Johnny fills Crystal with his creamy cum

by lessonunlearned
Storyline The Manipulator
Characters Fantastic Four Human Torch Invisible Woman Mister Fantastic Jubilee
Category M/F Marvel Mind Control
Previous Chapter Crystal makes some more alterations to Johnny

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12 inches of dick split Crystal's slit, thrusting in and out tirelessly as the blonde boytoy worked her over. Crystal looked down at him as he sucked her right nipple, sucking greedily as it sloshed back and forth with the motions of his thrusts. Her other nipple leaked milk in sympathy, trickling down the large expanse of wobbling flesh.

His arms wrapped around underneath her, changing the rhythm of his thrusts as he gripped her and pulled her close. Her legs wrapped around behind him as he worked his cock into her in short sharp thrusts.

"Show me that mouth, Johnny, let me see it full of auntie's cream!" Panted Crystal. Her huge boob fell away from his mouth with a pop, he stopped humping for a moment and held his mouth open for her to see the fluid held within. "Let me taste it." She demanded.

Johnny leaned down and kissed her, exchanging the milk between them. Crystal licked his tongue, tasting the sweetness of it. She liked the idea of nourishing her boys, it  made her feel sexy in a weird and completely taboo way. "Maybe I'm jealous of Sue" she thought as Johnny began slowly rocking his hips again.

"Enjoying yourself, slutboy?" She questioned the Torch

"Your pussy's so tight and soft, auntie Crystal, It feels amazing!" grunted Johnny "Thank you so much for letting me experience your body."

"Such a good polite young man, aren't you? Fuck me hard, whore. I want you to make me creeeEEEEEAAAM!" Johnny's thrusts suddenly accelerated hugely, Slamming against her and knocking the headboard of the bed against the wall over and over. His crotch slammed against her clit at the same rate, drumming against her button wih a mad intensity.

"Oh FUCK, Johnny, maybe I'll OO! have you teach Franklin some AA! techniques!" Her cunt was sopping wet, her tits dribbled milk and her skin was soaked with sweat, the relentless pounding didn't let up. She could feel her whole body tingling and seizing up, ready for the dam to break.

"Johnny boy" she gasped out " Do you want to cum in your aunt Crystal?"

"Please, Auntie, please, I'm so hard for you and I can fill your beautiful pussy with my cum if you want it" She hugged him close with one hand and reached around him to feel his balls through the shorts. The were tense. She made them bigger, packed full of spunk, though sterile.

"Only Franklin" she thought, then she moaned into Johnny's ear, hot breath stimulating the boywhore even more "DO IT. pump Auntie's cunt full of your hot sperm." and with a thought, she let him gush into her.

Torrents of Semen lanced through her, and she felt it pooling in her belly. She vigorously humped her hips upwards, grinding her clit and wringing his orgasm from her, each squirt stimulated her more. Each of Johnny's surprisingly feminine whines drove her on, and now she was cumming. Hard.

Her whole body lit up, each sensation she was experience magnified, the movements of that big beautiful cock, the bouncing of her breasts, Johnny's hard hairless muscles slick with sweat pressed against her, the sweet taste lingering on her tongue.

She kissed him again, deeply as they gripped each other and ceased moving, her tongue delved deep into his mouth, she was ravenous.

They remained locked together on the bed, Johnny's cock unable to soften, still filling her cunt, with rivulets of cum spilling out around it. And they stayed there until Crystal instructed her obedient boy to start again.


Sue and Franklin trailed behind Jubilee as she walked down the corridor of the Baxter building towards Reed's private lab. The teen mutant oohed and ahhed at the facilities, The X-mansion was high tech, but this was a facility built for study of a much more focused nature, and responsible for some of the greatest technological developments in recent memory "Barring Starktech of course, but y'know I like Mr. Richards' research like, WAY more than Tony Stark's OH EM GEE is that a molecular destabilizer in that lab?"

Jubilee had been gushing out loud about the place since they'd stepped off the Fantasticar, and she showed no signs of stopping yet.

"Stick close to mommy, when we go in, Franklin" whispered Sue "I'll keep you invisible. You know what to do."

Franklin nodded. "I'll seeya later, Jubes, don't want to get in the way when you meet dad" he said.

"Yah sure, Franklin! I'll catch you later." Jubilee said, not turning around from the latest lab window she was peering into.

Franklin faded from view and Sue moved ahead of the excited girl to press a finger to a contact pad next to a sliding door. The pad displayed "clearance granted: Sue Richards" and the door slid open

"Reed, it's me!" called out Sue "Jubilation lee is here for her internship, remember?"

Mr. Fantastic's head snaked around from a distant desk behind several computer banks and unfinished devices. He gave Jubilee a quizzical look. "Ah, uhm. Hello Miss, you'll have to forgive me but I don't recall..."

Franklin stepped in here. not too much at first, he knew. His father was good at noticing changes of the space time nature by this point. He'd have to use a little more suggestion. The memory that Jubilee had been selected by him personally months ago for a lab assistant was the first thing to slip in. As were the files now sitting in his computers that backed up the story.

"Reed, don't you remember?" Said Sue, teasing it out of him slowly. "You picked Jubilee out of the candidates we received for the new Future Foundation  project you wanted to start. She's your first intern"

"oh my yes. I'm sorry young Lady, being a member of the Fantastic Four can really divert your attentions sometimes."

"I can confirm that" said Sue with a wry look on her face.

"It's very important work though." Reed continued. "I recall seeing that you're quite the student at Xavier's"

"top of the class in Physics sir, and I've got a keen interest in, like, Biology too!" chirped Jubilee.

"hah. Biology." Thought Franklin. That was definitely on the cards. Mr. Fantastic was slowly recieving a behaviour modification. He wasn't aware of it, distracted as he was by the conversation. his morals were slipping, his libido rising. it was the same adjustment he'd made to Sue. He was happy with how his mother had turned out.

A dedicated father whose best interests were in keeping his son's cause on track seemed like the best idea.

"Just what I've been looking for, if you'd follow the neck I'll show you what I've been working on today. We've just come back from a space station you see, lots of new research to pour over." Said Reed.

"I'll just leave you two scientists to get started, shall I?" said Sue.

"Yes, thank you, Sue. I'll see you later!" Reed's hand snaked around another corner and gave Sue a slap on the ass before lightly leading Jubilee deeper into his Lab.

Sue and Franklin exited, feeling confident in their success.

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