High Class Escort

by CJ
Storyline Susan Storm's Secret Life
Characters Invisible Woman
Category Change of clothes Marvel Corruption
Previous Chapter Susan is alone in the Baxter Building

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As she exited the perception filter in her new form she checked the mirror to confirm her new appearance was what she wanted.  As she absently primped her hair and makeup she thought back a year to how this secret life had started. 

She had used the perception filter to go out incognito a few times.  Eventually she had found a nice bar uptown that she liked to relax in.  She had met a new friend, though of course with her disguise no one knew who she really was.  She made up the identity of Susanna Reed and used her husbands technology to create the fake id she presented to the bartender.  Her new friend Elsa was older than her Susanna identity.  Susan had chosen instead of being the Milf to live a little and swing with the twenty somethings during these little secret forays.  Sanna as she insisted her 'friends' call her was a single 26 year old lab assistant for a research lab.  She even told the occasional funny story about her work for Dr. Richards.

It was after her friend brought up that she always turned down the gentlemens attentions that she talked Sue into going on a couple of double dates she set up. 

Sue knew it was wrong since she was a married woman, but she convinced herself to go along to sell her identity.  Though if she was honest with herself she actually kind of missed the dating and romance scene. 

Her relationship with Reed had been unconventional and while they had tried the going out on dates thing it had usually ended with some villain attacking or calamity that the F4 had to handle thus spoiling the outings.  Eventually she learned to simply not try and be content with simple dinners at home or watching a movie together on the television.  But even that hardly happened anymore with Reed always in the lab and her busy with the children.

But these double dates were everything a girl could dream of.  Dressing up and going to the theater, nice restaurants, walks in the park just talking, carriage rides throught the same parks, boat rides on the lake, and more.

She started going on solo dates with men Elsa would match her with and they were great. Handsome and intelligent men who treated her like a queen and lavished her with attention.  Of course that is when things went down hill.  She got to close to one of the dates and ended up sleeping with him.  Of god it had been wonderful. 

To have a man's complete attention and so skilled a lover.  It had resulted in hours of lust and carnel pleasure with reality only making an appearance the next morning.  She'd been horrified to have cheated on her husband, and then came the next shocker.  When she confessed to sleeping with her date her friend suprised her with a confession of her own.

Elsa her friend turned out to be the madame of an escort service.  The dates that Elsa had been matching her up with had been customers who liked all that romantic stuff.  She used them to gently introduce girls to the life of an escort.  She thought Sue had what it takes to work in the business and wanted her to formally join her stable.

Sue had been so shocked she barely replied with a desire to think about it before leaving.  Not wanting to cause a conflict but wanting to get out of there.

And think about it she did, everytime Reed gave an excuse as to why he couldn't take her out, or even join her for a simple meal in their own kitchen.  Every time she fell asleep in sexy lingerie waiting for her husband to join her in bed.  Every time she was forced to get off using her fingers to relieve the sexual frustration.  everytime her mind wondered to back those fantasy dates and the skilled lover they had led her to.  Until one day she cracked and returned to the little bar in uptown and talked to Elsa and agreed to her offer on a trial basis. 

There had been some rocky moments in the begining as she learned to ignore the guilt of cheating on her husband and the morality of being an escort.  But the escape from the stress of being a superheroine and her bland homelife was simply to precious to ignore.

And she'd come to love the life, a new date every week if she wasn't busy,  sometimes more.  The thrill of getting to know a new partner over and over again.

Which lead to tonights date.  Her appearance having passed inspection after one last glance at her dark haired voluptous form, with her vibrant green eyes being nicely highlighted by the green ball gown she was wearing.  Her latest date was taking her to the opening of the new exhibit at the museum.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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