Colossus transforms

by ESchorcho
Storyline What If? - The Brood
Characters Colossus The Brood
Category Marvel Transformation Rape
Previous Chapter Storm finishes Nightcrawler's transformation into the Brood's "Night-Queen".

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Lilandra’s screamed for help at the top of her lungs, as Colossus continued to ferociously pump deep within her with his iron-hard member.  She scraped at the cool metal floor of the spacecraft to try to get any traction to gain the upper hand over the muscular Russian mutant, but it was no use.  Her hands just slipped over the floor’s smooth surface.  The Shi’ar Empress could only sob desperately to herself, wondering why none of Collossus’ fellow X-Men came to help her or why the normally kind-hearted mutant had burst into her quarters to brutally rape her?

Tears, meanwhile, welled in Piotr Rasputin’s eyes at how helpless he was at that given moment.  He was quite literally a slave to his passions and arousal, despite the overwhelming horror of witnessing his beloved Kitty transform in front of his eyes from the love of his life into the hideous, vile form of the Brood.  He had come to Lilandra for help and to warn the Shi’ar monarch of the horrific scene he had just watched.  But something inside of him burned with arousal, and he didn’t have a chance to alert Lilandra of the impending Brood infestation that was slowly taking over the ship.  Despite himself, he had no choice but to sate his arousal and Lilandra was the only female around at that moment. 

Deep down something grotesque whispered to Colossus that fucking Lilandra was the only way to calm the flames of desire that had overtaken him.  He knew that this had to be the evil of the Brood influencing his every move, but there was still enough of the heroic Piotr still inside of him to shift his skin into its mutant powered form of shiny metallic steel plates.  He hoped that would slow the toxic corruption of the Brood embryo growing inside of him.

Colossus’ breath came deeper and faster with each rocking thrust of his magnificent member.  He lost track of time humping away at the now passed out alien woman, but that didn’t seem to bother him.  He felt the most important ideals and people in his life slipping away.  His moral compass, his relationship with Kitty, and even the cherished love he had for his sister, Illyana were becoming a distant memory to him. 

Suddenly, he stopped his furious fucking as a sharp pain coursed up his spine.  The sting of the sensation was intense, making Colossus groan in pain at what was happening to him. Something inside of him told him to transform back from his metallic form but another part that was still holding on for dear life prevented him.  Colossus was in agony and his hands flew to his head, his fingers grinding against his metal temples from the sheer force applied.  He could feel his skin shifting underneath the metal into something alien.  The pain blinded him and all that Colossus could muster was an ear-splitting roar of horror.

Gripping his chest in anguish, Colossus lurched forward violently in response to his body’s metamorphosis.  It was then that the low, masculine groans escaping his metallic lips rose higher and higher, becoming shrill, raspy and alien.  Colossus opened his mouth again and let out another inhuman shriek.  This time his teeth were becoming longer and longer, until they had formed rows after rows of pointed fangs, saliva dripping from between the razor-sharp edges.  As the drool dropped to the metal floor of the spacecraft, it sizzled like acid on impact with the alloy surface.  Colossus raised his head up, the intense pain finally subsiding and opened his eyes.  The transforming X-Man’s eyes were now large orbs that glowed yellow, the outline of inhuman scales having formed around them clear as day even through the layer of organic metal skin.  His fang-filled mouth curled into a large, evil grin as he realized what he was becoming.  Piotr Rasputin, known to the superhero community as Colossus, was ceasing to exist and in his place grew the Colossal Queen. 

Colossus’ glowing eyes darted back and forth, a sense of twisted excitement flowing through the half-mutant, half-Brood.  They then settled back on the comatose body of Lilandra and he crawled forward frantically, his powerful body trembling still beneath his metal skin.  Piotr had stopped fighting the changes to his body and soul and as he stopped just in front of Lilandra he finally gave fully into his hideous transformation, shifting out of his metallic form finally.  The instant his metallic skin had disappeared more and more Brood changes began to spread over his body to catch up with the other metamorphosis the poor mutant had already gone through.

The half Brood let out another inhuman shriek as his head began to push back into its own unique crest, as his lips pulled back revealing more and more of his terrifying, fang-filled mouth.  Just as had happened with Storm, Cyclops and Kitty before him, insect-like appendages burst out of Colossus’ sides as his muscular arms and hands became tentacles.  He fell forward onto his new alien-like limbs, snarling all the while.  Hunger consumed the changing mutant and Colossus’ jaws stretched wide open and he bent lower and lower until his mouth had almost enveloped Lilandra’s head.

Without warning, a loud BAMF could be heard behind the changing Russian mutant, followed by a cloud of pitch-black smoke.  Out of the smoke came a raspy command to ‘’STOP!’  Colossus glanced back down at Lilandra and the hive-mind of the Brood started to call to him and explain the error of his ways.  Lilandra had a Brood Queen’s egg, much like the one that had caused his own changes, growing inside the Shi’ar monarch and that his hunger would have to be sated some other way.

Slowly Colossus turned in the direction of the unexpected noise, hissing at the new arrival.  In a low, raspy voice, the infected mutant bellowed with an excited, evil smile, “Forgive me my ssssisters and welcome…”

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