Osborn briefs Fink but Vicky Handjob's breaking completely lightens the mood.

by ESchorcho
Storyline Bimbotech
Characters Norman Osborn Mr. Fink Shadowcat
Category Bimboization Corruption M/F Marvel
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"He wants the Squirrel?  Is that supposed to mean anything to me?" Fink asked, incredulously.  He looked down at the image of the college-aged girl wearing the blue-gray leotard with furry brown accents and to no surprise, a long fluffy tail and realized at that moment just how ridiculous things had gotten. 

"It's Squirrel Girl.  She's a former member of the Great Lakes Avengers and has defeated a surprising number of high profile villains using her unique powers," Norman Osborn explained, closing his eyes and massaging his temples in frustration, "Including Doctor Doom himself."

"This little girl beat one of the world's greatest villains?" Fink exclaimed.  Norman simply nodded his head.

An uneasy feeling washed over Mr. Fink.  He understood more than anyone the merits of holding a grudge and turning that grudge into a walking, talking piece of pure bimbo perfection known around Bimbotech as Tittiefuck.  The chocolate-skinned slut used to be his bitch of a boss but now served as his blissfully happy and loyal sexretary.  Mr. Fink had no qualms whatsoever about delivering the young, wide-eyed girl whose life as a heroine was just starting.  He had built a secretive empire over turning women into sex objects, so why would he start to grow a conscience over one girl?  And he was now no stranger in giving superheroines the full Bimbotech treatment.  With Osborn's help, Bimbotech had raided the mutant haven of Utopia and had spent the last month turning super-powered ladies away from their noble paths and toward the sublime, oversexed existence that only Bimbotech could bring.  Osborn had promised that he would have made it worth his while, and the partnership between Oscorp Industries and Bimbotech, Inc. had made for an ideal match.  All of Mr. Fink's instincts told him that bringing Doctor Doom into this group would spell nothing but disaster.

"Well, I suppose it was only a matter of time," Fink said with a cocky grin.  He hoped that Norman Osborn couldn't have spotted how nervous he was at the prospect of dealing with the Latvarian monarch.  "You turn enough women into bimbos and you're bound to attract some high-profile attention."

"High-profile attention?  I think you're underestimating Doom.  Even men like myself who pride ourselves on inspiring fear in our fellow men are afraid of him, even if that 'little girl' was able to knock him down a peg.  And in the end, isn't it better to appease a king than anger a madman?" Osborn countered.

Fink was about to respond, but before he had a chance his cell phone rang.  Fink reached into his jacket pocket and answered his smartphone.  The conversation didn't last long and he looked at Norman Osborn with an excited grin.

"I think we're going to need to table this conversation, Mr. Osborn.  I've just received word that Ms. Hand is ready to pop and we've been invited down.  You're going to want to see this," Fink smiled.  Norman Osborn was unsure of ignoring Doctor Doom's wishes, but followed Fink, feeling his cock twitch to life in his pants at the prospect of Victoria Hand's Bimbotech transformation and conditioning.

The two men briskly made their way out of the office and to the elevator.  On their way they passed a main office area and Mr. Fink saw out of the corner of his eye a shapely slut sitting behind a big desk.  He quickly excused himself from Osborn and told the villainous mastermind to go ahead without him.  He had something to take care of first.  Fink then made his way over to the long-haired brunette.  The C.E.O. couldn't help but smile as he saw what the once brilliant girl that used to be known to the world as Kitty Pryde was up to.  A wall-mounted flat-screen TV was playing a live recording of what some of the girls were up to in one of the many luxurious bimbo rooms littered throughout the building.  Fink thought that it had to have been some sort of a miracle for the little sexpot to watch the orgy going on and still be able to paint her long, manicured fingernails rather than fuck her bald pussy with her talented hands.

"Good afternoon, Titty," Fink spoke, a smug smile gracing his leering face.

"How might I help you today, Mr. Fink?" Titty Pryde purred, looking up at him with smoldering, heavily-lined and mascaraed eyes.  Her arched eyebrows rose suggestively under a perfectly straight, thick shelf of chocolate bangs.  The female X-Man turned Bimbotech sexretary leaned forward, her huge tits strained the plunging scoop-neck front of her tight mini dress as they pressed against the desk.  Fink had a bird's-eye view of Titty's perfectly round jugs, as well as the deep cavern of cleavage somehow being held in place by a straining zipper at the front.

"None of that right now, Titty.  I need you to research everything you can on the heroine Squirrel Girl and present it to me tonight," Fink commanded, a stern tone to his voice.  He didn't allow himself to indulge in any of Titty Pryde's tempting display, even when she stuck out her plump bottom lip in an overly immature fashion.

"Awe, and here I thought you had a real challenge for me, Mr. Fink," the slutty former X-Man sighed.  She had emphasized the word 'real' with a slow lick of her shiny pink lips and a sly glance at the crotch of his trousers, before shifting her eyes back to her computer.  She softly blew on her recently painted nails to make sure they were dry before her fingers began to fly over the keyboard.

"Titty, listen," Fink said, to which Titty stopped her fingers, "Don't overwork all of that intelligence we left in that pretty head of yours.  Even the smallest personal and strategic detail matters so don't outsmart yourself.  And don't get distracted!"

The former Kitty Pryde certainly wasn't the brainless slut her Bimbotech sisters were, but in the recent past her slightly lowered I.Q. had become distracted, resulting in her sex-addled mind drifting from the core purpose of her task.  More than once, Titty's own fantasies regarding her target had made their way into her profiles rather than actually important information.  Most of the time it wouldn't concern a man like Fink, but given a madman like Doom's involvement, the Bimbotech C.E.O. really didn't want to risk delays or gaps in his intel.

Titty looked at her computer and the picture of Squirrel Girl.  She stifled a giggle, "Sure thing, sir."

Fink's serious face softened for a second.  He had to admit that he found Titty's playful side endearing.  The C.E.O. knew that she was intensely loyal and had proven herself very much a Bimbotech girl time after time since her capture and makeover from Utopia.  Leaning down toward the hot young sex object, Fink whispered, "That's a good girl.  Now, I want you to meet me in my office tonight at 10 to present your findings.  Do a good job and I'll give you your reward personally."

He emphasized the last word, enjoying the excitement dancing in the mutant woman's eyes before he added with a wink, "Bring Tittiefuck with you.  After all, everyone knows two sets of tits are better than one."

With that Fink straightened his suit, turned and walked back to the elevator.  Titty Pryde's shiny lips curling into an ecstatic smile at the prospect of what their meeting later would lead to.  Her nipples tingled and her hairless pussy grew wet at the mere prospect of spending a night with her master, and to have Tittiefuck join them.  The thought made her shiver with need.  She took a deep breath and tried her hardest to push the blissfully erotic fantasies flitting about her mind.  Titty knew she had work to do and she had to do a good job now or else Fink would just fuck Tittiefuck and leave her tied up to watch the chocolate-skinned slut enjoy what should have been hers.  Even though that appealed to a darker side of the former Kitty Pryde's whorish new personality, being the meat in a Fink and Tittiefuck sandwich was too good to pass up.  The feel of her master's cock filling and stirring her insides was Titty's idea of heaven on Earth and the thought of her fellow Bimbotech slut's fingers and talented tongue were enough of her to cum right then and there.  The sexretary shifted in her seat and looked up at the picture of Squirrel Girl.

"All this fuss for a furry," Titty murmured, rolling her eyes after gazing at the fur-clad form of Squirrel Girl, before getting to work.

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