Impatient for results Mystique crammed the entire vial down his throat.

by Gorel
Storyline Shrinking Blob
Characters Blob Mystique
Category Marvel Body Modification Transformation
Previous Chapter Doctor Strange gives them a slimming potion...

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As the Brotherhood of mutants moved closer to see the results of the drop of elixer, Fred blink rapidly as it took effect. Although very little...

His skin smoothed out with his wrinkles and folds of flab tightening in, acne beginning to fade away leaving his complexion clear and healthy and ever so subtle signs of his fat etching away until it stopped.

"Heh... guess that wasn't so bad huh?" Thought Blob out loud as he rubbed his chin, now smooth and clean shaven before his hand was smacked away and a funnel was shoved over his mouth.

"Good enough ISN'T good enough Freddy, that gut's going and I'm not in the mood for waiting!" Cackled the giddy blue skinned mutants as she mixed the broth with the rest of the elixer and poured it down his throat, the sounds of gurgling liquid echoed out as the group was silent with fear at their leader's sudden frantic move. By the time the vial was emtpy she tossed it aside and waited for it to go to full effect.

She didn't have to wait long.

Blob groaned as a stomach ache started up, his pudgy hands moving to rub his stomach as he began to hick-up. With every gasp of breath his appearance began to change, each hick-up making his stomach shrink back, the folds and bulges of fat scrunching in and dissapearing before Mystique's eyes. His hair became clean and well groomed, his teeth straightened and became white and sparkling all the while his fat was being replaced with smooth skin and the defined muscle underneath.

With a groan of discomfort the elixer had run out and the former Blob leaned forward to steady himself, where once a bloated 7 foot tall blob of a man sat on two chairs was now a heavily built 7 foot tall... HUNK! He meant to rub his stomach and actually missed as the 5 foot deep gut was replaced with washboard flat 6-pack abbs. Looking up at the rest of the group, they oohed and aahed at his improved looks and physique, the women swooned as he blinked his eyes and looked around. "Ugh... What happened? Why do I feel lighter?" Wondered the man, even his voice had smoothed out into something both handsome and attractive.

His response was wicked laughter from the blue skinned shape-changer as she brought a hand over her mouth to cover her joy. "It worked! No more empty refrigerators, no more bad B-O hovering over the damn place and maybe this time I won't loose house plants to a fat walking human vacuum cleaner." Giggling at the results of her maddened plans Mystique walked around the prone man as he looked at his trim self.

"I must admit I didn't think it would improve on the rest of you Freddy boy." Cooed Mystique as she traced a finger over Duke's shoulder, admiring the steely frame that was once hidden under lord knows how much flab and blubber. "I approve, VERY much so..."

Blob only sat there as his leader felt up his shoulders and arms, feeling very uncomfortable with her attention, looking over to the others he got the same strange look from Mastermind and Boom Boom as they looked at him like cats staring at a canary.

"Well its been a long day for all of us, lets call it an early night shall we?"

Nodding at the proposal the rest of the Brotherhood seperated and went their own ways, Fred stood up noticing just how light he actually was now. Making his way to his room he was stopped dead by a pair of blue arms wrapping around his shoulders and neck.

"And where do you think your going Freddy dear?" Husked the woman as she traced a finger around the solid muscles of his chest as she hung from his back. "You and I still need a... Private meeting to address you new... Condition."

Blob could only gulp as she licked her lips with a smirk.

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