Lili keeps fucking the Doc.

by Fanfic Fetishist
Storyline The Bimbo Recovery Program
Characters Elisa Maza
Category Disney Bimboization
Previous Chapter Dr. Smith gets epically fucked by the horny Elisa...

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    Dr. Smith found himself helpless with desire, unable to resist Elisa's charms.  He eager suckled her thick, engorged nipple, moaning softly as she eagerly pumped her hips on his manhood.  Passionate moans from both Elisa and Dr. Smith filled the office as they fucked for seemingly hours, climaxing over and over again.  The two finally collapsed on top o f each other, laying on the couch in the examiniation room.  

    Elisa cuddled up to Dr. Smith's chest, her ample breasts pressing into his strong chest.  Dr. Smith sighed, kissing her.  The very scent of her was inticing, his manhood still embedded in her sex.   She cooed contentedly, tracing a finger down his chest.

    "Now wasn't that much nicer than all that boring therapy stuff?"  Elisa said, grinning at him.

    "Very much so," Dr. Smith admitted.  "But that doesn't mean it's going to stop, Lili."

    Elisa grimaced.  "Damn it... Doc, I'm a bimbo.  A stupid, slutty whore who's only meant to be used by men and the occasional woman.  Why can't you get that through your head?"  

    Dr. Smith looked her right in the eye, Elisa unable to hold his gaze.  "Because this isn't who you're supposed to be.  Yes, I had fun.  But I wouldn't be doing my job if wasn't trying to help you."  

    "I don't deserve it," she said softly.  "I'm just a whore..."

    "You aren't, Lili," he said.  "You were a policewoman, one of New York's finest."  

    Elisa grinned, unable to resist.  "And now I'm New York's finest fuck!  It all works out!"  

    "Lili..." Dr. Smith said.

    "Do not deny that you enjoyed it, Doc," she said, poking his chest playfully, "The copious amounts of cum in my cunny says that you did."

    Dr. Smith sighed.  "I did enjoy it, yes...  But I still have a job to do."

    Elisa's head drooped, and she sighed.  "You're really not gonna let up on this, are you?"  

    Dr. Smith shook his head.  "No.  I'm not," he said.  "I'll make a deal with you, though.  You cooperate with me in the sessions, and I'll have sex with you at the end of them."

    Elisa stared at him.  She tried to think of an argument for just having sex, but her bimboization had dulled her brain to the point where thinking just hurt.  "...All right," she said.  

    Dr. Smith nodded, kissing her.  "Good.  That will be all for today, I think," he said.  "We'll meet again at the same time tomorrow."  

    The two of them reluctantly withdrew from each other and got dressed.  Dr. Smith offered her the use of one of the staff showers, but she declined, saying she wanted to keep the smell of a man on her for a while.  He nodded and escorted her to her room, going to get cleaned up.  He was met by Dr. Jones after getting dressed.

    "Well?" he said.

    "Goliath is the key," Dr. Smith said.  "She still has a great deal of affection for him, and the center of her denial of her true self is coming from a belief that she's unworthy of him.  If I'm careful, I can use discussion of Goliath to try and break through the psychological part of the bimbofication.  As for the magical part..."  

    Dr. Jones sighed.  "We've checked on this.  Without the sorceress who cast it, Demona, the process is irreversable.  Even if we restore Elisa Maza's original personality, her bimbofied body will remain, as well as her greatly increased libido."  

    Dr. Smith frowned.  "...So long as we cure the psychological part, I'll consider that a win.  And speaking of Demona, I'd like to bring her in on these sessions."  

    Dr. Jones looked alarmed.  "...You DO remember that I told you she's a genocidal maniac when not a cock-hungry cumdump," he said.

    Dr. Smith shook her head.  "Not to cure her, no.  But to see Elisa's reaction to her current state.  I also detected a slight trace of bitterness when she talked about her, despite her apparent 'gratitude' at turning her into a bimbo."  Even as he finished the perfectly reasonable reason he wanted her there, almost immediately the thought of keeping Demona as a fuckpet when Elisa was cured passed through his mind.  He grinned briefly at the idea but quickly dismissed it.

    Dr. Jones stroked his chin thoughtfully.  "It may take some time to get her here," he said.  "She is currently with mobsters at the moment.  Mr. Xanatos has many resources, though..."  

    Dr. Smith nodded.  "Take your time," he said.  "I want to work with Elisa a bit first."  

    Dr. Jones smirked.  "Yes, I saw how well you 'worked with' her."

    Dr. Smith blushed, grinning.  "Just enjoying the fringe benefits of this job," he said. 

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