Franklin plays with Crystal's tits

by lessonunlearned
Storyline The Manipulator
Characters Fantastic Four
Previous Chapter Franklin changes Crystal into a porno slut

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She crawled towards him on hands and knees. Stroking a gloved hand up his leg as she got closer. "Oh frankie" She moaned, her hand rubbing on his hard cock through the sheets "I've found something *I* want to play with too!"

She leaned into his face and kissed him, pressing her tongue into his mouth when he began to fondle ber tits. Franklin clumsily pawed at her huge breasts, rubbing, squeezing, playing with her hard nipples. The newly bimbofied girl moaned into his mouth, and her hand began rubbing his pulsing hard cock through the sheets.

Crystal pulled out of the kiss "Wow Frankie, you really love my titties doncha?"

"Yeah Crystal, they're really pretty and they feel so soft and heavy."

"hehe, glad you like them! I like it when you play with them too, it feels sooooo good, baby." She yanked on the sheets covering Franklin's lap, his hard cock stood up straight, tenting his boxers. she pulled open the fly and tugged out his five inch erection "How about we make each other feel super good, though?" she asked.

Franklin gasped as she stroked his dick in her gloved hand. "I'm all wet for you Frankie, Aunty Crystal's pussy really wants you to fill it up." She stood up, towering above him, and undid the button on her hotpants, pulling them down, dangling those huge breasts in his face again, but before Franklin could suck a nipple into his mouth, the short shorts were off and crystal dropped back to her knees.

She grabbed his cock again, kneeling up to position it at the soaked opening of her bald pussy. "You ready, Franklin?"

"Y-yes" sputtered Franklin, suddenly realising how nervous he was about losing his virginity. his heart was beating hard and fast, the amount of control he had over everything irrelevent as the young boy's inexperience took root in his mind.

his slutty aunt pulled open the outer lips of her cunt to show him the point of entry, holding him just at the threshold. "Say what you want, Darling" she said softly, gazing into his eyes.

"I w-want to p-put it in your pussy, Aunt crystal." stuttered the excited teenager.

Slowly she lowered herself onto the hot stiff rod. Her juicy cunt engulfed him in one smooth motion and Franklin involuntarily bucked beneath her. "yessss" sighed Crystal, Franklin just whimpered slightly.

His dick felt so warm inside her, and harder than he'd ever been in his life. it almost hurt.

Crystal slowly rode the pubescent boy, pushing herself up and down on him with a steady rhythm. Franklin looked at where their bodies joined, Crystal's pussy juices stuck to his cock, shining in the light from the window. her puffy outer lips pressed beautifully against his crotch with each downstroke.

She ground against him, rubbing her clit on the small amount of downy pubic hair  he'd started to grow. "mmm, yes baby, your cock feels so good inside me!" she moaned.

"Crystal, I wanna suck your boobs" gasped Franklin, eyes locked on the bouncing globes of flesh.

"Of course, baby, anything my little man wants." Replied Crystal, leaning over, grabbing the bed's headboard to steady herself, without missing a beat in her bouncing.

Franklin grabbed one of her massive tits and lifted the pink tip to his mouth. as he licked and sucked the stiff nub, his other hand pinched and teased her other teat. "mmm, Frankie baby, you keep that up, you're gonna make your auntie cum!"

His sucking increased, and with it Crystal's humping. her ass and thighs slapped against the boy as she sped towards climax. Franklin could barely stand it either, and when Crystal screamed in her debauched slutty voice "I'm CUMMING! OH FUCK, FRANKLIN! I'M CUMMING ON YOUR COCK, FUCK ME! FUCK YOUR WHORE AUNT!" it was enough to push him over the edge, the couple convulsed together, Franklin gripping Crystal's body hard as spasms racked his body. Crystal's cunt flooded his lap with juices.

Franklin collapsed into the pillows, in the warm glow of his orgasm. Crystal ran her hands over his rapidly rising and falling chest, grinning down at the boy. "Mmm, Franklin, i love your hot cum inside me." She ran her hands down his body and up over her crotch and stomach.

"Was I good, Crystal?" Franklin said, eager to know how he'd done for a first time.

"Well you made me cum I guess, but urr, I had to do all the work and that's not fair, is it?" She pouted "But you can do it again! I wanna cum and cum for you, baby! I wanna feel your cum oozing out of my sloppy pussy all day!"

"Fuck" thought Franklin "That worked really really well." he was amazed by how complete the transformation had been, how easy it was to reduce Crystal to this base parody of herself. He hoped it would be so easy to reverse the change later.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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