Diana visits the Amazons

by Gorel
Storyline Wonder Woman; Mother of all monsters.
Characters Wonder Man Power Girl Zatanna Batman Huntress
Category DC Corruption Growth Transformation
Previous Chapter Zatanna makes Wonder Woman larger and more powerful, filling up with fat and muscle.

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Hippolyta sat at one of the benches overlooking the gardens to her kingdom, she worried greatly over her daughter Dianna back in Patriarch's world. It had been days since Circe had attacked and placed the Echidna curse upon her daughter, her scribes worked feverishly to find the source of the spell and how to counter it but so far they had nothing to give to their queen.

She was suddenly alerted by one of her guards racing to her side, bowing as she caught her breath before speaking.

"My Queen, something is heading our way, over the skies to the west."

Hippolyta rose to her feet to see over the horizon to see a vast glowing shape approach the shores, they were spheres of green light as large as ships moving at an incredible speed before they crashed into the shore line and unloaded what they were carrying.

Hours later the island was in total chaos.

Calling out to her sisters and subjects the Queen of the Amazons found herself overrun by a horde of rampaging beasts and creatures that flooded her walls and skies. She recognized some of them as harpies and satyrs along with far larger monsters such as gorgons and even a massive griffon leading the charge.

"Hold the line sisters! Do not let these fiends claim our homeland!"

Smashing through the ranks of her amazonian warriors was a gigantic manticore woman, her claws swiping against her army with such speed and strength they were all tossed aside like twigs before it narrowed it's red glowing eyes at her and shot a beam of heat at Queen's shield and spear. Before she could escape or rally up with a nearby weapon she was pinned down by the manticore's claws, its razor teeth gleaming as it smiled down at her like a chessar cat.

"Thatssss enough Kara, you've sssserved your missstresss well."

Looking up at the familiar voice Hippolyta gasped at what she saw. Dianna both walked and slithered up to her mother and former Queen elegantly with soft steps that barely touched the ground, she had to be over 15 feet tall and rippling with lean muscle that only accentuated the voluptuous curves she possessed. Her breasts were the size of her own head and her broad hips had to have been as wide as her shoulders if not more, but the more striking of her attributes were her long wavy black hair that swayed and coiled as if it had a mind of its own. Her polished smooth snake-scaled skin glimmered in the mid-day light as her massive serpentine tail coiled and slithered behind her hypnotically, she had to avert her eyes when she looked upon this 'woman's beautiful face and piercing golden eyes.

"You will have to forgive Power Girl mother, after I changed her into the creature she issss now she has been sssso eager to appease her mistressss."

Being released and suddenly wrapped in glowing green chains Hippolyta was lifted up and hoisted before her daughter Dianna, who admired her new ring on her taloned finger. "Do you like my new toy mother? My Ogre King gave it to me... After he became too sssstupid to use it of courssssse."

"Dianna what have you done?! Is this a result of the curse? How could you do this to your own sisters? To your MOTHER?!"

Scoffing at the woman's accusations Wonder Woman snapped her clawed fingers before a group of goat-men and women appeared out of thin air, satyrs and fawns that served their mistress without question. "Zatanna, pleassse tell me that the island isss mine now."

"Mmmm yes my mistress, your new homelands are yours again, what shall you do with its former queen?"

"I'm thinking on that right now my pet." Smiled the snake woman as she licked her pouty lips with her forked tongue, causing her mother to shiver at what Dianna had planned for her.


Circe walked out of the the strip-bar imperiously as hoots and cheers echoed behind her, she didn't bother to change back into her dress as she wanted to admire her bout of fun and the stack of bills bound to her cleavage, panties and garters. Snapping her fingers one of her servants put her fur coat over her shoulders while another brought a limosine to bring her back to the hotel suite to relaxe.

Sitting in the plush seating in the back she sipped from a glass of fine wine while she twiddled with a gem in her neckalce.

"Still trying to escape? My my you ARE tenacious! Not that it would matter if you'd get out or not its too late to stop the curse now, but then again I like seeing you three squirm and struggle as a piece of my jewellry." Purred Circe as she watched superman, Captain Marvel and Dr. Fate struggle in the tiny prison in her pearl neclace.

She laughed as she kept up to date with how the curse had been progressing and how Wonder Woman had conquered her own home island. "Seems you chaste and noble Dianna has become a hedonistic bitch, I MUST take the time to visit her some time, maybe offer her a pearl neclace as a gift perhaps?"

Unseen by the sorceress as she made her way back, a black silent car several lanes behind kept tabs on her destination.

"So... What makes you think that Circe is in that limo?" Asked the Huntress the owl woman as she looked over to the driver side of the Batmobile, Batman's face was unreadable as he kept out of sight of the limo driver.

"Because the police report said that the strip bar she exited was filled with chickens wearing lengerie in the back." Waiting for Helena to stop giggling he continued. "I wouldn't have taken it too seriously myself but I doubt it would would have been coincidence it was our target either."

"So what do we do?"

"Follow her until we can get a beat on her, then force her to lift the curse. Unless you like preening feathers out of your hair."

Caught combing her feathered hair with her talons she straightened herself in her seat, but herattention kept drifting back to the Dark Knight as he drove expertly out of sight of the demi-goddess in the limosine. "And you can stop THAT too."

Looking down at where his eyes darted, Helena blushed a dark shade of blue over her grey skin as she found her hand rubbing Batman's thigh, her claw almost making its way to his groin before she pulled it back between her jiggling breasts.


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