The monster merges with her and she becomes the evil Dark Mercury

by trashcollector24
Storyline Sailor Senshi
Characters Sailor Mercury
Category Corruption
Previous Chapter Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury

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Ami Mizuno completed her transformation into Sailor Mercury, her cotton pajamas replaced with her uniform, white gloves formed around her hands going up to her elbows and blue boots that almost went up to her knees.  The magic formed a white unitard with a blue bow over her chest.  The sacred symbol of mercury on her brow was hidden by the golden circlet that completed her transformation.

In battle mode Sailor Mercury took in every detail of the monster before her and her initial impression was great confusion. Standing in front of her was a feminine figure that looked like it was completely covered in a body stocking.  Over it's body stocking, it was wearing an ocean blue evening gown with black lace along the trim.  A Black silk ribbon was tied around its neck in a bow with what looked like a blue rose pinned to the fabric.  It had no eyes, mouth, or ears, and Mercury was confused how the thing had been able determine its surroundings.  Despite that, it's blank visage was staring directly at her.

Hoping to provide any advantage she can Mercury raised her hands, "Shabon Spray."

A deep fog filled the room and Sailor Mercury attempted to get some distance between her and the creature and went for the door.  Looking behind her Mercury was surprised to see that the monster didn't so much as move as flow across the room, around Mercury, and blocked the door.  Mercury was sure that her spray had proven ineffective in this situation, by it's ability to move around her, and was only able to stop herself from colliding with the creature by the closest measure.  Staring into its 'face' Mercury thought she could hear it whispering something to her.

Sailor Mercury tried to move back bringing her arms up for another attack but as tightly as her shadow, it moved with her. Mercury let out a yell and aborted her attack to shove the monster away.  Mercury was unprepared for it mirroring her movements and pushing her just as forcefully in return.  Mercury slammed into the opposite wall and fell to the ground clutching her chest.  Feeling like the wind had been knocked right out of her, Mercury coughed and turned her head from side to side trying to see where the monster was but she felt it before that happened.  A strong grip like a vice closed around her wrists even as she felt the monster laying itself a top her, pressing its body against hers.  The feeling Mercury had that she was being whispered too had grown to maddening levels even as the monster began rubbing its chest against her back making Mercury very uncomfortable.  If the thing was trying to communicate with her it was doing so in an unintelligible language and Mercury just wished the thing would shut up.

As soon as the thought went through her head Sailor Mercury couldn't hear it anymore.  Whatever words it had been trying to give or ritual to complete it had done so.  Mercury made one last defiant cry before the monster transformed into a piece of black cloth that settled over Mercury's body and covered her from head to toe.  Mercury tried to take advantage of the disappearing grip but the cloth wrapped around her body tightly so that she couldn't make a move.

Held in this tight cocoon, Sailor Mercury felt a powerful feeling of rage grow within her breast.  Not a rage of fury but of cold calculation as she contemplated what she would do to the person that had so thoroughly captured her.  New ideas came to her mind of how to manipulate her magic and attacks to better fulfill that purpose.  Eager to break her bindings, Mercury formed a blade of ice on her hand and parted her shell.  Letting out a wicked laugh, Mercury got to her feet to see that the dress that had been worn by the monster had replaced her usual outfit and was now on her with the minor addition of a broach on the gown that bore the crest of Mercury.  

Dark Mercury wondered what had happened and she was surprised to realize that she already knew the answer to that.  Her Master had chosen to devour this world and extinguish the light of its sun.  Her Master had chosen her to be a handmaiden and vanguard to his coming.  It was her duty to deal with anyone who would try and stop her Master, like a group of Sailor Senshi she had previously called friends and had defended the world with.  Dark Mercury nodded to herself, they would not understand the glory of her Master so it was up to her to eliminate them or convert them.  Dark Mercury idly rubbed her breasts, her calculating mind considering every possibility, conversion could be so much more fun.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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