Franky's transformation

by blarnibus
Storyline Lust Note
Category Anime: One Piece
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Robin detached herself from Franky and proceeded to re-arrange her clothes while she watched the transformation.  The first thing to change were the legs.  They lost all their hair, lengthened, and grew enviously wide hips.  After that his torso started rapidly shrinking and reshaping into the top half of his inevitable hourglass shape.  As that was happening his Freakish arms started rapidly thinning and becoming graceful while losing their tattoo's.  Robin was wondering if he was going to remain a cyborg as she saw his nose transform into a cute, slightly upturned, flesh and blood one instead of the pointy metal protrusion it was before.  Her musings were short lived however when she saw what appeared to be some sort of half circular attachment that outlined Franky's right eye socket.  By the time the attachment was fully formed the rest of his face had finished it's feminization process. The end result was a face that was as beautiful as any model's but was enhanced by the addition of exotic machinery.  After Robin had seen Franky's new face emerge she glanced down to see that his torso had finished reforming and was sporting small b cup breasts that were encased in some sort of metallic bustier bra.  Surprised at such modest endowments, in comparison to all the other girls thus far, Robin didn't even notice his manhood disappear into his body nor his hair growing down to his shoulders.

    Franky felt heat suffuse his body as the changes took place.  Once they were done he felt drained and strangely empty.  Too weak to move he looked around the room at what appeared to be literal words floating around.  With a feeling of considerable trepidation he saw the phrase "perverted bisexual slut" come towards the right side of his head and enter through the ear.  After a great whooshing feeling behind his eyes he saw the phrase "straight male" leave out the left side of his head.  Worried about what just happened he barely saw the words "feminine pride" as they entered his head.  A feeling of Abject terror washed over him as the whooshing sensation started.  It was short lived however, because when male pride left the other side of her head she couldn't understand why she would want to hold on to something so useless.  She was a woman now and she saw no reason to go back to her ugly old self.  Several more phrases changed her, to a minor extent, but when she saw the phrase "loving property of Sanji" she began to panic.  Mustering what little mental defenses she had left, Francine tried to hold on to her sense of self.  As the words entered her head she focused with all her might to try to fight any change.  But as the phrase "self worth" left her head Francine found herself fervently hoping that she didn't damage herself in any way that would disappoint Sanji with her stupid struggling.

    After Franky's transformation into Francine Robin curiously watched as the mental assault took place.  Within a few minutes the mental struggle was over and Francine finally relaxed. Certain that the transformation was complete Robin retrieved two soda's from the fridge, helped Francine up, and handed her the un-opened energy sources.  Thanking Robin Francine crammed the Soda into her stomach just like Franky used to.  Right after she closed her stomach she stuck her arms straight out while yelling yelled "awwwwwwww ssssssssuuuuuupppppeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr".  Right on queue she folded her hands behind her head while arching her back and her modest b cups exploded to EE, the bustier bra barely containing them.  A giggling Robin gently grabbed Francine by the shoulders and led her to the stairs.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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