The World Engulfed

by trashcollector24
Storyline Sailor Senshi
Previous Chapter A Hell Hound named Haruka

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Mercury looked at her former friends, turned into vicious and cruel monsters and it gave her great satisfaction for despite the set backs she had been successful in achieving her goal of removing the greatest threat to her coming Master.  Even more than that, the greatest protection to this world would now be it's deadliest enemy.  It would still be a thousand years till her Master arrived, consuming the sun's light and devouring the life on every populated world.  Only sparing those who had prepared the world for his coming and would serve as the perfect tools to consume even more worlds.

All the Senshi turned to Mercury and bowed to her awaited her next order to them.  "Well done Dark Senshi, you have been properly prepared and are now ready for our conquest of the Earth.  The world shall be ours to toy with until the Master comes and it is only fit that the Princess become a Queen and her kingdom be established.  Mars it will be up to you to prepare the princess for her Ascension, the rest of us shall aid you in concentrating the forces required."

Mars rubbed her chin with her thumb pondering what she could do and an idea occurred to her that intrigued Mars, "Of course Mistress. I shall begin at once.  Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, Venus, move your fucking asses and chart out a circle according to my precise instructions.  Usagi, you're going to have to stand in the center of it and repeat exactly what I say."

"Of course Rei," Usagi answered, "At last the moment I have long been awaiting is about to come to pass."

Uranus walked around Dark Moon, dripping long strings of tar which Mars initially shaped and Neptune, Jupiter, and Venus copied faithfully.  For every correction Mars had to make, she gave the offending person a spank and when she was completed Jupiter and Venus cheeks were bright red from the treatment.

Maneuvering Usagi to the center position, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury took the cardinal points and began to chant.

"Vestiunt anima mea in tenebris
Et operiam hoc mundo
Nemo effugiet corruptionem
donec maledictæ lux devorandum."

In moments the four were perfectly in sync.

"Vestiunt anima mea in tenebris
Et operiam hoc mundo
Nemo effugiet corruptionem
donec maledictæ lux devorandum."

Dark Moon called on the power with in her and her dress changed to the finest silks and the purest white, fitting of a wedding. Her change complete, Princess Serenity looked around and held up her Moon Rod which within held the Silver Moon Crystal.  A powerful artifact that had the power to rewrite reality at the cost of the user's life.  Serenity would not be using her own soul but would instead have it draw from the well of darkness that was provided by the Master.

"Vestiunt anima mea in tenebris
Et operiam hoc mundo
Nemo effugiet corruptionem
donec maledictæ lux devorandum."

The Crystal emitted a blinding light that burned Serenity and if not for the protective circle around the Senshi would have cleansed them of evil and returned them to normal in an instant.  Even still Jupiter, lost her place in the chant and the tar lines began to shake around her and thin.  Neptune, and Uranus shielded their eyes and backed away from this ritual.  Serenity joined in the chant, her voice strong and powerful it helped Jupiter regain her composure and get back in to sync with the other Senshi. Jupiter's part of the circle becoming stable once more.

"Vestiunt anima mea in tenebris
Et operiam hoc mundo
Nemo effugiet corruptionem
donec maledictæ lux devorandum."

Their voices in unison, Serenity's dress began to darken to black, lace formed around the trim, and a veil formed around her face made from a gauzy fabric that was fairly easy to see through.  Serenity gained thick make-up on her face even as her face became slightly elfin as her ears grew to points, and her eyes were a golden yellow.

"Vestiunt anima mea in tenebris
Et operiam hoc mundo
Nemo effugiet corruptionem
donec maledictæ lux devorandum."

Neo-Queen Serenity adding her own power to her Master's so caught up in the moment she did not care about the risk, gave it the wish of her heart and spoke the name of  her Master at the end of the chant.  The light of the Moon Rod Pulsed one last time before the Silver Moon Crystal became as black as onyx and began emitting restoring darkness that ignored the protective circle as it wasn't even there.

"I, Serenity am your bride,
clothe my soul in darkness
And I will cover this world
None shall escape corruption
until the cursed light be devoured."

The darkness spread faster than a man could run and began spreading from the epicenter of the mansion until it covered all of Tokyo within a day.

A few managed to escape but for everyone else who had been sleeping or who had only thought it a strange mist in the beginning they never realized what happened to them until it was too late. People tried to hide in buildings and cars but these physical structures might as well have been non-existent in their ability to stop the Darkness' passage through the city.  Men, women, even the animals that typically roamed wild in the parks and were treated as pets turned into monsters, forming vicious packs and fighting between themselves for territory.

The world didn't know how to respond, any attempts to send in people into the area known as Tokyo would only scream and then radio contact would be lost.  Satellite imagery of the area showed a null spot and world leaders were calling for the smartest scientists to send in unmanned machines to get some answers. After the first week some thought it would be better to just build a wall to keep anyone from going in but then the attacks on the surrounding cities began.  Chiba began making daily reports of hundreds of missing people each morning.  Kawasaki announced a state of emergency and instituted a curfew only for the next day, the City Council ordered an evacuation of the people, loaded them up onto buses, and drove them straight in to the darkness of Tokyo.  Yokohama began showing unbelievable videos of sea serpents attacking fishing vessels in their harbor.  Planes flew over the darkness of Tokyo and dropped bombs but they could only go by the sound of the explosions that anything had even been hit. The country was building up to a state of panic as riots in the streets from Kyushu to Hokkaido became commonplace.

After a month, the darkness around Tokyo finally dispelled and what was revealed boggled belief.  Shiny skyscrapers had changed into crystalline structures and black pillars of smoke billowed from factories and steel mills on the coast. Any evidence that damage from the bombs dropped was completely missing. Outside observers watched strange creatures dominated normal looking people, both physically and sexually in the streets. In the daylight, these monsters were seen to range as far as Nagano before returning back to this Neo-Tokyo.  

Posters of a strange woman, with a beauty that was impossible to compare began to cycle around the country with the single word worship written underneath.  Unknowing of the enchantments on those posters, the people began to riot less and proclaim Neo-Queen Serenity as their new ruler. A few people warned the world of Neo-Queen Serenity's magic and were dismissed and in 3 years the Dark Kingdom included all of Japan. In 50 years the kingdom became an empire, and with its expansionist measures, and the growing threat of monsters all over the world, governments fell under Neo-Queen Serenity's rule.  Most not even familiar with her person and conflicting rumors spread as to her divinity as a Goddess or damnation as the destroyer of the world.

Resistance was spread thin and crushed when it came to the attention of Mistress Mars and her demons. Those who dared fight back knew they needed a hero, to stand against the darkness, to be a symbol to rally those with the will to fight.  To return what the world had lost as it descended in to the chaos.


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