Emma alters herself some more

by C.King
Storyline Master PC 2.9
Characters Emma Frost
Category Marvel
Previous Chapter Emma makes some more changes to herself.

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 Emma realized this could change her physically. Which was why she began to read the help menu for as much details as she could. She found out it can change any one physically, mentally, sexually and more. It could change anything, people or inanimate object. It had a range of ten miles, but it could hook up with the internet and spread the range to five miles from any computer hooked up to the computer with the Master PC. Which allows for looking up on the next for templates and suggestions.

 She moved to her computer and hovered over the board. Making sure to keep the changes she had made as a master save, she began to change herself. She had paid for the best body money could buy, but even money couldn't do everything. Which was why a computer program version of the cosmic cube could do more then that. Like changing her hair to true ash blonde or turning her breasts from implants into real ones. In fact she was making sure that her breasts were perfect, large and plump but not fake looking on her body. In fact, she was turning her body into a piece of art, like that of goddesses in fine statues or paintings.

 She then focuses on the mental aspects. Granting her knowledge of computers for examples. Or knowledge of all superhumans, including their true identities. She also boosted and tweaked her powers. Making herself the most powerful telepath in the world, as well as beaing able to defeat any psychic defenses. While her psychic defense were the best around. She also expanded it so she could have other aspects of psionic powers. Like empathy, both the power to read and control emotions.

  Save complete. Ready to activate template? Y/N?

 "Well, yes. Activate the template." She could then feel the warmth through her body and mind as she began to change. Body reformed, brain enhanced, knowledged gained. She took a minute to deal with the changes. Then she continued, "Now to boost up the computer defenses. Then hook up the computer to the internet to expand the range... or I could modify Cerebra to allow me to work the Master PC through it to the minds of anyone I could scan? Or Both? The possibilities are endless..."

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