Lex Luthor's Angels: Wonder Woman, Powergirl and Zatanna are forced to become sexy secret agents going on missions for their mysterious boss Lex...

by Lissa
Storyline Tonight on MojoTV
Characters Mojo Zatanna Power Girl Wonder Woman
Category Mind Control Body Modification Transformation
Previous Chapter Mojo goes for the DC Universe

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"Yes. Yes!" Mojo chortled, sending his flab rippling. "That's it, that's brilliant. We'll do that. Make preparations immediately Major Domo."

"Yes lord"

"I'll explain to mister Luthor personally. I imagine he'd be very excited over this type of arrangement."

Some time later, DC Earth:

At roughly the same time across the United States, three superheroines were returning home after a tiring day of crime-fighting.

Power Girl was landing in the living room of her apartment, having spent the day teaming up with her colleagues in the JSA against Vandal Savage's latest scheme. The busty superheroine stretched her aching body and headed for the kitchen to feed her cat, when suddenly the floor under her feet impossibly swung open like a trap door, sucking her down before she could fly off. The blonde bombshell tumbled down a smooth metal tube, landing into a comfortable chair under heavy spotlights. Instantly, power-draining manacles lashed out and snared her back into the chair, which was on some kind of stage.

Meanwhile, Zatanna was returning to her domicile after a long day chasing after the sorcerer Felix Faust. Her mind was preoccupied with spells and incantations, and she was right now only concerned with consulting her magical texts (left behind by her father) on how to beat and imprison Faust again. As she opened the door and flicked the light switch, she found herself staring out into a darkened sea of an audience, almost blinded by spotlights. A chair whizzed out of the set behind her, knocking her back into it and then restraining her, gagging her before she could speak even a single backwards spell...

Also meanwhile, Wonder Woman was flying back to Themiscyra after her daily duties with the Justice League. The amazon princess was content with her day's work, and humming gently to herself, thinking of how pleasant it would be to relax with her amazon sisters. As such, she barely noticed the unnaturally dark and swirling vortext filled with blinking lights which swept down on her invisible plane and engulfed it. The craft shook so violently Diana thought it would be torn apart by the howling winds, and she could barely see in the darkness. Then suddenly the darkness was absolute and the violent shaking stopped, and she sat there in total silence and utter darkness. And then, like for Power Girl and Zatanna before her, she found herself sitting not in her cockpit seat, but in a comfortable laid-back chair on a stage. The three heroines barely had time to recognize eachother before a booming, augmented voice spoke.

"Welcome, ladies, gentlemen, androgynes and robots! Welcome to the first edition of Mojo's new show, Lex Luthor's Angels! You've already been introduced to our main star through our viral ad campaign, but now it's time to meet the angels themselves!"

Mojo ambled onto the stage in his spider-like walking chair, gesturing wildly as his tiny yellow eyes narrowed to read the script from a monitor in front of him.

"Yes! These are our Angels! Recruited from hundreds of attractive super-gals, these three represent the best of the best! Wonder Woman, the amazon... princess. Real name... Diana of Themi... Thes... Thems... from some island! Power Girl, real name Karen Starr from... I'm not reading all that. That is the stupidest secret origin I've ever seen. And finally... Zatanna! Zatanna? What kind of crappy superheroines are these?"

The fat alien turned around and was now clearly deviating from the script, hollering at the backstage staff. The three heroines kept struggling at their bonds but were unable to break free.

"A prude amazon from some island I can't even pronounce, a wizard girl with a dumb name who has to talk backwards (the audience will never get it) and some busty bimbo version of Superman? Come on, how am I supposed to sell this? Who wrote this crap?"

"You did, your fatness" came Major Domo's voice from behind the stage.

"Well this is a disaster." Mojo slumped. "Why did I insist on a live premiere? It would need a MIRACLE to salvage this mess!"

Mojo froze, and the jeers and jabs of the audience died down. He tapped his many chins thoughtfully.

"Hold on. Miracle, that's it!"

Mojo clapped his hands and hollered at the top of his voice. "MAKEUP!" Immediately a reedy-thin male creature and several apparently-human blonde girls in skimpy outfits swarmed over the fat media tyrant.

"No no! Not me, them! Please make these three more camera-friendly. The works, just like we did for dear Betsy Braddock (oh what a media sensation she turned into)."

The nameless makeup staff nodded and Mojo clapped his hands again. Behind the three superheroines the set of a generic skyline spun around, revealing a fully-stocked barbershop/salon filled with odd technological devices. Like ants, the makeup staff began swarming over the restrained heroines. Odd nozzles where brought out, gels and powders broken out of cans and jars, injection needles were prepared, and the trio still couldn't break free.

Wonder Woman found herself injected with something, then an intense ray-machine as run over her body. She felt assistants hands on her, fiddling with her nails, her face, her hair... Power girl found a similar treatment, with her breasts receiving special attention. Meanwhile, Zatanna found a face mold device lower over her head, encasing it fully as the assistants worked on her body. The audience and Mojo all seemed to be enraptured by the process, watching breathlessly.

As the chaos cleared, the makeup staff scattered, and the three chairs were wheeled forward into the light once more. The audience gasped. In Wonder Woman's chair, rather than the tall, classic caucasian beauty of the amazon princess, was a tall, elegantly muscled brown-skinned woman. Her features were still elegant, but more those of a Nubian or Egyptian princess than the standard greek ones. Her body was still tall and toned, and her horrified dark brown eyes stared at the audience. She was fully bald, in fact she didn't have a hair anywhere on her body.

In Power Girl's chair, rather than the pale, extremely busty blonde kryptonian there was revealed a short, curvy latina. PG's bob of blonde hair had been replaced with a mane of luxurious brown spilling down the back of the chair, her features were a mix between various latina bombshells that had taken media by storm and her skin was utterly perfect. In what Mojo considered a hilarious joke, while she was still curvy, the "improved" Power Girl had less of an impressive rack and instead a very shapely ass.

Finally, Zatanna's chair revealed not the slender, pale raven-haired magician but a busty platinum-blonde girl whose beauty carried traces of eastern europe or even Russia. She had full lips and a pert nose, and very clear blue eyes. Her body was naturally also shaped like that of a swimsuit model, and her improved bustlined strained against her costume.

The audience burst into applause. Mojo waved for silence as three fully-covering helmets lowered from the darkness above the restrained heroines, encasing their heads fully. Inside, a series of "instructional" videos began playing, in fact they were brainwashing the three to accept their new reality, just as Spiral had brainwashed Psylocke into thinking she was a Hand assassin. For the three the process seemed to plunge them into a dreamworld where weeks passed, one grueling ordeal after another. For Mojo and the audience it took but minutes, during which a commercial break was called. The girls found their resistance crumbling as the humiliating and invasive scenarios became more and more intensive, all prodding them towards loyalty to Mojo and Lex luthor as the only salvation. As the process finished, the helmets once again vanished up into the ceiling and the restraints for the three heroines were released.

"And now, gentlebeings everywhere, the piece de la resistance... new wardrobe! We can't have our Angels run around in such rags!" Mojo clapped his hands again, and the wardrobe assistants swarmed onto the stage.

Each heroine was handed a bundle of clothes, which they accepted. As they were whispered instructions they each gave big grins and began stripping right there on stage. The mocha beauty kicked off Wonder Woman's red-and-white boots, doffed her tiara nonchalantly and slid out of the very tight starspangled leotard with a wide grin. Zatanna dropped her suit jacked and unbuttoned her shirt before stripping out of her ripped fishnets and leotard as well, giving the audience a good look of her enhanced attributes. Finally the latina Power Girl made a show out of unzipping and stepping out of her boots, unhooking her cape, sliding her gloves off, dropping her belt and then slowly, inch by inch peeling out of her signature white leotard. As the three stood naked and posing in front of the audience, a big roar of approval rose.

"Yes, there will be LOTS of that when the show starts!" Mojo shrieked.

Almost reluctantly, the "Angels" got dressed in their newly provided clothes. Wonder Woman put on a pair of white platform boots and a pair of very tight white pants that flared at the ankles. This was completed with a tight white top of the same shiny material, showing off her hard nipples in every detail. Added to this was some gold jewelry. Her bracelets had been impervious to any attempt at removal or change, and so remained. Power Girl slipped into a crimson dress which combined a plunging neckline in front with a plunging back wich ended just at her ass crack. To this she wore a pair of crimson pumps and a black choker. Finally Zatanna slipped into a pair of torn denim shorts, a green bikini top and some simple jewelry, remaining barefoot and ruffling her hair into a mussy look. The three stood there posing as applause intensified.

Unknown to all but Mojo, each girl retained their superpowers, even though he had re-wired Zatanna's mind to make her cast her spells using gestures instead of speaking backwards. He'd also asked to have each girl be given an accent and distinctive mannerisms to maximize the sex appeal and fetishes of different viewers.

"And now, people of all worlds, it's time for our girls to meet their employer... our star... LEEEEEEEEEEX LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTHOOOOOOR!"

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