Rogue teaches Cyclops some manners

by charlie
Storyline Shame and Defeat
Characters Gambit Rogue Colossus Emma Frost Namor Cyclops
Previous Chapter Rachel and Kitty teach Storm some manners

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Scott struggled as Rogue held him up by his wrists. He could feel her veiny cock throbbing against his own separated only by the thin spandex of his uniform. 

"Easy way huh?" Rogue asked with a sneer. Scott strained and struggled but Rogue's grip was like steel. As she held Scott immobile with one hand she yanked Cyclops' pants off with the other. "You think the leader of the X-men would be able to put up a fight, what a little bitch."
In an act of desperation Scott Summers pressed the thumb button to release his visor and let loose an optic blast which sent Rogue flying across the room. The muscled shemale slammed into the wall with rubble crashing down in her wake. 
Scott awkwardly struggled with his pants while trying to escape when he heard a loud crunch and a groan. He turned to see Rogue tossing debris aside like it was nothing and shrank back in fear.
"That, that was rude." Rogue snarled. Scott fired another blast but Rogue side stepped it and tossed a chunk of concrete which smashed against Scott's temple knocking him unconscious. "Oh yeah little man." Rogue chuckled as she towered over the now collapse mutant stroking her long cock. "Gonna teach you a lesson."
Colossus was still confused as a the cajun leaped out of bed sputtering incoherently. He slowly gathered up his clothes and and backed out of Colossus' never taking his eyes of the large Russian's rock hard dick.
"What on Earth happened?" Colossus wondered trying to remember anything.
"Wake up sugah." A voice beckon through the darkness fogging Cyclops' head. The leader of the X-men opened his eyes and saw he was in Rogue's room. Although the southern decor no longer matched the powerful woman looming over him. "I think it's time we discussed a change in management." 
"Rogue what happened to you? Have you gone completely--" Before Scott could finish Rogue slapped his face with her hard cock. The heavy slab of meat left Scott feeling dizzy and off-balance. Any other protests were cut off by another hard smack. Rogue laughed as she continued to beat her meat against Scott's face. Every swat left Scott a little more drained and Rogue even harder. As her cock swelled in size Rogue knocked Scott to his knees and grabbed his hair.
"Lick it." Rogue ordered. When Scott hesitated Rogue began to rub her head against his lips smearing precum onto his mouth and cheeks. "Lick it or it goes up your ass bitch." Scott stuck his tongue out to touch the tip of Rogue's cock. He ran his tongue over the length of her shaft and down to her balls. 
"Yeah that's right. Now kiss 'em." Scott whimpered and gave Rogue's heavy balls a light peck. "Nah bitch, like you mean it. Kiss 'em like they're that blonde cunt who mindrapes you everynight." Scott felt lightheaded and weak as Rogue verbal abused rained down on him and her massive cock and huge balls smothered him. He whimpered and kissed Rogue's balls passionately. "There you go slut." She sneered as Scott began to make out with her tip. "Getting into it now aren't you? Imagining Wolverine?" 
Scott shook his head in denial. 
"You calling me a liar faggot?" Rogue shouted gripping Scott's hair and forcing him down to the base of her cock. Scott tried to sputter an apology around the massive cock bulging in his mouth. "Doesn't matter. You're my bitch now, fuck any of those other queers you spend all that time with. Mine's the only cock you'll be warming now."
Gambit ducked into a bathroom and changed into his standard black and pink uniform before realizing he forgot his trench coat in Colossus' room. Gambit didn't want to go back to Colossus' room Gambit instead opted to go back to the room he shared with Rogue and just sleep off whatever was wrong.
Namor grabbed Emma Frost's hair and used it to wipe the remaining cum off his shaft before dropping the bimbo to ground and walking away from the now thoroughly fucked sluts on the beach. After he reached the shallows of the ocean Namor took flight heading for New York.
"This has yielded... interesting results." Black King observed. "Whose next?"

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