Huntress Summons Circe to "finish off" batman

by mercury01
Storyline Wonder Woman; Mother of all monsters.
Characters Circe Batman Wonder Woman Power Girl Lois Lane Huntress
Category Transformation Female Dom Corruption Body Modification DC Pregnancy
Previous Chapter While alone Huntress tries to seduce Batman.

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Huntress felt strange, staring in the mirror... like she was waking up. Her worldview was changing, warping to encompass a new perspective. She was a creature of vengeance and retribution. And who had more need for retribution than the gods? Hubris was the highest transgression, and the gods needed Erinyes to punish those who breached their law.

She cupped and stroked her human breasts as she considered this new insight, basking in the sensation of her pebbly-scaled hands brushing against her soft flesh. Was not Circe also a goddess? Helena gasped as she realized that she herself had committed hubris, by threatening Circe. She moaned. She had to make amends.

Her eyes took in the form of Bruce on the bed, quietly groaning as if trapped in a fever. His mind was at war with his body, trying to reject its new shape with all his will. The avian woman had an idea.

It was something she remembered from her time in the Birds of Prey: a bit of magic Zatanna used to call for aid. She dug a talon into her palm, drawing blood, and scribbled a magic circle on the mirror.

"Circe," she whispered. "One calls to you for aid."

The glass surface began to warp and stretch and a fashionable boot emerged, followed by a perfect leg, followed by the rest of the witch. Circe stepped into the room.

"What have we here?" she smiled as she saw Helena with her head bowed and her hands clasped. "Oh, it's you, little bird."

"I wish to make amends for my insolence," the avian woman said reverently. "It was wrong of me to attack a goddess."

"Is that all?"

Huntress shook her head and gestured at Batman, who still groaned and twitched on the bed, half-transformed. "My... lover is suffering. Can you help him?"

Circe smirked.


Power Sphinx and Terra dozed together, curled up in a quiet hollow in the Batcave. Her still-human face twitched as she dreamed... dreamed of soaring majestically over a verdant field of green, the grasses interrupted by stands of pine and cedar. She spotted her prey, a herd of wild horses, and she dove, swooping down and catching it in her claws.

She carried the animal back to her lair and fed on its meat. It would tide her over while she awaited travelers and supplicants who thought they could match her wisdom. Those that failed would be her next meal.

She licked her lips as she dreamed, unaware that Circe's spell was strengthening its hold on her and her 'daughter'.

As for Terra, she groaned and shifted in her sleep, trying to get comfortable against Karen. Her body was still changing, adapting to the curse... Her tail grew stiff and segmented carapace while the tip swelled up into a knotlike shape and sprouted a stinger a foot long. She yawned, displaying a set of sharklike teeth, and scratched her back, where a pair of growths formed. They stretched out, forming joints and membranes until they were a pair of huge batlike wings that folded against her back.

Terra also dreamed of hunting, but she hunted for sustenance AND sport, flushing out a herd of boars from the undergrowth and picking them off one by one to gorge on their sweet flesh. She yearned for cannier prey, however, and flew over a human village. Atlee terrorized the hairless creatures and laughed as they launched spears and arrows at her. She dove down to catch one in her claws and drew it to her mouth.

"Augh!" she yelped as she awoke. Karen blinked and yawned.

"What's the matter, kitten? You hungry?"


Lois roared and writhed on her desk, her fingernails rending claw-marks into the wood as Diana's tail pumped its thick, poisonous seed into her. The former amazon laughed in delight as she plunged the organ into the ace reporter. Lois's belly hung down beneath her and her tits leaked milk onto the desk blotter.

Her mind was being assaulted by these new sensations and feelings and she was surrounded by scenes of debauchery and savagery. Brutish ogres and sinuous snake-creatures bred women like they were animals. The security guards had been dispatched and devoured, bones and all. She could still smell the blood in the air and it was driving her mad!

Her body was shifting into something else... Her legs had grown sinewy and powerful, stretching into digitigrade limbs while her arms became stronger. Dark silvery fur sprouted all over her and the tattered remains of her clothing still clung to her frame. A furry tail had burst from the base of her spine. Her face had pushed out into a slight muzzle and her bared teeth had become sharp and canine. Still, she hung on to the thread of humanity.

She saw two of Diana's thralls atop Jimmy Olsen. The one that looked like a raven-haired female satyr was riding his cock like a pro, impaling herself on the redhead's erection in reverse cowgirl, her four breasts bouncing enticingly.

His face was covered by the crotch of the other female, a blonde succubus whose wings fluttered as she squatted atop his talented tongue.

"Do you like what you see?" Diana hissed in her ear. "Give in, my pet, and join the revel. Your instincts cry out to be released..." She brought a hand down to Lois's distended belly, stroking it sensuously.

"One way or another, you shall be mine, little human."

Jimmy Olsen's fingers twitched as they gripped Zatanna's hips. Some part of his intoxicated brain remembered something important about his watch. He blindly fumbled with it, activating the signal.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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