Morrigan is nearly unconscious - Jaime has to have sex with her right now!

by Master_Kind
Storyline The Gorminati, Interdimensional Slavers
Previous Chapter Jaime reluctantly starts building a crew/harem.

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(Not familiar with a lot of the characters you used, so I tried to stick to the ones I knew.)

"Yes, Master." the beautiful women cooed in unison, standing up and thrusting out their chests at their new Master. Wonder Woman, Morrigan and Power Girl took the command literally, floating a few inches above the floor after standing up. It seems that the Gormanti had already began a few alterations of their own - several of the women's costumes and bodies seemed slightly different than the original profile pictures that his Scarab had brought up. He did his best not to gape but the looks of adoration and lust on their faces made Jaime forget his chain of thought for a moment - he was only human after all and a teenage boy at that.

"Whoa." he muttered.

"How else may we serve you, Master?" asked the women in unison once more.

"Um, for starters, please stop talking in unison? That's kinda creepy." he said, blushing.

The women looked at one another for a moment, mildly confused, but eventually just nodded their assent so as not to speak at once. Instead each replied "Yes, Master." in turn. Some licked their lips eagerly, looking him up and down with breathless lust, particularly the buxom green haired girl named Morrigan. She'd been wearing a lot more clothes in her profile image.

"Okay." Jaime muttered, blushing a bit. "So, ah, hi! I'm Blue Beetle. I'm a superhero from Earth. I have a sentient armor from a race called the Reach and it helps me, uh, do heroic things?"

He winced. He wasn't used to doing public speaking to seven women who were staring at him adoringly, at least three of whom he'd thought incredibly attractive before this all got started.

"Right! Er, anyways, I came here to rescue you all with some other heroes but they got left behind. Also, the Slaver captain smashed the console over there that could take us home and called for reinforcements. What I need from each of you is to help me get us home safely. I-"

Before he could continue speaking, the eyes of the beautiful green-haired woman floating next to Power Girl and Wonder Woman fluttered and she began to fall. Luckily, Power Girl and Wonder Woman caught her by the arms before she had a chance to hit the floor. The other six girls in his harem crowded around the fliers in a large circle but took no action, still waiting on their Master for orders.

"What's wrong with her?" he asked his suit as he rushed over to the three flying women, letting his mask come off.

"Life signs of Morrigan Aensland are fading rapidly. Release from cryopod has stopped the stasis that was preventing her health from deteriorating. Suggest immediate sexual intercourse to prevent imminent death." his Scarab said urgently.

As he touched  Morrigan's face, her eyelids fluttered back open and she licked her full lips as she stared up at him pleadingly.

"Master! Please! So hungry . . . so horny!" she groaned, turning her face into his hand, her whole body writhing with need. Her voice was still low and seductive even as she lay dying.

"Please, Master, fill my body! Use me!" she begged, using what was left of her magic to make a gesture, leaving her suddenly naked. Her body wasn't as impressive as Wonder Woman's but still lush and inviting, with full tits, wide hips and an especially full, sexy ass - none of which made what he was about to do okay in his mind but she was about to die!

Picking up the beautiful naked succubus in his arms, he could see she was unwell. Her alabaster skin was covered in a faint sheen of sweat and felt feverishly hot to the touch. In spite of everything, touching her made him rock hard, causing a chorus of appreciative, plaintive and happy coos and moans from the other girls as the Scarab modified itself to let Jaime bulge out. A familiar tingle through the Scarab told him that was part of her magic, so at least he wouldn't have any nervousness about getting it up.

Forcing back his embarrassment, Jaime swallowed heavily and made his choice.

"Um, everyone else, please start working to get us home and keep us safe! Wonder Woman! You're in charge while I'm gone."

"As you command, Master." Wonder Woman said with a nod. The other harem girls instantly lined up behind her, eager to serve.

"Great, good. I've got to-"

He winced.

"Um, 'help', Morrigan." he finished lamely, turning around from the women.

A bunch of shouted varied versions of "Yes, Master!" came from Wonder Woman and the rest as they then began turning to Wonder Woman for introductions and instructions. He stared down at the gorgeous, naked green-haired beauty and tried to convince himself he could do this . . .

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