The book is used on usopp

by blarnibus
Storyline Lust Note
Category Anime: One Piece
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    Usopp knew something was wrong when Nami, Robin AND Sanji were missing from dinner.  So he grabbed some food and left the others to go search the ship for them.  Having looked everywhere else he finally found himself in front of the Girls quarters.  After some hesitation he sighed and knocked on the door.  "Anyone in there?" he called.  After waiting a minute for a response and not getting one he slowly opened the door.  "Nami? Robin? You didn't make it to dinner and I'm worried."  he said slowly as he carefully peeked his head around the corner.  To his immense surprise Sanji was sitting at the table smiling at him and both Nami and Robin were naked on the bed.  Blushing heavily he slammed the door shut and stammered an apology.  He walked towards the deck trying to figure out a way to share the news with the others while keeping it light.  Halfway down the hall his body went rigid with need.

    Sanji smiled when usopp barged in because fate had decided who was going to join his harem next.  He had already pre-made lines in his book with the crew's names stating "_______ will have ____ with Nami."  so the second that Usopp closed the door he looked down at his note and filled in the gaps as needed.  "Robin San, please come sit on my lap.  Nami will be needing that bed soon."  Sanji said as he opened his arms.  With her face lighting up with joy because she was pleasing her master robin practically bounded across the room and placed herself across Sanji's lap.  The instant she made contact the room door slammed open and Usopp stood there breathing heavily while he woodenly disrobed.

    Usopp's vision had tunneled to the creature on the bed as he slowly lumbered towards her.  With a pout Nami turned towards someone on the side of the room and in a slightly sick voice asked "Am I required to bed him?"  Usopp barely heard Sanji reply over his drumming heart.  "It would please me greatly if you did."  With that Nami's face lit up and a new hunger stole over her eyes.  Suddenly she presented as much flesh as she could to Usopp, who was now crawling across the bed to her.  In a quiet voice she said "come lover."  And Usopp lunged the rest of the distance into her waiting arms.

    Sanji fondled Robin's flesh while he watched the fruits of his labor.  Absently he said "Robin, show me your skills at fellatio."  With a glint in her eye Robin got down on her knees and started pleasing her master.  After several seconds sanji felt a strange pleasant sensation and looked down to see that she had duplicated her tongue and was using the copies to stimulate his testicles while she worked on his rod.  Smiling Sanji patted her head and he watched poor Usopp experience his last orgasm as a man.

    With a smile and a grunt Usopp came inside Nami, after which he slowly laid down next to her with his eyes closed.  After a few seconds his eyes snapped open and he bolted upright in fear.  "what just happened?"  he said while he looked at Nami, then Sanji/Robin at the table.  Shortly after he sat up Usopp flopped back on to the bed as Nami's new power slammed into him.  "what's goIIINNNGGG OOOONNNNN!?"  he cried, his voice cracking halfway through.  "Nami cover his mouth." Sanji said quickly.  Usopp, with his Legs straight out and back arched, shook his head from side to side while he cried through Nami's hand "no no no no no no no"  All the while he was losing muscle mass and body height.  Sanji Watched in interest as Usopp's nose shrunk down to become a cute button parody of itself, and his already long hair for a boy exploded out of his scalp to become a mane.  Usopp's facial hair and all other hair below the neck retreated into his body while his eyebrows thinned out to become more feminine.  His cheek bones rose higher on his face and his jaw softened to become nice and round.  Afterwards his lips puffed out and the rest of his face softened overall to become an image of beauty.  With the changes on his face finished sanji watched as the rest of his body started morphing into the shape of a lady.  Hips widened, the waist contracted,  the butt instantly inflated as if filled by some outside force.  His legs retoned, and his feet shrunk.  All that remained was his flat chest and his quickly shrinking penis.  Usopp stared down at his manhood with horror in his eyes as it finally gave up the fight and slurped back inside of his body leaving a slit behind.  Shortly there after the flesh on his chest started shaking and rippling.  Usopp let out a small squeak and huge DD breasts exploded out of his chest.  She stared at her endowments for a second and then, eyes rolling back into her head, she fainted.

    Inside Usopp's mind his male identity was lying on the fetal position crying as a wave of Feminine power crashed over him and absorbed into his very soul, changing forever who he was and who he will be.  His mental image cried out in sheer terror as the magic took root and changed him.  Her mental Image cried out in sheer pleasure and she welcomed her new life and she smirked as she felt the last vestiges of her old self be purged from her being.

    With a silly smile on his face Sanji looked at his new creation.  With a small moan he came in Robin's mouth, Patted her on the head and asked her to stand up.  Looking at both Nami and Robin and in a serious tone he said "I"m going to christen my new lovely, you two may pleasure yourselves however you want, but if anyone comes in here you must use the book on them to have sex with Nami.  Otherwise we could lose everything, Understand?"  After they both nodded their affirmations Sanji went to his book and wrote a new line.  "Sanji Will have sex with the former usopp, afterwards Sanji will have complete control over his Penis and Will be able to have sex for days without it hurting or needing to take a break."  After he finished writing Sanji felt the Familiar rush of power from the book and, smiling, woke his newest addition to her new world.

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The Legends of Belial is a universe created by Demon-man. They've got a forum that will have all the info you need it's an 18 plus forum so you need to register. https://legendsofbelial.no-ip.info/index.php?login=1
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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