She flees with Terra

by Gorel
Storyline Wonder Woman; Mother of all monsters.
Characters Wonder Woman Power Girl Fire Ice
Category DC M/F F/F Corruption Growth Pregnancy Transformation
Previous Chapter Power Girl while still under the effects of the venom obeys Diana.

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Kara groaned as she grew taller and stronger, she wanted it, craved it! Already she was losing herself to the changes and her mind was flooded with new instincts, she wanted to form a pride of sphinxes, to bear litters of kittens and ravage the world at Diana's command, she began to purr at the thought until a yelp of pain at her waist pulled her attention away from her day dreams. Looking down her feline eyes stared back at the worried Terra who cried out as Kara's claws held her too tightly.

"Power Girl?..."

The name sounded familiar to the sphinx woman, her large ears arced back in frustration as she tried to concentrate, holding Terra closer like a life-line as her memories mixed in with her new nature.

"Join ussss Kara and you will know pleasure like none you've ever known, join me and give me that tiny morsssel to eat as a token of your allegiance."

Just then Kara's eyes opened wide as she darted her head at the snake woman and roared like a lioness, scaring the lot of monsters and fiends circling her.

"NO! I won't feed you my kitten, NEVER!"

Spreading her wings wide she flew off with enough force to blow everyone away some feet as she punched her way through the ceiling and out of sight. As the horde of monsters picked themselves up Diana hissed angrily at losing what may have been her most powerful pawn. Looking over to Fire and Ice as they moaned on their backs carressing their changing bodies her sneer of anger turned quickly to a leer of lust as she slithered her way up to the two heroinnes.

"At leassst you two didn't leave, do YOU wish to join usssss?" Husked Wonder Woman as she arched her back and presented her massive leaking breasts to the two women. She gasped in delight as they latched onto her nipples and began nursing from her, suckling her milk and changing more rapidly. As their cloths began to tear and rip from the growing muscles on their bodies Diana hummed to herself as the activiy in her belly grew more active.

"All thisss fun hasss rilled up my latesssst brood." Pointing over to Manhunter she gestured for him to approach. "Ssssatisfy me until they are born, I ssso love a good pounding before I give birth."

Growling in response the massive dragon creature stomped over and positioned himself at her drooling pussy, thrusting hard he entered her and went to work pleasing his mistress as she cried out in ecstacy.


Landing on a highrise building miles from the Halls of Justice Kara the Sphinx Woman held Terra close to her heaving breasts as she checked the girl over for any injuries, sighing in releif she began to lick her face lovingly as the small girl spat and pushed the feline woman away slightly.

"Kara what's gotten into you?!"

Looking more closely at the dark haired girl Kara looked her over until she gave a worried look. "Terra what has that monster done to you? Where's your tail? Your wings?... Your a human."

"Kara its ME Atlee! Don't you remember anything?!"

"No... Your my kitten, my only kitten but... She did something to you, But your safe with me no matter what she's turned you into." Hugging the girl to her three rows of cleavage Atlee felt squished as she muffled out for the spinx woman to listen to her but gave up as she was snuggled like a child.



The halls had descended into an orgy once more now that their mistress was in a better mood, she laid on her back while Green Arrow the Satyr Lord grunted as he pounded into the snake woman, Fire and Ice were still drinking her milk but had now become something totally different. Apart from being taller, larger and more voluptuous the two women had changed to be more like their name sakes. Ice now had blue skin with a fine layer of frost forming on her hair and chest, her every breath was a mist of cool fog that made Diana shivver pleasantly. Fire was now red in complexion and her green hair was now a multicolored inferno that blazed behind her. The two elementals moaned as they drank more of their mother's milk while Diana enjoying the rough fucking from one of her latest lovers.

Green Arrow nickered as he pumped Diana full of his cum, her belly swelling larger by the time he dismounted her and left to rest. Basking in the after glow of being satisfied she chuckled to herself as her two latest playthings made out on top of her, their hot and cold bodies causing steam to form as they pressed against each other.

"Hmmm.... Maybe thissss wasn't such a total lossss after all."

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