Arcee's juices begin to transform June's human body, making her grow taller and develop Autobot abilities and features. Could this be the start of a new Transformers race?

by Anarchy
Storyline Starts
Characters Arcee Jack Darby June Darby Miko Nakadai
Category Body Modification F/F Growth Incest Masturbation Muscle Growth Transformation
Previous Chapter After cumming in June's ass, Jack needs a rest, so June has Miko and/or Arcee show her what they learned.

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“Good girl… very good girl…” June purred, running her fingers through the asian girl’s black and pink hair. While Miko was nowhere near her level of talent when it came to the fine art of rug munching June could tell that with practice her son’s girlfriend would become a most skilled student. Talent was one thing but desire and eagerness? Oh, you couldn’t teach that at all. Miko was eating June out like pussy was being outlawed. The milf picked her lips and rolled her head back, panting as Miko’s tongue found her clit and began to tease it. Shocks of pure pleasure began to run through June and she shuddered slightly, her eyes rolling back into her head.

Jack and Arcee watched as the two continued their little dance and Arcee slowly wrapped her much larger arms around Jack’s nude body,pulling him closer to her ample metallic breasts. Jack had been surprised to find just how soft and supple Arcee was; he knew from their time fighting the Decepticons that Arcee was tough and hard, her metal skin able to take hits from normal bullets like they were droplets of rain. But now Arcee’s skin was softer, more piable. It wasn’t like his, of course; no, Jack would say that Arcee’s skin felt like velvet wrapped around warm steel. There was a heat and softness but underneath he could feel her strength and power. He slowly reached up and  gently began to run his fingers along her left nipple, enjoying the way she shuddered slightly from the sensation.

“Jack,” Arcee said, her voice tinted with passion. “Stop.”

Jack was surprised by that. He’d thought, after everything they had done, that the words ‘no’ and ‘stop’ would have been erased from Arcee’s database.

The blue autobot however refused to let him sit up. “No…look…” Arcee pointed towards Jack’s mother and Miko and the young man let out a gasp. Miko was still at it, happily licking and kissing June’s dripping slit.Jack and Arcee’s attention though was on June, who before their eyes changing.

No… not changing…

“She’s transforming,” Arcee whispered.

June thrashed, letting out cries of pure bliss even as her body began to grow. Her legs stretched out, her expanding bare feet slowly pushing towards Jack and Arcee. Her hips and breasts crew larger, her sweet and inviting butt inflating like bread dough, forcing Miko to shift slightly so she could get to the rising and expanding pussy. June's body wasn't plump by any means but she hadn't looked like Miss Universe... but now, as her body swelled, her muscles began to become more defined until the only ounce of fat on her were her curves. As June grew her skin began to change, going from the pale pinkish hue of a human to a metallic blue; it was lighter than Arcee’s but more exotic than any human’s. June’s hair waved back and force as she thrashed her head about, the strands looking like normal hair that had been covered in a reflective hair spray. June’s fingers reached down and she began to tweak her swelling nipples, which darkened till they were just as black as Arcee’s. The milf cried out as she came, her one free hand gripping Miko’s head as she forcing the girl down onto the enlarged snatch. June threw her head back and cried out in utter delight as she came, Miko finally pulling away to reveal the same glowing energon-like cum that Jack had spotted oozing from Arcee… only now it was gushing from his mother and pooling around her ass.

“Mom?” Jack asked.

June slowly opened her eyes, which glowed blue just like Arcee’s. The older Darby shook her head, slowly coming out of her lust-fueled haze, and looked herself over in surprise. She stood up, towering over Miko;she was between her old height and Arcee’s. Her metallic skin shone in the light from the garage and her glowing eyes made her look quite alien.

"Ok, don't freak Miss Darby..." Miko said.

“Wow…” June said, her voice sounding the same. “I feel…mmmmmm.” June began to rub her body all over, dipping one of her fingers towards her snatch and collecting a bit of glowing cum. She brought it to her lips and moaned as she licked it clean. “This is… god, is this what you feel right now, Arcee?”

Arcee merely stared at the milf, shock and a bit of delight warring within her. “It’s a miracle.”


The motorcycle bot never stopped looking at June as she spoke. “I didn’t want to concern you… what we’ve experienced this morning has been so wonderful… but all is not well on Cybertron.” She explained that, while Optimus had sacrificed himself to bring life back to the planet it was still a world with little ADULT life. Only herself, Bumblebee, Bulkhead, and Knock-Out, along with the Predacons, lived on the planet. They’d sent information to Ratchet and he’d sadly informed them that it would take thousands of years to return Cyberton to what it once was. “But now… now we have a chance to remake Cybertron…”

“By converting humans?” Miko said, not quite sure what to think of that.

June moaned slightly, fingering herself as she looked at Miko and Jack. The transformation had revved up her libido and even though she’d cummed only moments ago she was already feeling the desire to do so again. More than that, another urge was growing within her… the urge to not only continue her transformation and become a full Cybertronian… but to also convert more people. She looked at Arcee and instantly sensed the blue motorcycle was feeling the same way. June suddenly had a vision of her and her new family,each one of them much larger and powerful, finding more humans and converting them to Cybertronians via their sexual juices. Not just that either… June now also saw herself, Arcee and Miko made into brood mares, a giant silver Jack,looking like a cross between himself and Megatron (yes, he had frightened June but now that she thought about it there was something rather attractive about his powerful form...), pumping them full of his seed and having their bellies swell before releasing new Transformers.

“Uh… maybe we should take a breather for a moment,” Miko suggested. “Things are kinda getting intense.” She looked over at Jack, hoping he would agree, only to find his eyes half closed as Arcee began to jerk him off. “That’s… not quite what I meant,” Miko said, glancing at Arcee and then at the converted June.

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