Tigra makes her mistress cum

by Fanfic Fetishist
Storyline Blobified Babes
Characters Avengers Mary Jane Watson Tigra Blob Iron Man Ms. Marvel She-Hulk Wasp Spider-Woman
Category Marvel Growth F/F Body Modification Mind Control Pregnancy
Previous Chapter Their growth complete, the Avenger women become totally horny.

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    Tigra purred, more than pleased with the situation.  She had finally managed to fuck her new master and get his cum inside her, her ultra-fertile body already making a baby inside her womb, Blob's reprogramming of her mind kicking in fully and making her completely subservient to Spider-Man.  And now she had a chance to show her master's wife just how good a servant she could be.  Her rough, feline tongue eagerly lapped at Mary Jane's flabby sex, the redhead moaning in lust, Tigra purring and fondling her six flabby breasts, which grew larger as they started to fill with milk.  

    Mary Jane couldn't believe how good this felt.  She had never considered having sex with women before, but this felt unbelievably good.  Her massive mounds of flabby flesh were ultra-sensitive, Tigra's eager ministrations hitting all the right spots as she lapped away at her womanhood.  Gripping the ground so hard it crumbled underneath her grasp, she came hard, her fluids gushing over the catwoman's face.  She panted, grinning widely as she slowly pulled herself upright.  She looked at Tigra, who was purring contentedly, and chuckled, shaking her head and reaching over to scratch her ears.

    Spider-Man, for his part, was both relieved and confused.  When Mary Jane had showed up at Blob size, he was baffled beyond measure and worried that they'd fight.  Both were huge, but Tigra had claws and had more combat experience.  Thankfully, the catwoman seemed to be serious about being MJ's sex slave as well.  

    But that still left him with the fact that his wife was now an uber-huge fatty.  

    Mary Jane grinned.  "I always did want a pet," she said.  "And I think you'll do nicely."  Looking at Tigra, she realized that she was a bit smaller than her, by about eight-hundred pounds.  That annoyed her, but she liked Tigra now, and it was nothing a few days of gluttony couldn't fix.

    Tigra grinned, her tail flicking back and forth.  "Thank you, Mistress."  

    A thoughtful look crossed her face.  "But I remember the reports.  Blob said that you'd be guaranteed knocked up once you had sex," she said.  "That means you have my Spider's baby inside you."  

    Tigra blinked and grinned, realizing where she was going with this.  "If you were changed in the same way I was..."

    Mary Jane grinned wickedly.  "...then I should be just as fertile."  

    Spider-Man's spider sense went off when the two women turned to him.  "Oh mama..." he whimpered, unsure whether to run or enjoy himself.  


    She-Hulk moaned as she caressed her flabby bulk, playing with her immense breasts.  She was the largest of the four of them, weighing a ton and a half.  Ms. Marvel and Spider Woman came in a close second, weighing a ton, the blonde heroine giggling as she slapped her immense belly, making her flab jiggling, the brunette licking her lips as she watched her three compatriats.  Wasp was the smallest in the sense that she was the only one that didn't weigh a ton, coming in at the same weight as Mary Jane.  She looked her immense ass over

    One thing was on all four of their minds, though: getting laid.  This felt too good not to enjoy, and they were clearly on the verge of jumping and humping each other, or the first man they could find.  

    Blob grinned, and prepared to present himself to them, adding in the need to be dominated by a man, making it a subliminal need.  He started to leave his hiding place, when Iron Man landed on his shoulders, pointing his repulsors at his head.  

    "FUCK my life," Blob muttered, knowing he was about to be cockblocked yet again.  

    "Might as well.  It's the only way you're getting any today," Iron Man quipped.  "HEYO!"  He fired a powerful sonic pulse from his gauntlets, Blob screaming in pain and collapsing, this time staying unconscious until he was picked up by the authorities.  

    Iron Man chuckled, flying off of Blob as he fell.  He dusted his hands off, and went to go check on his four teammates.  

    ...And then he realized that they were all looking at him hungrily.  

    "Well.  I'd say 'fuck me,' but that's pretty much a given at this point," Iron Man said, sweatdropping.  

    Wasp chuckled.  "You always did have a way with words, Tony," she said.  "I like a man who's good with his mouth." 

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