"Pixie" has some fun

by brah
Storyline The Body-Melding Ray
Characters Melder X-Men
Category Chimeric Gender Switch Marvel
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"Oh Laura, it's so great to see you!" Melder said excitedly in a high-pitched, Welsh-accented voice as he flitted up to X-23. "But what brings you here?"

"It is nice to see you too Megan." X-23 smiled faintly, "It has been so long since I have been back here, spending most of my time either on my own or at the Avengers' compound in Los Angeles. I... miss it."

"I just wish it was under better circumstances." Melder stated with a frown.

"Yes, I heard about what happened to Wolverine and Jean and saw what happened to Jubilee and Norman Osborn." X-23 sighed, "It is... distressing. Wolverine has been a mentor and Jubilee a friend." She looked over at "Pixie" in a stern and serious manner, "Megan, you be careful. I would not want to see anything happen to you. Or anyone else here."

"Oh don't worry, Laura, I'll be just fine." Melder stated as he licked his lips watching her ass sway in the skintight leather pants. At that moment he noticed someone else step out and begin talking to X-23. Perfect. "You, on the other hand..." and with that he extended two girly hands towards both targets and fired.

* * * * *

"The fact this has happened again is quite disturbing." Hank McCoy stated as he observed the young woman in front of him. "Distrubing, yet fascinating."

"Fascinating nothing!" Jan growled, "First me and Jean, then Jubilee and now Laura! It's like someone is specificially going after me!"

"Sorry Jan. Some times my scientific curiosity gets the better of me." Hank stated before turning back to the woman, "So what is your name? Tell me a bit about yourself?"

The girl was thin but athletic with loose dark brown hair and quite beautiful to boot; she looked to be around 18 or 19. Her costume looked much like the costume X-23 wore as part of X-force however with the gray portions replaced by light blue, no sleeves, and a shorter top. "I guess you can call me Laurie Drake. Or Icicle if you need a codename." she stated. She then created two claws made of ice on each hand. "This ice is as hard and as sharp as adamantium. Also..." she then shot the ice claws off embedding them into a wall. "All that and I can freeze someone with a touch. Plus a healing factor."

Melder admired his handiwork. The combination of X-23 and Iceman was quite a feat indeed. At that moment the security system detected someone at the gate and the assembled X-Men looked on the monitors to see Norma. What did she want?

"I'm goin'!" Jan growled but she was held back by Beast, Cyclops and Gambit.

"No, you're too emotional." Laurie stated, "I will go. The Laura part of me knows how to supress my emotions. We can't risk harm coming to her if there's a way to seperate them."

"Laura." Norma smiled as she saw the other girl approach and let her in past the gate.

"Jubilee." Laurie replied.

"Hmph! Who I used to be. The name is Norma. Norma Lee." she stated.

"And you may call me Laurie Drake." said Laurie.

Norma stopped and looked at her in surprise. "So that person got you too?" she asked. She then placed her hands on both of Laurie's cheeks and smiled. "They did a wonderful job." With that the two of them kissed passionately.

"I do take pride in my work." The two girls broke out of their kiss to see Pixie fly up to them.

"Megan?! What are you..." Laurie started.

"Megan, Pixie... yeah that's who I'm inhabiting right now. But I kind of prefer the Melder!" "Pixie" announced.

"Melder... you mean YOU'RE the one who did this?!" Norma exclaimed.

"Indeed I am." Melder replied. "I'm the one who created Jan and both of you. And I used a setting on my melding rod to 'abosrb' myself into Pixie's body and take it over so I could have more fun."

"Fun huh?" Laurie asked. She turned and whispered something to Laurie. "Pixie or Melder or whatever you want to be called we have a proposition for you."

"We would like to make others like us." Norma stated, "Young heroes and villains merged with older ones to create powerful hybrids."

"And beautiful young women." Laurie added.

"So we would like to enlist your help as we would obviously need your abilities in order to do that." Norma stated.

"But we're going to need you out of Pixie." said Laurie, "And into Vanessa Carlysle aka Copycat. That way you can join in the... fun me and Norma are going to have while being any beautiful woman you, or us, want."

"Can you even transfer into other bodies?" Norma asked.

Melder nodded. "I became one with the rod so I know its abilities inside and out. If I use the absorb function on myself it should transfer me out of my current body and into another one." he stated.

"Excellent." Norma grinned, "So what do you think?"

Melder thought it over. It DID sound like a fairly sweet gig but he was enjoying Pixie's body and perhaps wanted to cause more chaos here at the mansion. Of course as Copycat he could turn into Pixie all he wanted and she was such a powerful shapeshifter that she could even duplicate powers and thoughts. And having "fun" with these two beautiful young women sounded enticing.

Ah but of course if the Melder wanted to have "fun" with either Norma or Laurie he could always turn them down, then when it seemed he was "gone" use the Absorb function of his abilities to transfer himself into one of their bodies...

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