking at his avatar on porn set, he was really there.  Johnny was amused as he noticed he was next in line for the red head.  The hero cooed "Damn, but Reed has really taken VR way far! Who knew he had a bit of a pervy side.  Gotta admit it, this is *awesome*!"

Suddenly the man fucking the red head's mouth pulled back and made way for the horny hero and Johnny saw the woman's face for the first time.  Johnny shouted "Oh FUCK!" as he recognized Mary Jane Watson.

MJ smiled seductively as she purred "Sure is, tiger!"  The sexy vixen smiled wickedly as she opened her mouth and flicked her tongue invitingly, almost begging the young man to ravage her mouth.  She was so beautiful; far more than any babe he had before, but she was his best friend's wife. 

Johnny backed away a step as he stuttered "Whoa, wait a sec... I can't.  I mean this is so wrong."  MJ got off the bed and strutted toward the hero as he backed away.  Johnny had to concentrate on what he was doing.  He wanted this babe more than anyone he ever met, but he tried to be true to his friend. She didn't make it easy by cupping her gorgeous tits and cooing for him to do her hot pussy. Johnny had to get out of here and now.  He could feel the men moving out of his way. He had to get out of here before the other babe got involved.  Suddenly Johnny said "Oh crap!  If you're MJ, that means that the other babe is..."

As Johnny turned he ran right into the blond babe who drew him into a deep sexy kiss.  His breath was taken away by her hot breath and wicked tongue. Her tits rubbed erotically against his bare chest as one hand mauled his ass the other held his head locked in the deep embrace.  As the vixen pulled back, Johnny was afraid to open his eyes, but her voice made the identification unmistakable as she cooed "That's right, baby brother.  It's your gorgeous sister.  You know the one you have been whacking off to since you hit puberty."

In the real world, Johnny Storm sat in front of his state of the art gaming PC in utter shock as sweat poured off him in buckets.  Lustae the succubus teased the young stud ear with her demon tongue.  Her red clawed hands explored his masculinity with abandon as she cooed "That's it, little man.  Live your most erotic horror and set it free."

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