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Rubber Queen: The Convention Begins


Underground Complex, Gotham City

“Harleen grab your friend,” the Rubber Queen intoned, “Lay here on the floor below me.  Pamela, lay over her, ride her and worship me.”

Harleen clad in a black rubber catsuit put a strap-on across her lap and laid down for her friend to mount her.  Pamela, naked, dazed, and flooded with lust moved over her friend’s body and slide the dildo into her wet wait womanhood.  She leaned forward and planted her face into the open slit of her Queen’s crotch zip.

“Tim,” The Rubber Queen smiled, “Exspand her bottom.”

Pamela felt the lube pour onto her ass and slide down between the cheeks, a single finger made its way into her now hungry ass.  Soon it was two, then it was his latex sheathed dick.  Pamela gasped as she licked the sweet nector of cum from the Queen’s pussy as Harleen and Tim brought her to orgasm as well.

“Colleen, Prepare Pamela’s new cloths… ah… ah…” The Rubber Queen breathed throw her orgasm, “My sweet Rubber Vine you will be working in our labs.  I need you to improve our chemical agents and training aids.  But you will… ah… ah… will join us this weekend for our party!”


Batcave, Gotham City

Dick went to talk to Bruce, however he stopped in his tracks.

“WHAT?  CAPE COD?” Batman bellowed in his harshest bat-demon voice, “ALFRED!”

Dick waited a few seconds before continuing to the main terminal of the Batcave.  On one of the giant monitors was a list of the usual suspects and their status, on the other was a vigilante roster and their status.  Dick smiled when he saw Selina’s name on both colums.  But he also saw Bruce changing Tim and Stephanie’s status to “Absent- Cape Cod with Civilians.”

“So some facts came up and I was looking to go investigate the convention over in Ivy Town…” Dick stopped as Batman shot him an evil eye, “OK, I will go call Doc Palmer to look into it.”

Bruce looked straight at Dick then at the computer’s clock, he pulled a cell phone from a hidden drawer and tossed it to Dick.

“Doctor Palmer is on a sebaticl.  He is working with NASA on a manned mission to IO.  Call Ryan Choi, leave a message, he will be on his way to Physics 101 after day dreaming about Giganta’s legs during lunch.”

Dick was about to say something but thought better of it.  Bruce filled in the gap.

“They use to date.”

“Wait, WHAT?” Dick shouted, “Never mind, I’ll call then go get a nap.”


Kinky Kitten, Gotham City

The uniform for the Kinky Kitten wasn’t really that kinky, it was a cotton polo with the KK logo embriotered on the chest.  What was rubber was the wrist piece.  It was a sort of hidden wallet made from heavy pink rubber with four keys in it.

“The Red Key is for the Safe,” Holly explained, “The Green key is for the front door, the brown key is for the back door, and the pink key is for register.  Do not lose these, they are our livelihood!”

“So what’s this?” Selina looked at a box in the corner.

“A little thank you,” Holly said, “Something for you to enjoy after work while we are out.”



Hotel Lobby, Ivy Town

Lois lead and Jimmy followed her to the check in desk.  Lois had had a few mind blowing orgasms while Jimmy was driving.  She was going to have fun with him this weekend.  But first they had to check in.

“Lois and Jimmy Kent,” Lois smiled at the clerk.

“Yes here is your room keys.  Room 315,” The brunet smiled.

“What about the other room?” Lois raised an eyebrow.

“You only booked one room. Hopefully you don’t mind, since we didn’t have enough twin bed rooms, we ungraded the single bed room.  There will be no extra charge for the use of the mini-fridge too,” the Brunet smiled.

“Jimmy! Lois!” a familiar voice called.

Meg came across the lobby smiling.  Jimmy looked at her in her running shoes, rubber leggings and tee-shirt.

“Oh Jimmy, you already have a collar?” Meg had a mock disappointed look on her face.

“Don’t worry,” Lois smiled, “I have no problem handing you the leash.  Besides I think you two have been playing together behind my back.”

“How would you feel about playing with us?” Meg kissed Lois on the lips.

“We are going to have some fun,” Lois shot an evil look at Jimmy.

A man entered the lobby in a tuxedo.

“LADIES AND GENTLMEN!  The Arrival Party will start in one hour in the main ball room!” He bellowed for all to hear.

“Lets get changed,” Meg smiled.



Motorcade on I-95 between Gotham and Ivy Town

“Your Majesty,” Colleen hung up the cell phone, “Lady Latex reports that she shall be there with her project for your arrival.  The reports from Metropolis are there too.  The agent Meg has already made contact at the hotel and will continue to toy with them.”

“Good my dear.  Herleen how do you like your friend’s new cloths?” The Rubber Queen smiled.

Harleen was too busy in a sixty nine with Pamela.  Tim was seated next to the Rubber Queen and Stephanie was riding his rubber dick.  The Rubber Queen was wearing a Victorian gown over her catsuit as was her hand maiden Colleen.  The drivers were of course their security drones as was the drivers of the other vehicles.

“What of the Gotham City retailers?” The Rubber Queen asked.

“I talked to them five minutes ago, they will be at the convetion, but the ‘Cat-of-nine-tails’ will not,” Colleen looked at sixty nine beside her, “They still will not say who they intend to bring into our fold but based on the information your Rubber Birdies gave us, the woman in question should be Selina Kyle, the Catwoman.”

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