He becomes a muscular nasty jerk

by hairyballs
Storyline The magic zipper
Characters Absolutely Everyone
Previous Chapter The next day, Wonder Woman receives an email with a media file attached.

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"Agghhh!" Steve screamed as the zipper slid down past his balls then up his ass and back over his head meeting at his chin. The leathery skin fell apart into two halves revealing the new Steve.

From the dome of his polished shaven head, just below his ears, a set of trapezius muscles expanded and sloped to join his shoulders. His skin was stretched so tight over the muscle it was like paper. It was tanned a dark golden tone, which contrasted with and drew attention to his deep blue eyes, and sparkling white teeth. The shoulders themselves were like bowling balls at the top of his arms and a network of thin veins was clearly outlined underneath the skin supplying blood to his new enhanced physique. The rest of his body was just as changed. His pecs over hung his stomach and stuck out so much it looked like he could place a glass of beer on the top of them. The nipples hung on the underside, barely visible through his dense chesnut chest hair, pointing directly towards the ground.

A heavy large-linked, gold chain hung around his neck, and a gold medallion glinted through the matted russet pelt of his chest. His abs were so lumpy he could draw lines between each muscle group and between his abs and chest his serratus anteriors could be clearly seen on each side. The golden tan was interrupted by the pure white line across his ass of the tiny thong he habitually wore to the beach, and the miniscule triangle of white flesh glowing through the curly red-brown mat of his pubis perfectly defined his massive package.

His already impressively huge cock , as thick as a barge-pole, jutted up from the thick tangle of chesnut hair carpeting his abdomen and gigantic balls. Its heavily veined ivory column rose an astounding 18 inches from root to bulging foreskin-covered glans and slapped against his sternum as it throbbed in time to his heartbeat. His furry scrotum hung halfway down his thighs, weighted by the grapefruit-sized balls it housed, and slapped noisily against his legs as he walked. A shining string of pre-cum trickled down his erect dick and made its way through the hairy forest clothing his balls to drip viscously onto the floor.

His waist seemed to disappear to nothing and then sweep out again as his thighs bulged outwards. It looked as though each of his thighs was as big as his waist, below the thighs were an enormous pair of diamond shaped calves that tapered into a slim but sturdy pair of ankles and size 26 feet. The blanket of russet hair that started at his collarbone , flowed down over his chest, abs and pubis, divided into two cataracts that encircled his thighs, plunged down his calves and shins and trickled across the tops of his feet to decorate his toes with a few curly sprigs.

The light of intelligence in his blue eyes had been replaced by a bestial gleam of pure lust; he appeared to have little interest in anything beyond his own body, either building it up or giving it intense pleasure.

Grabbing Eye Candy, he flipped her on her back spread her legs and drove his drooling dick into her cunt. After a few jack-hammering strokes he stiffened and, with a guttural roar, flooded her womb with hot cum, then casting her aside he turned to the camera. "Hey Dizie-baby, look what you're missing! Get over here and I'll give ya the fuckin' o' ya life! I'm the best there is...ain't that true Candy?"   His still rigid prick seemed to beckon crudely to her.

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