Sue tests Franklin

by lessonunlearned
Storyline The Manipulator
Characters Invisible Woman Fantastic Four
Category Corruption M/F
Previous Chapter Sue cooperates, her morals twisted

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"Good, we couldn't have you knocking up your mom, could we?" Franklin sat wide eyed as the meaning of this statement hit him, at sue's crotch and invisible forcfield tugged and cut open a hole in her FF uniform exposing the light blonde fuzz and pink meaty lips of her pussy.

"Mom, are you sure you really want to have sex with me?"

"Of course, Franklin. how else am I meant to judge how well you improve? I only want to make sure you can live up to your potential." 

Sue took Franklin's cock in her sticky gloved hand and started to pump the semi hard meat. She could hardly believe it either, that she was about to fuck her little boy. A part of her felt resentful that Crystal had been the one to take his virginity. Obviously it should have been her right. it should be her with a pussy full of her son's sperm. It would be soon enough though, and she could punish Crystal all she wanted later.

Franklin moaned and squirmed slightly, humping at Sue's hand "you're an eager boy aren't you?"

Frankin gasped as Sue gripped the top of his dick hard, it was at full length now, 5 inches long, drooling precum. "You have a nice sized dick, baby. But I think you could make it better, I'm used to something quite a bit bigger you know. Your father can grow as bug as I want, and that can be pretty long you know." Franklin blushed, and Sue grinned. "Crystal, do you think Franklin could stand to add a few more inches?"

"OOH Yes! I wanna be packed full of Franklin's cockmeat! Please Frankie? Please make it biggeeerrrr!"

"I think we have a concensus" Said Sue

Franlin smiled as he focused again. As Sue stroked it, his cock grew several more inches, becoming slightly thicker, so her fingers barely wrapped around it. When it stopped, Franklin's five inches had turned into 8 and a half.

"How's that mom? big enough for you?"

"Well" Sue said dropping to her knees, not missing a beat with her pumping hand "It's a start." Then she leaned in and enveloped the tip of his dick with her mouth.

Franklin's head rolled back as the invisible woman began to suck his dick. She slowly lolled her toungue around the tip of his dick, gently flicked across the slit and brushing his glans slowly with the full flat of it. The whole while, she kept a tight seal with her lips, only barely breaking suction with lewd sucking pops at the sides of her mouth when the tongue movements sped up and looped around his meat.

Franklin looked down to see the smiling eyes of his mom staring back at him, he brushed the hair from her face and held the sides of her head as she began bobbing up and down on his shaft. "Oh fuck, mom, you're really good at that" Franklin groaned as Sue's cheeks caved with suction as she rose slowly, slurping on the tip again.

Crystal watched, still held aloft despite sue's attention being elsewhere, and pumped threee fingers in her cunt, "Yeah, Sue, suck that big beautiful cock, That looks sooooo good"

Sue released Franklin's big cock with a loud pop, a big line of spit snapping off and sticking to her chin as she turned her eyes to the inhuman. "Why don't I give you a job, Crystal, sit on my son's face while I use this big cock of his." with a smooth movement of her arm, she brought Crystal through the air to above Franklin's panting face, Crystal's fat ass hovered above him, her gooshy cunt still slimy with his seed.

"But mom, Aunt Crystal's still got my cum in her!"

"Hush, Franklin, I'm not going to have my son afraid of a little semen when he needs to satisfy his partners." She slowly lowered Crystal onto Franklin, whose protests became muffled by Crystal's pussy, and his face smothered by her luscious backside. Crystal squealed and wiggled as Franklin began to tongue her crotch.

"Good boy, Franklin, make mommy proud" moaned sue, stroking his dick again while rubbing her cunt with her free hand as she watched Crystal's creamy hole get lapped. "Don't concentrate on the one spot, Franklin, pay attention to the lips more than her hole. good. You know where the clit is, baby?" Franklin couldn't speak but waggled his tongue over the sensitive nub in crystal's puffy slit.

Crystal bit her lip, humming out her joy. "OH Sue, he's a fast learner!"

"Do you think he deserves a special reward, Crystal?"

"Ooh, yes, positive reinforcement for our little stud!"

"I couldn't agree more." Sue climbed onto the bed, straddling her son's cock. her bare pussy brushing the precum drooling tip as she pointed it toward her slick hole. She slid onto her son's cock, taking each inch at an agonisingly slow pace. "ahhh" she sighed. "That's a nice cock, baby. You're filling your mommy's cunt up."

Franklin moaned into Crystal's cunt as the sensations hit him, Sue's pussy gripped him tightly, but the walls of her cunt were so soft that the tightness was  warm and welcoming.

"ooh yeah" Grunted Sue, slapping her ass down on Franklin, feeling his balls under her butt before rising for another hard thrust. The blonde began riding Franklin's cock quickly, her slick pussy easily working the shaft. Her big tits bounced under the covering of her FF uniform.

Crystal watched the display i front of her, she loved Sue, such a dedicated woman, doing all this good work for her darling Frankie. It felt amazing being able to fuck with this mother son pair, Franklin's tongue was zipping around her slit, and she wanted more. 

"Sue... c'mere..." Panted Crystal, leaning towards the MILF. Sue leaned forward, bracing her hands against her boy's chest. The two women neared, Crystal felt Sue's hot breath on her face, before she lunged at her lips, her tongue shooting into Sue's waiting mouth.  The pair caressed each other's tongues, dripping spit from the sides of their mouths as they lost themselves in the act.

Red lips slipped and tugged against each other, pulling the other in and biting playfully, releasing with wet pops and smacks. Each roamed the other's body with their gloved hands, caressing their curves, squeezing soft round flesh. Sue hefted one of Crystal's huge tits, and sucked the exposed nipple, while the red head played with her own, poking out hard through the blue FF uniform.

Sue still bounced and gyrated on Franklin's dick, The full length shot in and out of her, meeting no resistance. She could feel every little spasm of the young boy beneath her and she found it delicious, her seemingly innocent boy, thrust deep into his mother's cunt. humping upwards as he sucked the nanny's pussy. desperate to unload.

when crystal's fingers caressed her erect little clit, Sue went into overdrive, slamming herself down on the rod inside her. The blonde heroine clenched her pussy, approaching her climax, her breath came fast and accompanied with loud whines.

"You gonna cum, Sue?" taunted Crystal "You gonna cum all over that beautiful big cock?"


"Do it then, cum on your baby boy. cum hard!" Crystal rapidly rubbed Sue's button as she dropped onto Franklin once more before she spasmed.

"OH FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUCK! FRANKLIIIIIIIIIIIIIN!" `shrieked Sue as she ground herself on Franklin's dick, her pussy milking it. Her body shook in tight quick judders, a sight Crystal very much enjoyed, even though Franklin had stopped licking her that moment.

"I think your son's going to pop, Sue!" She said to the shaking blonde. Sure enough, his mother's shrieks of ecstacy had pushed Franklin over the edge again, his hips bucked uncontrollably, his balls tightened and a torrent of hot sperm shot into The Invisible Woman's already drenched cunt. Sue rode into another orgasm as her son deposited his cum deep inside her.

"Yessss Franklin, give mommy all your cum, I'm so proud of you, baby, filling me up so well!"

Crystal dismounted from the boy's face, allowing Sue a vision of her cum soaked exhausted son, grinning from ear to ear. Sue stroked her hands over his chest. "Good boy..." Good boy Franklin..."

Franklin felt warm, slightly tired, and vacant. The changes he'd made were extreme, and morally dreadful he knew. But in his own little world, he couldn't help but see all this as an improvement. Inside Franklin's head, thoughts were turning over about how far he could go. How much he could improve things for himself. For everyone...

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