Doctor Doom

by exidor455
Storyline Susan Storm's Secret Life
Characters Doctor Doom Invisible Woman
Category Corruption Mind Control Transformation
Previous Chapter A latex-clad stripper

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Doom’s eyes blazed from behind his iron mask as he gazed at the bank of monitors. He had a number of surveillance drones watching the Baxter Building constantly, allowing him to keep tabs on his greatest foes. Some time ago he had first seen this mysterious woman leaving the building and it hadn’t taken him long to form a hypothesis about her identity. She always left the building and returned some hours later, and this only happened when Susan Storm was the only member of the Fantastic Four in the building. And during the periods when this woman was abroad in New York, Susan Storm was nowhere to be seen.

It had been a simple matter to have two of the drones follow the woman, who he strongly suspected to be Susan Storm-Richards in disguise.  It had surprised him that the sordid truth was the she was working as a stripper! Surely it was unthinkable that the proud and virtuous heroine could be doing this for her own pleasure? Perhaps there was something more to it. He would have to know the truth. If she was indeed acting out some sexual fantasy, he could use that to his advantage.

Again, tonight, she had adopted her alter-ego and was heading to the strip club. Doom called up a com-link and activated two Doombots, and gave them their instructions…


Sue paid the cab driver and stepped out onto the sidewalk in front of the Inferno Club. Several men who were lounging outside eyed her up as she emerged from the cab, her gleaming latex legs hinting at the delights that were concealed under her raincoat. She smiled and winked at them as she walked sexily towards the entrance, relishing the attention, even if it was from a bunch of low-lives. As a member of the Fantastic Four, she was only ever one quarter of a team. As “Suzanne”, she was always the center of attention, and she loved that. In some ways, she felt more herself when she was acting the part of the fetish slut. How ironic that she had to take on another identity to feel more like herself!

Entering the club, she went to the dressing room. Several of the other girls were getting ready to perform, their curvaceous bodies in a variety of skimpy, revealing, skin-tight outfits. Many of them had tattoos and piercings, and while Sue considered these adornments to be far too trashy for her real self, they were perfect for Suzanne. Each of her nipples was pierced with a silver bar-bell, she had a stud in her clit, a ring in her navel, and most daring of all, a silver tongue stud.

Sue knew exactly what the pierced tongue suggested, and several of the customers had offered her money if she would use it on their cocks, but she had always refused. This was just a part she was playing, a bit of harmless indulgence. She would never really cheat on her beloved Reed. But she had to admit to herself that playing the part of a trashy, slutty tease was incredibly exciting to her. So unlike her normal self, but that was what made the fantasy so thrilling.

She said hi to the other girls and removed her raincoat to reveal her voluptuous form sheathed in the gleaming black latex. She touched up her slutty makeup in one of the mirrors, and ran her hands over her shiny curves. God, she loved wearing latex. She had never revealed this fetish to Reed, but perhaps she should. He was an understanding man, and he was sure to be turned on by the sight of his lovely wife clad in the gleaming skin-tight material. It could really spice up their sex life, which had become a little stale of late.
But that was a thought for another night. Now, it was time for Suzanne to take the stage.

She went out into the dark hallway and made her way towards the main room of the club, listening to the throbbing, pulsing beat grow louder, knowing she’d be gyrating sexily to it shortly. Just as she started to sway her luscious hips in time to the beat, she felt a sharp sting in her neck, and then a wave of insensibility washed over her. Just as her eyes grew dim, she saw two metallic forms looming out of the shadows…


She awoke to find herself strapped into some sort of reclining chair, which was lit dimly from above in an otherwise darkened room. Her wrists, ankles and waist were all restrained by thick metallic restraints, and she could feel some kind of metal collar round her neck, holding her fast in place. Then she saw a familiar form loom out of the shadows.

“Doom!” She struggled against the bonds, and was about to rip them apart using her powers, but nothing happened!

“Ah, so you are awake. I hope you are not too uncomfortable? I’m afraid you are wearing a nullifying device, so will be unable to free yourself. You are completely in my power, where you belong.”

She glared her hate at the armoured villain in the green cowl. “Release me, damn you!”

“Oh, I will, but there’s a bit of work to be done first. I know all about your little secret, you see. It amuses me that the proud and virtuous Susan Storm-Richards would have such tawdry fantasies. What would your team mates and the adoring masses think if they knew you enjoyed playing a harlot? However, your choice of indulgence tells me a great deal. Clearly, on some level, you tire of being the respectable wife, mother and heroine. There is something darker, wilder inside, and it yearns to be free. And with my help, it will be.”

He turned aside and called up a holo-display, and began manipulating the virtual controls with his gauntleted hands. There was a hissing sound from above, and Sue gasped with fright and impotent rage as a metallic helmet was lowered over her head. Through speakers inside, she still heard Doom’s voice. “With this device, I shall make a few permanent adjustments to your mind and personality. Now I know you better than I thought I did, I wonder how much alteration will really be needed?”

Inside the helmet, Doom’s voice was now replaced with a throbbing pulse that caused Sue to gasp. It felt as though her very mind was vibrating, and it was an incredible sensation. Her vision began to fill with images. Vague shimmering shapes and colours at first, but they soon began to resolve into recognizable scenes and scenarios.

“With this, you shall be reprogrammed. The once virtuous Susan Storm-Richards shall be no more. From now on, you will be…”

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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