Blob wakes up alone, not realizing the changes yet...

by Fanfic Fetishist
Storyline A Thug's Wish
Characters Blob X-Men
Category Marvel DC Transformation
Previous Chapter Blob sees a strange gem

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    Blob didn’t know where the gem came from.  And the fact that it was talking was somewhat disturbing.  He didn’t really care, though.  It was shiny, it looked valuable, so he wanted it.  He grabbed it and put it in his dresser, forgetting about what it had said as he fell back asleep.     

    As he slept, he dreamt.  He dreamt of superheroines and fattened up to his mass, as well as a handful of other women he knew about that, unbeknownst to him, had a connection to superheroes, having his powers in addition to their own, with he himself gaining the abilities of every woman who had changed.  He envisioned having sex with the fattened beauties, each of them submissive and willing.  He smiled as he slept, pleased by the dream.

    As he slept, the Gem’s magic spread throughout the Earth, and extended into space, affecting the entire universe.  All changing to fit the Blob’s twisted whims.  

    He woke up, alone in bed, having forgotten about the dream.  He went about his day, bathing and eating his usual breakfast (seventy pancakes and ten pounds of sausage) before heading out to see what sort of trouble he could get into.  


    Jean Grey, the Phoenix, wife of Scott Summers, currently at Muir Island, woke up to the sound of distress and fear echoing in her brain.  She winced, picking up intense feelings of fear and confusion from everyone else in the building.  Rubbing her temples, she started to get up to try and investigate, only to notice that her body felt much heavier.  She looked down… and gasped, seeing her vast belly and breasts, noticing for the first time how fat she had become.  Her ass was huge, and her face now multi-chinned and heavy.  Her nightclothes had burst off of her body, laying in tatters on her bed.  

    As she looked at herself, a horrible thought occurred to her.  She hefted herself to her feet and waddled out her door, cracking the frame as she passed through it.  She saw several other of her fellow female X-Men, all fat and huge like she was, working with the unchanged men to comfort and calm the frightened female students, many of whom were trying in vain to cover their heavily fattened bodies.  

    What could have done this? Jean thought with alarm.  

    “Goddess, Jean,” said a voice from beside her, “You as well?”

    Jean turned, seeing Storm standing there, the African beauty just as fat and massive as she was, although her breasts were larger than Jean’s, while Jean’s ass was bigger than hers.  Storm shook her head.  “It seems that ever female student or X-Man on campus has been affected!”  

    Jean shook her head in confusion.  “What could have caused this!?” she said.

    “Beast and the others are looking into that now,” Storm said.  “Everyone just woke up like this, and…”  

    Storm’s sentence was cut off as the balcony they were on crumbled due to their massive weight.  Both women caught themselves and hovered to the ground, so they weren’t injured by the fall, but they were both blushing in embarrassment.  

    Before they could say anything else, Emma, who had managed to cover herself with a makeshift dress made of bedsheets, waddled in, her expression furious.  Jean could tell just from the former White Queen’s surface thoughts that she wasn’t so much concerned for her own figure as she was concerned for her student’s safety.  She felt the anger coming off of her, and the Phoenix felt pity for whomever did this once Emma caught him or her…

    “We aren’t the only ones affected,” Emma said.  “The Justice League, the Avengers, every female costume on the planet, as well as a handful of civilians and members of SHIELD.  Charles also was contacted just now by Lilandra.  Apparently, the effect extends out into space, and has fattened up prominent members of other races as well.”  

    “Oh my God,” moaned Surge, silently thankful that her gauntlets had expanded with her weight.  

    “How… How could this have happened?!” Wind Dancer said, shaking her head worriedly.  

    Emma frowned.  “I don’t know,” she said.  “All that’s been determined is that Earth is the epicenter of this.  I want everyone in the Danger Room as soon as possible.  We’re setting up a video conference with other supergroups as well as some of our offworld allies to try and organize recovery efforts.”  

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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